#150 – Quest Inn – Hotspot For Healing

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” Nelson Mandela


        Pictured above is Ed Janzen, he has been ministering on Thursday nights with Kingdom H2O for over 2 years.  Ed’s home Church is Spring, and He is a retired CNR worker.  He is noted for bringing kegs of Tim Horton’s hot chocolate and handing it out to people on Main Street and at Siloam Mission.  Here is what Ed has to say about the Kingdom H2O ministry:
For me going out on Thursday night with others is a way of sharing what we all have been freely given. And that’s the love of God. It can show itself in different ways, sometimes it’s bringing hope to someone who is close to the edge, or sharing the gospel with someone whose ready to hear it. Some nights I have seen healings and miracles, and sometimes it’s just meeting up with street people and listening more than talking. I like the fact that there is no formula or script –  allowing everyone to be themselves.”
Ed also raises money for Habit for Humanity by participating in the Cycle of Hope, which is a 1500 kilometer bike ride across Canada –   2019 will be his 9th year peddling.   In the winter Ed keeps himself in condition by running up and down the stairs in the high rise apartment in which he lives.  If you would like to support Ed’s ministry hit ‘reply’ and I will put you in touch with him.

This Week’s Highlights
*Two Teams Minister at Quest Inn – see Pastor Thomas & Dove
*Lots of Prayer Action in Portage Place – see Linda & Pastor Lorraine
*Curse Broken – Healing Results – see Gaylene

Twenty-five Prayer Padres came out to build God’s Kingdom this week, and they went to the Quest Inn, and Portage Place.
Due to some other commitments I was unable to make it out this week, but was excited to read the reports of others who were.  It amazes me what an impact we can have for the Kingdom in only a couple of hours each week – so many people encountered and impacted with a Kingdom message.  We are truly in a harvest season.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight I was  teamed up with Michelle, Shelley, Kelly and Dove and ended up spending all of our time praying for people at the Quest Inn.  We formed two groups so I was with Shelley and we ended up praying for a woman named Laraine who had a blind eye.  We prayed several times with little change but then she said letters “began jumping out”, and she experienced some improvement.
We then prayed for a woman beside her from Gods Lake Narrows. She shared how she was abused by a Roman Catholic priest up until she was 16 then she got married and the abuse continued. She felt the peace of God come over her as she released forgiveness and felt much lighter.
We  also prayed for Ropina who had serious arthritic pain which completely left after praying for her three times she kept testing it out over a span of 15 minutes until the pain all left.
Finally we prayed for her daughter Vivian who was struggling with depression over the recent death of their sister and father.  We broke off the heaviness and professed destiny over her life. She recommitted her life to Jesus and began to smile again.  It was a powerful shift in her life.
(NB:  The Quest Inn is a hotel located near Portage Place that caters to Northern First Nations people who are coming into Winnipeg for medical appointments, so it is a real hotspot for healing needs.  The management approves of our prayerful visits.)
Dove Adds:
We walked into the Quest Inn while pastor Tom prayed for someone outside.
There were three ladies sitting in the lobby the first one Edna had ankle pain so we prayed till her pain was gone. We asked them if they wanted a Daily Bread and they all wanted one.
The next lady Loraine had neuropathy on bottom of her feet which means she feels no pain so we prayed  and she said all the tingling was gone.
Then we turned and asked a man if he had any pain…he said his wife did but she was upstairs so he asked us if we could come up – so Shelly, Michelle and I went to the elevator and followed Clifford.  He opened the door and told his wife Doris we were there to see her.  So we started asking her what hurt most and she said her lungs so we prayed a few times and her lungs were clear and no more pain.  We asked what else she said her left kidney so we prayed but don’t know the results of that one. But she did say it felt better.  She had been having trouble since her father died last year so we prayed against trauma and any wounding in her heart…she felt better. She had her bible right beside her on the end table.  All this time her husband was sitting on the end of bed and praying silently.   Then we prayed for her right foot that was in a cast because she broke her ankle last year and her staples had become infected.  We beleive all infection is gone and she will be able to walk.  We asked what else and she told us as she took off her slipper off her left foot that she had lost her toes to diabetes and she had lost her balance and that is how she had broken her right foot.  So we prayed for her toes to grow back and that God would put guardian angels around her to protect her from falling.  She had just come out of hospital after being there for 6 weeks.
As we left we laughed and said now you can shout when your hockey team scores since her lungs were much better and they had the game on tv. When we left her countenance was so different then when we came in.

