#122 – Expectancy and Urgency

Corrie Ten Boom defined worry as ‘a cycle of inefficient thoughts whirling around a centre of fear’.

This Week’s Highlights:
*Students Heal Stroke Victim – see below & Dale’s Report
*Expectancy and Urgency – see below
*Toiletry Kits and Vests: – see below
*Knee Pain Reduced – see Gaylene
*Injured Knee Healed – see Brian

       Twenty-four Christian Crusaders hit the streets this Thursday, and went to St.Vital Mall, Portage Place, St. Boniface Hospital, Seven Oaks Hospital, and Main Street.  

Students Heal Stroke Victim:
        Four students who are members of the Providence College Local Missions Committee joined us.  A couple of them gave me a verbal report of praying for a lady whose speech was impaired and arm was paralyzed from a stroke.  After prayer, her speech impediment was gone, and she could lift her arm – exciting first night out for the Providence students.

Expectancy and Urgency:
      Team members meet each week at 6:30 at Zion Church, to pray and form teams.  Most weeks I encourage the team members to keep 2 words in mind – ‘expectancy’ and ‘urgency’ – as they head-out.  I remind them they can expect people to be healed and salvations to happen because God is at work building His Kingdom.  Urgency because we are in a season of the Spirit of God moving in great power.  There is a great spiritual awakening taking place (not just in Winnipeg, but all over the world) and we want to ride this wave and bring as many people into the Kingdom as possible.

Toiletry Kits and Vests:
The Village Connection (St. Pierre Thrift Store) provides us with a variety of items and my wife makes toiletry kits to be handed out to street people.  She adds a few items that are not provided such as toothbrushes and cases, toothpaste, razors, socks, and small Bibles.  This week we had 10 men’s, and 10 women’s kits to hand-out.  The teams that went to Main Street took them.   The idea is to bless people with some hygienic supplies, and also offer to pray for them.  We were also given some large containers of unopened toiletries, and I gave those to Gaylene to give to the refugees that she works with.  One of our team members gave 8 new fleece vests that he had acquired from the Fellowship of Christian Farmer’s, and Ryan and I took those to Portage Place.  I was sitting with 2 men and offered each of them a vest.  As they were trying them on for size suddenly several other people showed-up and in a flash, they were all gone.  We only got to pray for 1 of them.
Ryan and I visited with several of the regulars.  There was a man in a wheelchair who was asking the vendors for food.  He appeared to be very intoxicated, and he wasn’t very coherent.  After about an hour he wheeled over to our table and asked if we would buy him food – he must have sobered-up some as he was easier to understand.  I talked to him, and found out John lives on the streets, hadn’t eaten that day, and he suffers from severe diabetes.  Ryan prayed for him while I bought him some chicken.  On his way out he asked what he should do if he wasn’t healed.  Ryan advised him to come back next Thursday, and we would pray for him again.

Dales Report:
Last night, Kevin & I were on a team and our first stop was Main St.  Right off the bat, there were many people there. The first lady that Kevin was able to pray for had a stroke about 2 years previous making her arm nearly immobile and her speech was quite slurred. After quite a few prayers from multiple other team members (including the Providence crew), she was able to move her right arm to almost full movement and her speech was clear and face and spirit were full of joy and light by the time we left! After, others witnessing the event were more open for prayer and had an attitude of expectancy.  Had a great time ministering to others around and seeing some other miracles!  After, we headed to close by Portage Place. We met a woman named Sandra I believe. She was a believer but wasn’t in a community and was discouraged by how much worse Winnipeg had got since she moved back (she had moved to LA and lived there for nearly 20 years). This was a divine appointment because she was hungry for wisdom and God revealed a few words of knowledge through Kevin and myself about identity and the body of Christ! She left super encouraged and ready to get connected to a group of believers!

Gaylene’s Report:
    It was a weirdly slow night at Portage Place. I teamed up with Lani, Gelane, and Alyssa.
We met and prayed for Jonathan, struggling with alcohol and homeless and jobless. He was very grateful and I talked with at length about the reality of sobriety and how God helps.
We met Amara who was an extremely new Ethiopia man who walked over the border and is a refugee claimant. A Christian, he wanted more of Jesus and had many needs we prayed for.
As we were praying for him, a woman was watching us and she approached us and professed her faith. Cassandra, of Jamaican Heritage, is from Toronto and is considering moving here to work. She wants God’s direction, a church, and community so that’s what we prayed for. She had knee pain that reduced. It was obvious the Holy Spirit was working in her…she spent a lot of time talking to us about Jesus.
We also prayed for Mark from Norway house for his hip pain and he got a measure of healing.

Brian’s Report:
Sandra and I had gone over to a table of boys in the food court at St.Vital center. I opened up the conversation by starting with a card trick (as usual). After showing them the trick, I offered to show them something real. The one boy had an injured knee from too much basketball. He said it was a 4 out of 10 pain. I had put my hands over his but he described that he felt nothing in his hands. I then asked him to check his knee anyway and the pain was completely gone. I had him test it a few times- yup- healed.
Walking through the mall Sandra had seen a girl at a kiosk and told me to start off with a magic trick. Sandra had gotten the impression that this girl suffers from insomnia and anxiety. She was right. We had prayed for the girl but saw no immediate changes. We then shared with her that we’re Christians and just wanted to show her the love of God – that God loves her very much. She seemed very touched by that. Before leaving we shared our names. She said her name was August. I responded, “Hey! My birthday is August. August.21!”   She said that was her mothers birthday. She asked Sandra what her name was and Sandra responded. August then said, “That’s my middle name!” Very cool details. Seemed like it was set up by God – even though we didn’t see any immediate miracle.

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