#140 – Donations of Warm Clothing Plentiful

“When it comes to life, the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude” – G.K. Chesterton.       This Week’s Highlights
*Scarves and Prayers Bless People – see Gaylene
*Ladies Back Healed – see Jeremiah
*Prayers, Love, and Roses, at Quest Inn – see Pastor Lorraine
*Many Prayer Opportunities at Hospital – see Warren
*Fruitful Discussions at Portage Place – see Lani
       Fifteen team members came out tonight and went to Health Sciences, Children’s Hospital, Portage Place, and the Quest Inn.
Again this week I was approached by people asking for prayer.  Two ladies, whom I have never met before, approached me and asked me to pray.  Someone must have told them I was one of those ‘praying Christians’.  They had just found out there vice-chief on their reserve (Garden Hill) had died.  I called Iris and Gaylene over and we prayed a blessing of peace over them.  Part of the time I was visiting and praying with some of the regulars, some of the time with Kevin and Jeremiah, and some of the time with Gaylene and Iris.  See Gaylene’s report below about a few of our encounters.
Gaylene’s Report:
Iris and I teamed together. It was Valentines Day and Al provided us with a bag of beautiful scarves to hand out, which were gratefully received by several women.
The first person we met was Marie Mersaty or MnM as she liked to be called. Initially she said she didn’t need prayer but would like an ice cream cone but Iris noticed she had a scar. She admitted it was from some domestic violence (her ex was in jail) and said she was dealing with trauma and depression. After Iris and I prayed for her and she blurted out “And Lord can I have an ice cream cone?” We burst out laughing and Al obliged her request.
Jocelyn, who I’ve known for several years, approached me and told me she was going into rehab for five weeks for meth addiction and alcoholism on Feb. 19. She was quite nervous and even scared about the idea and I explained that was the enemy deceiving her. She was fixating on her son who’d been drinking heavily since he got out of jail but we told her that her focus needed to be on herself to be able to help her son and anyone else in her family. Al joined us and we prayed for Jocelyn’s rehab stint to be successful and for Jesus to provide her with a future and hope.
A group of women from Garden Hill asked for prayer because they had just found out their vice-chief passed away in St. Boniface Hospital. They were quite dismayed so we prayed for the Comforter to come, not only for them, but for the entire reserve.
Iris and I also prayed with Lukas’ ex girlfriend (her name eludes me at the moment). She was heartbroken they couldn’t work it out and said it was one of the reasons he wasn’t at Portage Place lately. Iris felt the tenderness of the Lord for her. She also had shoulder pain which lessened as we prayed for her.
At the fountain we met Vickie from DR Congo. The mom of nine, she’s a  member of New Beginnings church and her husband is a pastor. Initially she didn’t want prayer but as we chatted she told us she had hepatitis B which causes her terrible belly pain and fatigue. We were happy to pray for her and ask Jesus to heal her. She was thrilled to meet Christians in the mall that would pray for her.
While upstairs, Ed joined us and we met a guy named Asan, also from New Beginnings church, who’d changed his name from Robert and was dealing with issues pertaining to his ID because of it. As we were praying for him a horrible situation developed with a young indigenous man and two Portage Place security. He had no shirt on and at one point he tried to jump off the second floor railing. The security apprehended him but he briefly got away and ran into the Ardene store. It was quite the scene to say the least. (Also see Jeremiah’s report below).
As we headed downstairs, we ran into the Dollarama security guard who told us a similar situation had developed on New Years Eve when a suicidal person tried to jump (later Sequoia said her aunt also tried to jump off the third floor).
It became very clear to me that the spirit of death has been trying to make Portage Place its domain. So Iris, Ed and I joined Lorraine and Margit prayed and we asked the Lord to pour out His Spirit on Portage Place and eradicate that foul spirit for once and for all.

Jeremiah’s Report:
Alright, lots happened last night, I’m going to sum it up for you.  Six prayer encounters. Six healings!
The Team consisted of Kevin, Les and I. Here’s what happened.
As Kevin tells stories about Belize, I notice a man sprinting down the hallway, jumping over and around people to get away from security.
They were chasing him, until…He climbed over the ledge and dangled over the first floor! I’m sure that stopped a few hearts. Then he climbed back over and security took over.
Yeah, you could say we had a thrilling night!
My favorite encounter was with Margaret, who said,  “If I could wish for one thing, then I would have my back not hurt me anymore.  Sure enough, after three prayers all her pain was gone! She kept bending and twisting to find the pain, but it wasn’t there! Margaret was a bit emotional about the whole thing but I’m sure it blew her socks off!
There were so many more encounters and so many more healings I wish I could share all of them but I can’t because there are too many.  But hey, that’s a good thing!