Linda’s Report:
Margit and I first ran into Arlene who was a little short of change for some Tylenol.  I was happy to help her with that but we also wanted to pray for her.  She had an issue with her foot, stomach and a headache. We prayed for her foot and she admitted to feeling immediate relief.  We also prayed for her stomach and headache.  She was very grateful and continued on beaming.
We then noticed Wayne in a wheelchair.  He welcomed prayer for arthritis and gout.   Although Margit encouraged him to get up out of the wheelchair, he said he was too tired so we prayed for refreshing and strength.    Although he was very encouraged and happier for prayer, he continued to reference his tiredness, as a reason not to stand, so I just encouraged him not to be surprised if he continued to feel better by morning and in the love of the Lord for him.  He said he believed and knew why he felt better.
Margit noticed a group of African men she thought she had seen or spoken with before.  They were Seventh Day Adventists and open to receiving prayer.
At another table in the food court were some Aboriginal men and a lady, whom welcomed us to join them for prayer.   George, asked for prayer for his grandchildren.  He was a believer and had “Jesus” tattooed on one arm and “saves” on the other.   I prayed for him about the Lord’s hand in their lives.  He was visibly moved and very grateful.   I felt the Lord somehow met him where he was and brought some encouragement and healing for him, even as he did not seem to want anything for himself.
Arturio wanted prayer as he was recovering from stroke.   His left side was weak and numb and his hand had trouble grasping.  After prayer, he was quite able to grab both Margit’s hand and mine quite strongly.  He believes he will continue to heal.
Peter wanted prayer for healing for some ribs that were broken in a bad car accident 2 years ago and he had a hole in his liver.  He also shared how he miraculously escaped that car crash, when he called out to the Lord in that moment, even though his ribs were broken and he could barely breathe as a result.   He was very grateful for prayer, and experienced some relief.
Nigel wanted prayer for a mysterious mass on his pancreas, so we prayed about that. He had no pain related to it, but he was concerned.
Margit saw another regular she recognized and his name is Brian.  He was on crutches because of a hockey accident where his knee was affected.  We prayed over the knee and he said he felt better.
Praise the Lord for showing up so strongly and touching hearts in this city tonight….
Pastor Lorraine Adds:
Met 3 people sitting at a table in the Food Court and introduced myself to them:  Linda (a woman with a cane who had some kind of illness, though she did not want to tell me too much), Eleanor (an older woman), and a man named Jim.  I offered to pray for them and they were very open.  I prayed for Linda’s illness, though I had no idea what it was.  Afterwards she shared with me her pain related to her daughter Sophie who had been gone for 22 years and just recently returned.  Sophie had left the house again and was somewhere else but she had no idea.  I turned to Eleanor and the Lord gave some words of knowledge for her about her family and began to pray for her/them.  Eleanor confirmed this was true.  Then I prayed for Jim who as very quiet, but seemed to know the Scriptures well.  He had some health concerns and I prayed for him, but again, he would not disclose what they were.  While at the table we chatted, talked about the Lord, and then Linda’s cousin Cheyenne sat down with us and I prayed for her.  She had pain all over her body, but would not tell me how she was feeling after I had prayed.  She seemed a bit startled and then left the table.  Later, I bought all three of them a Tim’s card for coffees/donuts which surprised and delighted them.  Very lovely group of friends and I was privileged to spend a large part of the evening encouraging them.

Gaylene’s Report:
I started out with Iris, Jackie and Lani and  after several people refused prayer and even to speak to us, we walked by Jonathan sitting at the fountain with no shoes on. He was extremely paranoid and said he couldn’t tell us anything because “they” were watching him. After some time chatting we were able to determine he had to leave his apartment because of some situation or incident. He was okay with us praying for him, but seemed unable to receive. All he asked for was some water so Iris took him to Shoppers and then Jackie took him to the shoe store to buy him some new runners.
Nihad joined me and we had three amazing encounters with Africans.
First we met Ali, a young Muslim man from Algeria who immigrated here nine months ago with his family. He spoke Arabic and French and very little English and Nihad mostly spoke to him in Arabic. I spoke a welcome and blessing over him in English and Nihad translated. Nihad then got a word of knowledge about his family and his only sister in particular. He prayed for Ali about how God saw him as a blessing to his family. Ali was very touched by our encounter and was teary. Nihad shared his number with him and said to call if he needed anything.
We then met Amir Mohammed, also Muslim and also from Algeria (no relation to Ali). He’s here on a tourist visa visiting his family until August and he loves walking around Winnipeg. He also spoke Arabic and French and almost no English, so he and Nihad conversed at length. Nihad prayed for him in Arabic and Amir was so encouraged and thrilled to meet him. He felt running into Nihad was providential and we agreed. Nihad gave Amir his card and encouraged him to call if he needed anything.
Augustin then limped by and I asked if we could pray for him and he agreed immediately. He’s Sudanese from the Acholi tribe and it turns out I know quite a few of his extended family. He had a stroke and his entire left side is still weak. I felt confident that God wanted to heal him and I’ve rarely prayed for someone more faith filled and expectant. Nihad got a word of knowledge about a curse that was placed upon him by a woman back home and Augustin agreed that as possible. We then prayed for the curse to be broken and for Jesus to restore everything the devil had stolen, so Augustin could step into what God is calling him to. At this point, Augustin told us he was a pastor back in Sudan. Nihad and I prayed for full restoration and Augustin lifted his arms and said he couldn’t do that before. I predicted the healing would increase and he would be able to do even more things that he previously was restricted from.Augustin was so overjoyed it was palpable.
Such a wonderful end to a fantastic night in the mall.

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