#133 – Busy Night With the Least, the Lost, and the Lonely

“We are supposed to love people and use things. We go wrong when we start loving things and using people”.  Nicky Gumble

       This Week’s Highlight
*Man With No Name Impacted by Being Referred to as ‘Beloved’ – see below
*Believer Interested in Baptism – see Pastor Thomas
*Sudanese Man Confesses Jesus is the Only Friend – see Gaylene

       Thirteen Kingdom Partners came out to minister this week.  Teams went to Health Sciences, Ellice Ave., and Portage Place.  I visited and prayed with a few of the regulars.  I also spent some time talking to Henry, one of the street evangelists (not the piano playing one), who had come into warm-up.  I bought him a coffee and doughnut and encouraged him in his ministry.
         There is a man, Team Members have known for over 2 years, who frequents Portage Place.  He is not homeless but poor, and he is very antagonistic towards God.  But, he loves hanging around Team Members and knows most of us.  He often stands by as we pray healing over people (he has witnessed many miracles, but still refuses to believe).  He has also refused to tell anyone his name, so for the longest time we just referred to him as ‘no name’.  Several months ago we decided to refer to him by a name that expressed God’s view of him – ‘beloved’.  We had never actually called him that to his face, but last night, Robin, a newer team member did, and here is Les’ Report of how he responded       Robin talked to ‘no name’ and called him ‘beloved’.  He was stunned, he didn’t know what to think, he said that’s the first time anyone called him that name. Robin continued talking to him and ‘beloved’ was sweating and nervous and didn’t know what to think. 
         We look forward to the day that ‘beloved’ recognizes the truth of how he is truly God’s ‘beloved’.  We are expecting 2019 to be his year of transformation.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight I was teamed up with Diana, Anna, and Jeremiah. We went to Portage Place where we met John who turned down our offer for prayer but introduced us to his girlfriend Tiffany and her friend Priscilla.  Priscilla wanted prayer as she lost her brother and mother and she was struggling with depression.  After prayer, we offered a scarf which put a smile on her face.  We also gave a scarf to Sean who was standing outside in the cold and prayed for guidance and direction for his life.  He is a believer with lots of struggles but said he is interested in baptism so he took my card and said he would follow up with me.
We then met Cindy and Lorraine and bought them coffees.  Jeremiah and Anna prayed for Lorraine while Diana and I prayed for Robert and Linda. Robert had level 10 pain in his back which dropped to an eight.
We ended the evening praying for a group of people from Cross Lake.  First, we prayed for a man who had a kidney transplant and had been run over and broke nine ribs.  He felt better after prayer and asked us to pray for his other Cross Lake friends.  We prayed for Lacey who had colon cancer who was accompanied by son and grandson.
It was a great evening with lots of opportunities to share the love of Jesus.

Gaylene’s Report:
Lani and I paired up and wandered to the west end of the mall around the fountain where we met Christian, a refugee from DR Congo who’d I’d prayed for previously. He was a lawyer back home but now feels the most he could hope for job-wise is a cleaner job. He was very dismayed about some of his mistakes and the way things were going here in Canada. Lani and I declared his status as a child of God first and foremost and prayed and prophesied over him for some time. We broke off discouragement and I suggested he read the book of Ephesians. Christian felt the presence of God and was much less stressed when he left.
Then we ran into Kingsley from Nigeria. He came from a strong Christian family and goes to one of the Redeemed churches here although he admitted he hadn’t been reading the Bible nor praying much. Lani prophesied over him about sonship and identity and I felt he had a forerunner call on his life for his tribe, the Ibibio and other young people. He said it resounded with him and when he was born his grandfather had prophesied about his future which included leadership. We talked at length about faith and the Bible and prophesy and during the conversation he revealed he was also an r&b singer. He had to run and catch a bus but he promised to come to talk with us again.
Next, we met Kidane, who’s Eritrean Orthodox. He is married but his wife has been unable to conceive a child and after five years the couple is getting desperate. He was open to prayer even though his Orthodox traditions don’t really allow for it. Lani prayed for him to be fruitful and multiply and we broke off hindrances to the couple’s future children. We felt strongly that God would answer our prayers and encouraged him to come back with a praise report.
As we were leaving, I bumped into Daniel, a Sudanese man from the Dinka/Shilluk tribes. He was a bit drunk and was triggered and started weeping when I asked him about his parents who were both dead. Lani and I prayed for the Comforter to come and minister to his heart. He said Jesus was his only friend and as we talked he realized I actually knew him, his brother and many of his relatives. He was very grateful to receive prayer.
So we covered DR Congo, Nigeria, Eritrea and Sudan…on a cold night in a mall in downtown Winnipeg.


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