Lorraine’s Report:
I went out this Thursday evening with Ed to the Quest Inn on Ellice Avenue where we prayed for several people:  Desmond who was struggling with fear and anxiety; Janice who was fearful and had a “lazy” right eye.  Didn’t notice an obvious improvement but we are believing that God has healed her.  Went upstairs to the 3rd floor and prayed for a young man whose Mom had just had her leg amputated.  He was concerned for his Mom and this was traumatic for him.  We also prayed for two sisters in the hallway who had come from the North for a medical procedure.  One of them had a heavy heart.  I sensed that she just had some difficult news from the doctors.  Ed had brought some roses and we handed out a rose to each one (as well as others in the hotel), and encouraged them.  Then on our way down we met a young woman who had a 1 year old son and we prayed for her son.  In the lobby we prayed for an older woman named Bernice who was waiting to be taken to the bus station to go back up to Thompson.  She had come down to see her doctor for her eyes.  We prayed for her eyes to be healed.
Later, Ed and I moved over to Portage Place.  When I came in I met two people from Church of the Rock who were ministering at Portage Place for the first time, connecting with people in the mall, handing out Valentine cookies in bags and Valentine cards, and sharing the Gospel.  They were very encouraged and surprised to know that others had also been coming to Portage Place to minister and share the Gospel with people there.  I invited them to join us on a Thursday night if they wanted to, and hoping that we’ll be able to connect for coffee to chat some more.  As I shared a bit about what we have seen and done in the mall one of them began to weep because he was so overwhelmed with the love of God.  This is why we do what we do in H2O:  Because of our love for others who need to hear and know God’s love!  Amazing evening.

Warren’s Report:
I was joined by George’s, Brian, Celina, and Tamara and we went to Health Sciences and Children’s Hospital.  Georges met with Dinah, whom we had all prayed for last week on the main floor and she was looking much happier.  Celina, Georges & I prayed for 12 year old Kresten Neufeld in Children’s who has been diagnosed with lymphoma.  Kresten says he is improving from the time he first came in to now, he had  his biopsie just over a week ago. Celina & Tamara assisted in praying for Tim & James.  We gave children’s clothing away on the fifth floor.
I got the opportunity to pray for Wallace Knott & his wife still being treated in dialysis. There son Teric was remaining for the nite to look after both of his parents,
We met a lady named Hanna who was handing out Gospel tracts, and we asked her to join us, but she said it was late and she needed to leave.  She said that Security people were difficult, but we found security people to be very helpful.
We will be back next Thursday evening 730 pm – 930 pm, always meeting at front doors on William Ave.

Lani’s Report:
I didn’t get to join with a team tonight because I was having difficulties with my phone and spent a lot of time getting that sorted out.  While they were upgrading my phone I was able to talk with the Portage Place kiosk folks, and part of our conversation was about the church where my boys go to school.
I spent some time wandering and praying in the mall?  I overheard a group of young people talking about water baptism, and I felt led to join in the conversation.  We discussed the difficulties of baptism by immersion for people in wheelchairs.  I agreed it is difficult, but challenged them to figure it out.  I took a risk butting into their conversation, but I felt it was super important to do so I have seen people get deliverance from immersion baptism.  It was a great conversation.  I also went to buy some frankincense and myrrh at the health store on 2nd floor.  I was able to buy what I wanted, and the lady working there seemed to have a similar background to my husband, so I asked her if she was Romanian and she was. I also asked her if she is spiritual because I could sense the prophetic gift resting on her.  She started to open up and told me she dreams and then sees the person in the dream the next day, and she also can sense peoples energies.  I told her that is called discernment.  She looked kind of in disbelief as I stumbled trying to explain more.  It was so nice to get to give legs to her gift that she’d been wondering about for much of her life.  She seemed intrigued by what I was telling her.

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