#141 – Portage Place is God’s Place

“Having more to live with is no substitute for having more to live for.” – Nicky Gumble

       This Week’s Highlights
*”Jesus, You Win!” – see Gaylene
*Role Playing to Lessen Fear – see Brian
*Blurry Eye Healed – see Michelle
*Love Imparted to Many – see Pastor Lorraine
*Hospital Team Continues to Receive Favour – see Warren

        Twenty-six Miracle Messengers came out this week and went to Health Sciences, Children’s Hospital, St. Boniface Hospital, Main Street, Quest Inn, City Place and Portage Place.
My highlight was presenting Simon with a new winter parka (see picture above).  He only had a jacket and needed something warmer.  My wife found a super sale online and got the parka for $20.  Simon was very pleased.  He is a Christian, always sober, and a regular at Portage Place that we have known for over 2 years.  He has an arm and hand that was damaged in a sawmill accident.  Each time we pray for him, we see small improvements in his hand, and he says he feels tingling when we pray.  His hand used to be greyish in colour and is now pinkish, and before his fingers were stiff and had no mobility, and now have slight mobility.  We will keep praying and believing for complete healing.
I also spent time praying for several others, some who had approached me and asked for prayer.

Gaylene’s Report:
I arrived really early at Portage Place and immediately ran into Cody, who we’ve known for some time. He said he was totally baked and couldn’t talk to me because of it but I pointed out God sees it all anyways and loves him nonetheless to which he replied, “Really?” “Yes Cody, He really does.”
I went upstairs to get a drink at Dollarama and saw John Wade, who looked extremely sad and stressed. We chatted at length about his life which is full of darkness and oppression. His dad committed suicide when he was two, his mom abandoned him and he was a CFS kid for years and had done penitentiary time. He had been staying with his cousins but they got into a fight and he’s currently homeless. I prayed for him for God’s identity and peace and solutions and he was very soft and weepy, which embarrassed him so I left him alone.
I then teamed up with Lani, and Iris.  Before we even left the food court we engaged Chris, one of the security guards, in a conversation about his job. He shared just how hairy it can be, especially this year. He told us about the suicide attempts at the mall, how someone he detained ended up having a warrant for first degree murder and he showed us a photo of the size of a machete he seized from a shoplifter. We were intentional to honor him in what he does and blessed him.
As we headed upstairs we ran into John Wade again and Lani prophesied over him about his childhood abuse and pointed out his deep need for Jesus. He indicated his readiness and we said it’d be good if you use your own words. I told him about my prayer when I accepted my Saviour and Iris told him all she said was “Jesus, you win”. So after some thought John Wade said those words: “Jesus, you win” and we prayed for Holy Spirit to pour into all those hurting places. It was very sweet and touching.
I felt we should go to the third floor and we were praying for the mall and the city when at the exact same moment, Iris and I both noticed the huge banner hanging over the mall with the words: This is Your Place. We were in awe and started declaring: “THIS IS YOUR PLACE JESUS”
We decided to head towards City lace when we ran into Kenneth, who was slightly limping and carrying a cool cane adorned with butterflies. A break dancer and skateboarder, he explained he’d torn his ACL but was getting better. He did have lingering pain so we prayed for it to leave and he said there was a definite improvement and was super grateful we’d stopped him.           As we proceeded through the skyway, Lani and I both noticed a young African man who was a cleaner for Portage Place, so we asked if we could pray for him and he said “of course”. Turns out Eric is an international student at UofW and he’s from Kigali, Rwanda, which I visited last April! We prayed for Eric about his future dreams and his family, in particular his sister, which God highlighted to Lani. Eric has no family whatsoever here in Winnipeg, so he and I exchanged numbers and I’ll have him over for tea and chat about his country.
So this is when our night got really fun. We were passing by MTS Centre where Disney on Ice was playing and for no particular reason at all I started singing the Baby Shark song really loud and incessantly. As we headed into Cityplace we came to – of all places – the Shark Club, which stopped us in our tracks. I was still singing the song and the doorman Amin said his niece listens to Baby Shark all day long so he was very familiar with it. We all burst out laughing and meeting Amin from Morrocco (whose name means Amen in Arabic) was an absolute joy. He’s very ambitious, has finished his degree in accounting and worked up north on a Hydro project, but is considering applying as a firefighter. A devout Muslim, he was nonetheless happy to receive some prophetic words and our prayer of blessing.
As we were winding down with Amin, Iris and both noticed a young man with facial hair wearing a very bad woman’s wig. He passed by us, so we offered to pray for him and he immediately blurted out he was transgender and his name was Ariel. Born James, he grew up in Christian foster homes and knew the Lord when he was young. He is currently struggling with intravenous meth addiction and was insistent he wanted to stop his drug use. As we prayed and pressed in, his demons started to manifest and it was a bit dodgy for a minute. He said he felt wind when we commanded the spirit of addiction to leave. It felt like we were making headway, but as a sea of princesses and cartoon characters streamed by us as they exited Disney on Ice, our Ariel left very suddenly.

