#123 – ‘Bags of Hope’

“You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.” Nicky Gumble

This Week’s Highlights:
*’Bags of Hope’ – see Sydney and photos below
*Record Breaking Night – see Gaylene
*Hospital Divine Appointments – see Morgan
*Multiple Encounters in Central Park – see Andy

Twenty-one Weekly Warriors came out to the hospitals, streets, St. Vital Mall, Central Park, and Portage Place this week.

      I had a busy time in Portage Place lending a listening ear, and praying for people.  My highlight was praying for Henry, a street evangelist, who was experiencing some demonic attacks.  He sought me out, shared what was happening and asked for prayer.  I bound the harassing spirits, prayed protection over him, and prayed a blessing of a fruitful ministry for him.  This was a breakthrough because I have been trying to befriend him, and gain his trust for over 2 years.  As we parted I reminded him that we were both in the same Kingdom building business – he agreed as he enthusiastically shook my hand.

Sydney’s Report:
I was on my way to college one morning and at a red light, I noticed this guy asking for money.  I had just bought myself something to eat on my way

Sydney convicted to help
Sydney, was convicted that she could do something to help and she created the ‘Bags of Hope’,

to college and I decided he needed it more than I, so I opened my window and offered it to him.  He was grateful and made me realize how good I felt giving.  On my way home.  I remembered how I felt giving to the guy that morning. I felt God impressing on me there was a way I could help others.  I went to Dollarama and bought $100 worth of items (toiletries etc.)  that I could use to make-up what I named ‘Bags of Hope’.  I also put a verse from the bible in each bag.  My mom is part of the Kingdom H2O Street Ministry and I figured she could bring them there and get others to help hand them out.   I felt I was doing something helpful –  it wasn’t much but that is all I could do for now.  (See photos of Sydney, her mother Michelle, and ‘Bags of Hope’ below)


Gaylene’s Report:
       Yesterday, after a really chilly fall, the temperature soared to 24c breaking a record for Oct 1.  It was dark in Central Park but because there were people there enjoying the weather, Melinda and I (later joined by Gelane, Les, Andy, Lani and some others) decided to revisit one of God’s favourite places in Winnipeg.
The first man we met was going to have dental surgery and asked for prayer. We prayed for him.  We found out he also had knee pain, which totally left when Melinda prayed for him.  Melinda then sat down and started conversing with another man who was struggling with sexuality/identity issues. He was drinking from a ‘mickey’ but as she talked to him, he was convicted and poured out his alcohol on the ground.
The reason I didn’t stay and pray with her was because a whole bunch of Teen Challenge students passed by and they inundated us with prayer requests. Most memorable was Joseph, a new student who had a visible stab wound on his face and was bailed into Teen Challenge from Headingley. He had an extremely hard story and said he really felt the Holy Spirit as I prayed. I explained the significance of his name and gave him Genesis 50:20 which absolutely awed him especially when I told him he could take that promise for himself (it was given to me as a new Christian and remains one of my life verses). Andy also prayed for him and he was very grateful.
We also prayed for Teen Challenge students Joshua and Samuel (oh those biblical names). Samuel was brand new…only in Teen Challenge for 3 days and very reticent to share anything and quite stone faced. But when we prayed he was touched by the Holy Spirit and was smiling when he left.
Melinda, Les and I wandered around the park and ended up at the fountain where we met Kayla and Jason. They were frolicking and laughing when we first met but when we offered prayer they got quite somber. Both were homeless and struggling with addiction, and she also with depression. We prayed for her extensively and she began to weep and did so for the entire time we were with her. Melinda, in particular, declared beauty and value and worth over her and her life which had many traumas. God gave me John 10:10 for Kayla and Les read it for her and we prophesied His abundant life in her future. She opened up and told us that she had gone to a church on Provencher, which surprise surprise is Melinda’s church! Melinda invited her to church on Sunday and said she had a piece of art for her. ❤️💯         It was such a beautiful encounter and seem so prophetic being we were at the fountain in the middle of Central Park in the heart of Winnipeg . As we left, we prayed that the Lord would pour out His spirit on Winnipeg in full measure.

Morgan’s Report:
Lorraine, Michelle, Effie, Heidi, and I spent our evening at Seven Oaks Hospital for several divine appointments.  We began by meeting with Bruce, with our hearts set on encouragement and healing for his left arm. At the beginning of our visit, he had restriction in moving his arm and associated pain, and also pain with breathing.  After spending time in prayer and conversation with him, all of his pain was gone and he had slightly better range of motion in his arm.  Next we met Tina, who was visiting a friend who had a stroke and whom has had progressing blindness since she was born. She accepted prayer for her eyes, but revealed to us that she had accepted her disability and was convicted that she was meant to use it as a tool for encouragement for others.  I had the opportunity to pray for and arrange a cab for Shannon, whose husband Steven was hospitalized from a heart attack and was from out of town. As we were driving away from Seven Oaks, Lorraine had a conviction for one of us to speak with a man outside the main entrance of the hospital. Michelle and I jumped out of the car and spoke with Richard, who asked if we could go inside and pray for his wife Tina in the lobby, who had experienced a huge heart attack—we were blessed to pray for her.

Andy’s Report:
A beautiful night in Central Park brought people out and 2 teams were therepraying for people.  Our team encountered and prayed with 10 people overall.  A Salafi Muslim man who was believing Jesus died for his sins. His friend received a blessing prayer and insisted on giving us some chocolate. We then met a man paralyzed on his left side who remembered me from my church. Prayed a healing prayer, he wasn’t immediately healed but very encouraged for his total healing coming. His brother from Island Lake and his friend all heard about Jesus and plan on going to church. A young man involved with Teen Challenge asked for his heart to be softened toward Jesus and it was! A very distraught Christian man from Africa needed family reconciliation. He was happy for our prayers for him and his family. Then a young man came asking for blessings and direction as he returns to Africa.
At on point our teams began to break up in smaller groups and Ed and I met 2 young girls from India. They were from the Sikh religion and were very friendly listeners about Jesus. On our way back to our car we met a Muslim taxi driver in Canada for a year. He had just been in the Mosque and wanted prayer for his wife to be with him in Canada. He has adamantly wanting to pray a blessing on us too. In all a amazing night in downtown Winnipeg lifting up Jesus and showing His love.

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