#127 – Ninety Year Old Knits For Street Teams

Mother Teresa said, “Loneliness and the feeling of being uncared for and unwanted are the greatest poverty.”

This Week’s Highlights:
*Vendor Participates in Helping Needy – see below
*New Christian Experiences First Miracle – see Gaylene
*Hospital Patient Now Able to Talk – see Andy
*Scarves & Hot Chocolate a Hit on the Streets – see Jeremiah

Twenty-one Kingdom Crusaders came out this week to minister at Siloam, Salvation Army, Health Sciences, U of W, and Portage Place.
At Portage Place I joined a table of First Nations folks.  After a lively discussion, Sharon told me that Adrian, who is homeless, hadn’t eaten for 4 days.  Simon told me his money for the month had already ran out and he hadn’t eaten all day.  Sharon said she hadn’t had supper but wasn’t as bad off as the other two.  I went to the pizza kiosk and asked how much for the 10 large pieces of pizza she had left.  She said, “$15”, and when I hesitated, she said, “I see you in here”, then she asked, “Are you buying this for others?  When I said yes, she said, “For you $10.”  I was very encouraged that one of the vendors recognized what we were doing and wanted to help out.  I have two large pieces each to Adrian, Simon, and Sharon, and then walked around the Food Court and gave the extra pieces to other regulars.

Gaylene’s Report:
I joined up with Lorraine and the Kingdom H20 group at Portage Place and we started in the food court. Al’s wife gave me a bag of beautiful winter scarves to give away.
In the food court, one of the security guards came up to me and asserted we were not permitted to pray for people in the mall. I felt emboldened to challenge his reasons and he said he was just following orders from his boss Nick. I got out the Portage Place Code of Conduct on my phone and showed him how we were not in any way in violation. He just shrugged his shoulders and didn’t say much more.
Ryan and I decided to team up and we didn’t meet too many people willing to chat let alone witness or pray. We went to the second floor and ran into a gentleman from DR Congo and my spiritual daughter from Sudan.
And then we ran into Lara.  She selected a beautiful grey scarf from the bag and talked to us about losing her kids to CFS care because of a past abusive partner and her current addiction struggle. She was in the midst of rediscovering her self worth and was wide open to prayer and prophesy. The Holy Spirit ministered in such a tender way and Lara thanked us several times for the scarf, prayer, and encouragement.
Ryan told me that he was in a great deal of pain in his leg so we headed downstairs to get the team to pray for him but no one was around.
At that point, we met John. He was agitated and chatty, and right away said he wanted to be a better person. Turns out he had a history of criminality, jail time, mental illness and relational difficulties with friends, several who’d passed away. His actions had resulted in a group home being shut down and he was deeply remorseful about that and confused by all the bad things that constantly happened to him. In all my years as a missionary, I’ve rarely met someone so open to the gospel of Christ, which made complete sense in the context of John’s life and brokenness. Ryan and I witnessed to him for less than 10 minutes at which point John accepted Jesus into his heart in his own words. We prayed for the infilling of the Spirit and John said he could feel peace all over his body and he even looked visibly different.
We stood around chatting about possible churches for him and getting a Bible and I remembered that Ryan needed prayer. So I turned to John and said “since you’re a Christian now, why don’t you help me pray for Ryan’s leg.” I prayed and Ryan didn’t feel too much improvement. Then John laid hands on Ryan and prayed and he could feel a definite improvement in his pain!  Ryan looked at John and said, “Wow you’ve been a Christian for a few minutes and you’ve already seen your first miracle.”
There was such a holy awe that descended on Ryan and I…we were blown away by what had happened in the previous half hour. It was unquestionably one of the most amazing nights I’ve experienced at Portage Place.

Andy’s Report:
Charlene, Michelle, and I went to the HSC Hospital and had numerous hospital room encounters. We visited and prayed with Charlene’s mom Brenda. Then Colleen who is having a skin graft the next day had a painful knot in her stomach that went away when we prayed. She was healed from kidney problems and pneumonia when we prayed for her previously.  Next, we prayed for Jennifer who had an operation removing cancer from her cheek and mouth, she is recovering from the skin graft and we prayed for speedy recovery, and the peaceful presence of Jesus filled her like the first time we met her the previous Monday. Since Monday she is now talking as before she had to write on paper to get messages through. She is so thankful for what God is doing through our prayers. Next, we saw Howard who had accepted Jesus on our previous visit. Michelle prayed for his leg pain and he plans to test it out the next day, we prayed for his memory as he had trouble recognizing me from before. Winding down we prayed for Charlene for her personal needs.

Jeremiah’s Report:
I started out ministering with Ed’s group. We handed out hot chocolate at several ministries. (mental note, don’t blink when you’re handing things out on the streets because everything will disappear – we were very busy)
Morgan was handing out scarves and toques which led to a few encounters one of them being with a man named Dennis, he asked us to pray for his son who is addicted to alcohol. Morgan and I also prayed for his neck that was hurting him.
I don’t think he was healed right then and there. If you are reading this then you can pray for him.
The team spoke with Andy, who received the blessing of hot chocolate on a cold night. We prayed he would be freed of his alcohol addiction.  We quickly ran out of hot chocolate and scarves, said our farewells and headed to Portage Place.
I always enjoy coming to Kingdom H2O Street Ministry on Thursdays.

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