Brian’s Report:
“Tonight let’s pretend there is no reality”, I said.  Everyone looked at me wondering what I was saying. I continued, “let’s pretend that there is no reality; that there are no rules when It comes to miracles. That people can come out of wheelchairs and the blind can see. Let’s even pretend that we’re just actors tonight in a play, that whoever we pray for is part of that too and their role is to get better.”
Everyone knew what I was getting at. And I had said that to address the fear of failure we often have, before praying for someone. “What if it doesn’t work?? What if I look stupid???” So I had us agree that our intention was to appear foolish; to be reckless with our faith so that we wouldn’t be held back by the risk of not seeing it work.
The people I had brought that night were first timers. Justin specifically had been hungry and discouraged for a while to see this kind of stuff and had disqualified himself due to how “dry” he felt. That’s when we met Karen. She had a 10/10 pain in her calf and couldn’t stand. I had Justin put his hand on her leg instructing him to just touch it and say/pray nothing. We checked it once. Nothing. Checked it again. Nothing. Checked it a third time. Nothing. I could sense Justin was feeling embarrassed about it. (He later confessed he was thinking to himself how he didn’t believe in that moment it was going to work).
Then I had him check once more and all of a sudden Karen said it’s at a 1/10. Justin’s eyes lit up with faith! I said hit it again. We did that twice more until Karen was at 0. She then asked us if we would go upstairs to pray for her father.
When we got there, he had a pace maker taken out that morning and was worried something would happen to him. He had also fallen out of bed earlier and developed two tremendous black eyes because of it. Feeling scared he prayed to God that morning to send someone to pray for him. And then we showed up. Needless to say everyone, especially Justin, was feeling very alive.

Michelle’s Report:
Our team  which included Kevin, Trevor, Cory, Audrey and I, started out at Main Street at one of our usual spots for ministering – the Northern Hotel.  We had donated scarves to hand out and Kevin had fresh apples, bananas and very impressive care packages to give to those who might be in need .  We encountered Penny who seemed to be in a big rush. She was offered a scarf and took it gladly and we offered prayer for healing of her wrist.  Although the prayer was a quick one Jesus healed Penny’s wrist instantly.  We encountered a few more people blessed them with fruit and care packages. Our team then decided to move and drive around to see where our next stop would be.  The Quest Inn was the place where we had amazing opportunities to see Jesus heal.  One family from Thompson, Manitoba was prayed for .  Kevin was ministering  to the oldest sister and I was then with Kevin praying for Léona the youngest sister.  I was able to pray for Leona’s right eye that was blurry .  Kevin explained the many healings for eyes he had prayed for and coached me to pray for Leona’s eye.  Jesus healed her right eye. Another member from another team also prayed for Leona’s eyes. We are believing that both eyes will be completely healed.  We also prayed for Leona’s lungs as she was having difficulty taking deep breaths and she experienced healing in her lungs.  Kevin ministered to the oldest sister and she also received her healing.  Michael come into the Quest and several of our team prayed several times for him as his back was very painful.  He received healing and left us looking and feeling very overwhelmed and happy .  It was a fruitful night of seeing people healed and transformed by God’s love.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
Last night Steven and Suzy and I went to St. Boniface Hospital.  We first went to the Oncology ward and sadly, the person we were going to pray with had just passed away a few days before.  We then went upstairs to another Ward and prayed with a close friend of Gaylene’s who was in deep need.  I felt the Lord wanted to release His peace over him and I sensed that the presence of the Father was quite heavy in the room while I prayed.  So grateful to have had the privilege of praying for this godly man and his family in their difficult time.
Later, we went downstairs and on the way out we prayed for an elderly woman sitting in the lobby as she waited for a loved one to arrive.  She was surprised, but moved that we would do that.  Even a blessing with the touch of hand is powerful!
Our team then went to Portage Place to meet with others there and minister.  There was a very strong sense of close community tonight among all our team members, even newer ones.  I’m sure there was about 20 team members in the mall debriefing at closing time.  Before that, I went over to see my friend Dinesh (Hindu) who owns a food booth and bought 3 swarmas from him. He was so glad and grateful as we blessed his business and released words of life over him and his staff.
Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to love people in tangible ways around us.  Even if we never saw a miracle this night, it was so worth it to show deep kindness, compassion and love to those we encountered.

Warren’s Report:
We started out with three from H2O prayer site and met Linda at front doors inside on Wm Ave. We started with Mary right where Linda, Jackie & Georges we’re sitting. She had been away from Jesus for a long time, and had just come back.  We prayed for her leg.  We passed on to her to teach others to pray to Jesus and for her to pray for others.
Pastor Brian’s niece was in 2 Nd flr SICU, Tamara Harper. All four of us crowded into her space with her male nurse to pray healing on this young lady, hooked to a respirator. We prayed for her facial surgery, and the rerouting of her respiration system. Her cousin Allen was here visiting her, and his girlfriend’s mom was up on 4 MICU.  The four of us prayed for Allen before we departed from Tamara’s private room.  We had to wait for some procedures to be accomplished in MICU before we could go in with Allen and his girlfriend. So mean time we went to find Dinah in her room on 4. She thanked us for waking her from a terrible dream.  . Upon taking Dinah downstairs for a smoke, they encountered Allen, leaving as he could not find us. Jackie & Linda returned to 4 th flr MICU to pray for his girlfriends mom, who was still in a coma. Linda felt there was still some unfinished business there and will be following up, next week with both Tamara and Allen’s girlfriend’s mom.  While Linda & Jackie were on 4. Georges and I were in 5, following up with Louie, who is still unable to communicate even with his eyes open. We prayed for him, and will pass his information onto Linda for next week.
Georges had been giving out children’s clothing to kids every time we came across kids, esp on the main floor. We ended by going into Children’s to deliver the few items of clothing we had left and came across Brian and his daughter in kids room. They had been air ambulances to Wpg.  The father was being taken care of on 5th floor, while his little daughter was being treated for her infection.  We learned the Holy Spirit moves us in and out of rooms better the later we are there. The toughest times to gain entry seems to be shortly after visiting hours are over.

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