#134 – Kingdom Built Through Encouragement, and Prayers

“Encouragement is not flattery or empty praise; it is like verbal sunshine. It costs nothing and warms other people’s hearts and inspires them with hope and confidence .” – Nicky Gumble

This Week’s Highlights
*Healer Receives Healing – see Pastor Thomas
*Main Street Visit Results in Many Opportunities – see Les
*Multiple Mall Encounters – see Andy
*Addict Returns to Jesus – see Gaylene

       Thirty people came out to minister this week, at Health Sciences, Main Street, Siloam Mission, Portage Avenue, and Portage Place.  We had been donated an abundance of clothing items, toiletry kits, and Bibles, so teams were well stocked with items to hand-out.
Another team member and I had an interesting discussion with Lucas (the homeless, piano playing, street evangelist).  My team member told him that she was collecting empty pop containers for him.  He asked, “What would I do with them?”  She said, “Sell them, everyone can use extra money.”  He responded kindly, “I don’t need any money, I do what I do for Jesus.”  He then gently suggested, “If everyone needs extra money then you could sell them and take the money.”  And then he added, “If I needed money I could spend hours in the dumpsters finding tins to sell, but I want to spend my time on the streets proclaiming the Gospel.” “I just need prayer for wisdom and strength for what I do.”  So we prayed a blessing of strength and wisdom over him, including that God would provide him with Divine appointments on the streets.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight I went out with Michelle, Ken, and Joshua. We headed to Health Sciences to pray for people where we met Vera, a woman who looked very depressed and had a negative outlook on life. She said she was a believer but before we could pray, she sang the Lord’s Prayer to us in Ukrainian. We were pleasantly surprised.
We also prayed for Shelley. A young pregnant woman with her boyfriend who asked for prayer for her sore feet and for her unborn baby girl. She was grateful. We also prayed for Jamie a man from Sandy Lake, Ontario who had pain in his back. The pain level dropped to a 5 and he was so taken back that we would take the time to pray for him.  He said he couldn’t wait to tell his praying mom about it.
We then felt led to drive to Joanne Swenson, a woman with cancer who heads up the healing rooms in Manitoba. We worshiped the Lord and declared healing and life over her.  We also prayed for her husband Peter.  She texted me later that evening:
“Hi Tom after you all prayed for me I laid down and felt a wave of peace wash over me. The pain in my liver left. I had a good rest. Blessings to you all”.

Les’ Report:
Four of us went to Main Street in front of the Northern Hotel by the Pizzarama Kevin bought pizza’s and also our team handed out toques, scarves, toiletry bags, and a few Bibles. When we arrived on Main a young adult came up for a slice of pizza putting a scarf around her neck I asked her if she had pain in her body and she said YES!!! God is so so Good, thank you Jesus!!! We prayed and she received healing. Team members prayed for others and most where very happy and grateful plus warmer.
Then we drove a little further down Main Street by Salvation Army on the other side of Main. We prayed for people and handed out care packages. After that we made our way to Portage Place.  What an awesome night!  Thank you to our great teammates! Praise the Lord! Glory to God! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus.

Andy’s Report:
Most of the evening was at Portage Place.   My team consisted of myself and Jeremiah S. and Jeremiah V.  We interacted with about 15 people with God’s love. Here are some of the highlights:
I met with an old friend before the others showed up and was able to encourage him.
We met Flo and her 2 friends.  They were hesitant about prayer, being Mormons. Flo could sense our care then asked for prayer for protection that evening as she would be traveling to Thompson in a few hours.
We encountered a young man and his cousin. They were distant at first. I gave him a word of knowledge then Jeremiah asked him about the pain in his leg. He was open for prayer then scurried off.
Met Gilbert from Meeting Place Church and 4 young girls. As we talked with them they couldn’t stop giggling.
Then met Robert, an Orthodox Christian who wanted more children. He had 2, but desired 5 we prayed that blessing for him.
A Muslim man Alua, listened to us tell him the gospel as we walked with him.
Met Cole and Jennifer his caregiver. Cole was in a wheelchair with tubes out of him. Prayed for complete healing. We didn’t see an instant miracle but expect healing.
Rounding out the night we met James and his girl friend. He had terrible lower back pain. After laying hands on his lower back he said he felt way better. Les and I saw him hopping around shortly there after in the food court.

Gaylene’s Report:
Right off the bat, I ran into Musukula, one of my girls from Sierra Leone. She was in a program I used to run and had many updates for me – some good, some not so good – including the possibility of attending the inner city social work program. I’ve known her since she was 13 and she’s now 28. She’s had a hard go of it…the UN pegged her age five years off and she didn’t come from Africa with her family, just some friends who were abusive. She’s been in and out of foster care and has a son with an absentee dad. A strong Christian, she has a church and I know her pastor. I was overjoyed to get to talk to her.
Lani, Charlene and I ran into Nathan, a heavily tattooed and extremely high young aboriginal man. We talked to him for some time and although he was initially resistant to prayer he did let me pray for him. Lani saw a picture in her minds eye of cutting and asked if that’s something he struggled with and he said no. However he did share he’d been stabbed multiple times, before he bolted off down the mall.
Lani and I ran into Morton from Fort Saskatchewan near MTS Centre. A Christian whose brother is a pastor in the inner city, he was a bit drunk because he’s dealing with a lot of family drama. His 22 year old son is newly incarcerated in Stony Mountain and his girlfriend is struggling with meth addiction. We prayed for him and then surprise surprise he prayed for us. He was very grateful to run into Christians that would pray for him. I took his son’s name and will write him a letter in Stony.
Afterwards Adrian walked by and shouted at us “Everything happens for a reason.” I know that expression from AA and I shouted back, “We can we pray for you.” Turns out Adrian is struggling with alcohol addiction and he grew up Christian. After talking for a minute or two he declared I’m going back to Jesus. We prayed for him and he quickly exited but shouted he was a Christian again as he left! Okay!

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