#129 – Punch In The Face Precedes Healing

“I like the child’s definition of repentance: ‘being sorry enough to stop”. Nicky Gumble

This Week’s Highlights
*Punch in Face – see Jeremiah
*Weeping Christian Receives Blessing of Peace – see Diana
*Word of Knowledge Results in Healing – see Kevin

Sixteen Kingdom Developers came out this week and went to Siloam Ministries, Main Street, Portage Avenue, and Portage Place.  About 70 cups of hot chocolate were handed out on the streets, plus pizza, several hygiene kits, and scarves and toques.
I went to Portage Place with Monica to connect with and pray for the regulars who gather there.  We prayed for a couple of people, and then met Ernestine, who walked with a cane, and said that she had level 5 pain in her foot.  Monica and I prayed, and her pain dropped to 3, then we prayed again and she said the pain was gone.
We also talked to John, a new Christian, we listened to his journey, and how he was working on getting a job, and getting his criminal record cleaned.  We encouraged him to get connected with a church.  Both Monica and I sensed he was very vulnerable and susceptible to false doctrines as he had some unusual ideas about God and the devil – so we prayed wisdom and protection as well as the blessing of a job, a clean record, and that he find the right church.

Jeremiah’s Report:
Miracles, yup! Magic tricks, you got them! handing out a bazillion slices of pizza (courtesy of Kevin) oh ya! What about getting punched in the face? Welcome back says Main Street!
My Thursday night on the streets was pretty exciting.  I was on a team with Robin, Kevin and Les we ventured out to Main Street where we gave away many slices of pizza that led to many encounters.
The highlight of Main Street was where I approached a fellow with a big brace on his leg and asked him what happened to him.  He thought I was making fun of him so he punched me in the face!  Fortunately not hard enough to knock me down.
Kevin then told him that I wanted to help, that’s when he came over and apologized. He told us that his dad just died and he had been harming himself.
We then prayed for him, afterward, he was dancing on his leg because it was healed!
Later at Portage Place, Kevin was performing a sleight of hand trick, when I joined in, Kevin was asking a young man named Vincent if he had any pain in his body.  Vincent told us he had pain in his spine. Kevin then motioned to me saying “Jeremiah likes to pray for sore backs”, (or something along those lines).  I prayed twice for Vincent and whatever pain was there before I prayed was gone!
Anyway, that was a night to remember with miracles, sleight of hand and a little bit of pain!

Diana’s Report:
Ed, Audrey and I went to Siloam Mission to hand out hot chocolate which was very much appreciated by those we met.  We were able to pray for several people but Ken stands out as he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 7 months ago and since he wasn’t able to work and make money, his wife kicked him out.  He tried to commit suicide but failed, but suffers from PTSD, and many emotional hurts. He said that almost all of his family of 15 are suffering from some ailment including cancer.  He is a Christian and really welcomed out prayers for him and also for his family.  We were able to speak life and hope and peace to him. He is planning to attend a church that he just found and we encouraged him to keep his eyes focused on Jesus.
We then headed off to Portage Place where we handed out the rest of the hot chocolate.  One man we encountered began to weep when we asked if he needed prayer for anything.  Khalid is a baptized believer in Jesus who is from Iraq and he spoke briefly about the horrors of what he witnessed as a 5-year-old..  He kept professing his relationship with Jesus but he would also start to cry many times as we talked to him.  He was intoxicated and so we weren’t totally able to understand why he was so upset, but we were able to pray over him for peace and healing in his mind and heart. He didn’t want us to leave him so we invited him to join us in the food court but he declined.
When we got back to the church parking lot, I was surprised to find that someone had covered my car in snow and had packed snow all around my car.  So weird! But at least they wrote “Hi” in the snow on my windshield so I guess they were friendly pranksters. LOL!

Kevin’s Report:  (this is from last week)
Our Team had Les, Robin, Monica, and myself.
After leaving Zion we went to McDonald’s and purchased a bag of burgers to hand out on the streets.  We talked to a number of groups as we practiced Giving words of knowledge by telling people we were part of a guessing game group and we were guessing people’s names.  People loved it and really participated with us.  We got zero right 🙂  but we are under the belief system that as we exercise the muscle in our belief system we will start to see accuracy come.
Next, we went to Ellice Ave and handed our burgers, scarves and other winter wear.  It was cold but people engaged with us on the streets and invited us to pray for them.
With one group on the streets, Les declared he had a word of knowledge for a man’s knee, that it was in pain.  The man was astounded and said “How did you know that?” and proceeded to pull up his pant leg in the freezing cold and show his painful injury.  Les asked to pray for the knee, and the man checked it and was shocked that all his pain had vanished.  After that, he became our best friend and just want to be with us all the time.
After our time on the streets, we went to Portage Place.  I got to pray with 2 different people suffering from partial blindness.  Both declared after prayer they had 10 out of 10 vision in both their eyes.  One was a young 15-year-old lady that was shaking and asking how that was possible.  We explained to her about the love of Jesus and that God is a healer.
We then had a full evening at Portage Place Mall and engaged with many people wanting prayer and encouragement.

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