#149 – Great Night! – Eyes Healed – People Saved

“No matter how long you have travelled in the wrong direction, you can always turn around.”  Nicky Gumble

This Week’s Highlights
*Favour With Security – see below
*Eyes Healed – see Kevin
*Pizza and Prayer – see Clair
*People Saved – see Pastor Thomas
*Variety of Needs Met – see Gaylene

      Twenty- four Salvation Soldiers came out this Thursday, and went to Main Street, St. Boniface Hospital, Siloam Mission, and Portage Place.
Jeremiah S. and I went to Portage Place, and Dove and Michael joined us there.  It was a Jets game night, and they are in the playoffs, and thousands of people were on the streets for the ‘white-out’. We had to park several blocks away and there were police everywhere.  As we approached Portage Place, a policeman asked me where we were going.  A security guard standing with him, said, “Oh don’t worry about these guys, they are part of a group that comes here every week to pray for people.”  And the policeman encouraged us to have a good night.  I have never heard the kind of acknowledgement, or endorsement from Portage Place security 
Simon, one of the regulars, was excited to come and tell us that he now has feelings in the palm of his hand.  He has a mangled hand from an industrial accident many years ago, and we have been praying for his hand to heal for over a year.  Little by little his hand is healing.  It used to be grey in colour, and is now a natural flesh colour.  His fingers used to be stiff and curled-up tight, and are now more agile, and he can now move them a little which he couldn’t do before.  Up until this week he had no feeling in his hand and now he has feeling.  He was very excited, as were we.  We don’t know why the healing is happening over a prolonged period and we are not shy about asking the Lord to speed it up.

Kevin’s Report:
Got to see 3 people on main street get their sight back this evening.  One had a blind eye from diabetes for just a few months, one was born with bad vision, and one had a blind eye for 12 years and got 100 vision after Sheyenne spoke over it 2 times while laying hands on it.
(Kevin estimates that he has witnessed over 700 people that have had their eyes healed since he started in this ministry, approximately 3 years ago)
Clair Adds:
Last night Pastor Lorraine,  Kevin, Erika, Sheyenne, Ed and I went to the Pizzaria on Main street.  It was a beautiful evening which brought out a lot of people.  Ed came with his hot cholate which is always a hit with the people, and Kevin bought 10 boxes of pizza, and every slice disappeared.  We prayed and blessed so many.
Kevin and Sheyenne prayed for a man who was blind in one eye, Sheyenne commanded blindness to go, it was better then it was, she spoke again and he had complete sight back, everything was completely clear!
When I was inside getting a box of pizza there was a lady Florence who I spoke with, she had a black eye and obviously was beaten, she showed me her back which was black and blue. She thought God couldn’t love a black dot like her, I ministered to her, she accepted Jesus, I then prayed for her healing,  and she was so peaceful,  said pain was gone. Pastor Lorraine had a track we gave her, and she told me that was everything to her!!            Also prayed for Keith, a young man who said he’s been alone his whole life, Holy Spirit was softening his heart as he received, tears were flowing, so awesome!!  We prayed and blessed many, they were so happy that we were there feeding them but also respecting them as people. It was an awesome night!!
Just a update on the man I prayed for at the gym who’s knee got healed 2 weeks ago. I saw him at the gym on Monday, he wasn’t wearing the knee brace, he came to me and told me that when I prayed for him and he got healed,  it changed the way he looked at things, he was so impacted by me stepping out and praying for him and getting healed,  it totally changed him!
“You know it was Jesus that healed you,” I told him, he said, “Yes, but you stepped out!!!”  You never know how you can impact somebody by stepping out in obedience when Holy Spirit is prompting you!!

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight I was teamed up with Jeremiah V., Michelle and Diana.  We spent our whole evening at the St. Boniface Hospital.  We went to see Dale who we prayed for last week who has heart issues and numbness in his hands and pain in his back.  He felt much relief when we prayed for him.  In the bed next to him was a woman named Jill who looked like she was in her late 60’s.  We asked her if we could pray and she said yes but that she wasn’t a Christian.  She was holding a book the said “The Peace of Christ” which was given to her by a client of her husbands.  We asked her if she wanted that peace.  She expressed having anger problems so we asked her if she wanted the peace of Jesus inside her heart. She then asked Jesus into her life and began to cry.  She was very grateful for this God moment in her life.
We then went to the lounge where a few people were watching the Jets hockey game.  We met John who had a condition called Kennedy’s disease which is similar to Lou Gehrig’s disease.  He said he was a believer and welcomed prayer.  I then asked him if the name Roger meant anything to him.  He said that was his Father’s name who had passed away a few years ago and that he missed him.  We prayed for God’s ministry to his soul and reminded him that God gave the word of knowledge to remind him how much He notices him.
We then prayed for Kathy who was in a wheelchair and needed prayer for water in her lungs.  After we prayed she said she didn’t know Jesus personally so Diana led her in a prayer to accept Jesus into her heart.
What a fruitful evening and the Lord had confirmed earlier in many ways that it would be a fruitful evening and so it was.

Gaylene’s Report:
Nihad, Lani and I teamed up and headed out into Portage Place, which was much busier than usual with the whiteout party so nearby.
We ran into Michael, a young Nigerian man who initially said he was too busy to pray but was quite fascinated by what we do. We chatted for a little while and I sensed God wanting to speak to him about his calling. He’s employed at a technology centre, but he agreed that there was something more for him. I prophesied about him leading young people and he chuckled in agreement because he coaches soccer. Nihad also encouraged him about being a Christian in his workplace and we prayed God reveal His will to him in the coming days especially this Easter.
I noticed a beautiful young lady named Michayla and started chatting with her. Turns out she is one year sober and said I could pray for her to experience joy. I not only did that, but as someone with 34 years sobriety, I also prayed God protect her future clean time. “I’m blown away you stopped me” she said. “This is exactly what I needed tonight.”
Donald limped by us and I asked if he needed prayer. He said no and walked away but abruptly turned around and said yes he could use prayer. He had a knee brace and was in pain so we prayed and just as abruptly he turned and walked away. Lani asked him if he felt anything and he said yes and kept walking.
We next met John, originally from Freetown, Sierra Leone, where he’s heading back next week for a visit. He was in a hurry to meet someone, but ended up talking to us for quite some time. We talked about Christianity and Islam in his country, about Easter and some mutual friends we have. John has a lot of ideas for his future including programs for youth both in Winnipeg and back home. We prayed for more anointing and travelling protection on him and I got a picture in my minds eye of him typing on a laptop on the airplane. I got the verses Habakkuk 2:1-3 for him which suggested he write down his ideas for the future, pray about them and wait for God to move. I also felt God say he should read the book of Jonah.
Afterwards we met Thomas, an indigenous man who was rather hilarious. He was a little inebriated and was talking with a Brooklyn Jewish accent. He said he had a lot of pain and illness in his body so we  prayed for the Great Physician to come and heal him completely.
I noticed Alex (aka Thierry) from Cameroon hobbling by like an old man (he’s 25). I had prayed for him previously, but never before noticed the limp. He experiences recurrent pain from a soccer injury 10 years ago and regularly gets prayer for it at his Catholic church. The pain was at 9 out of 10, but he wasn’t too thrilled at getting prayed for in a public place. We assured him it would look like we were conversing and we prayed and the pain decreased slightly from a 9 to a 7. We prayed again but he said had to go.
A blessed Easter to you all.

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