#152 – Divine Encounters Experienced By All Teams


        Pictured above is Gaylene Dempsey, who is a former music industry executive and freelance writer.  Gaylene was radically saved at age 44.
She is now ardently dedicated to bringing Jesus and His justice to Winnipeg, she works as an urban missionary known as the ‘Hood Mom’ serving refugees and immigrants in the streets, their homes, jails, workplaces and  hospital rooms.
Gaylene joined the staff at Sanctuary House of Prayer as an intercessory missionary in 2016 and she is charged with outreaches outside the prayer room into the inner city. For the past three years during Ramadan, she has coordinated a prayer residency in Central Park, and last fall she also founded a Monday afternoon outreach at the Health Sciences Centre.
She’s been involved with Kingdom H20 since day one, joining teams into their first forays into Central Park and Portage Place.  “I love the consistency of Kingdom H20, that we can say we’re here every week if you need prayer, want to talk, or give a praise report. I also believe we are shifting the atmosphere in our city by sowing love and prayer into the city centre.
SHOP in the City will be in Central Park from Tuesday to Friday during Ramadan (until May 31). Then we join Kingdom H20 every Thursday in Central Park until early October.

Corrie ten Boom said, “Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossible.”

This Week’s Highlights
*I Want To Know More About Jesus – see below
*Divine Encounters at Hospital – see Michelle
*’Wow! Is Response to Healed Eyes – see Trevor
*Quick and Easy Evangelism – see Sheyenne

NB – This Report for the next 2 weeks will be written by Robin Mayer, as I will be away on a short vacation – Al Bayne

Twenty-two Gift Givers came out this week and went to Main Street, Health Sciences, Central Park, Quest Inn, and Portage Place.
As I was walking into Portage Place a younger lady walked up to me and asked if I wanted to buy some ‘weed’.  I replied, “No”, and she hurried away.  Later I saw her in the food court a couple of times, and then she sat at a table next to me, so I sat with her.  She asked me why I was at Portage Place, and I told her I was there to pray for people, and offered to pray for her.  Jaycine immediately began to tear-up.  She was struggling with heart pain over the loss of her brother, she had just broken-up from a bad relationship, and she lost her place to live so was sleeping on her sister’s couch.  She didn’t drink or do hard drugs, but was selling ‘weed’ to get some money.  I prayed a variety of prayers for her as the Holy Spirit led me, and she wept.  I then asked her if she was a Christian, and she said she knew nothing about Jesus, as she was raised in traditional Native ways.  She added, she often thought about going to a church, but didn’t know if it was okay just to go to a church, and thought she wouldn’t understand what they were talking about, and figured she would be pretty uncomfortable.  I gave her a brief introduction to who Jesus is, and introduced her to some Zion Church members.  She said she wanted to know more about Jesus, and arranged to meet her new contacts at Zion.  Later, as I was leaving the Mall, she came over to me, thanked me, assured me she would be going to Zion, and asked if she could meet me again on a Thursday night.

Michelle’s Report:
Tonight was a wonderful night of sharing Jesus’ love at the Health Science Centre.  Lorraine , Diana M., Linda, Anne, and I ministered to several groups of people.  I really felt God gave us several divine encounters. We had the opportunity to pray for a woman named Cathy and her parents.  Her Dad was very ill in the hospital and her mother had some blindness.  They were very encouraged by our visit and prayers for them.
We also had the opportunity to pray along side two different families whose loved ones were in the MICU (intensive care ) one fellow was in a comma .  We prayed for an 80 yr old man named Harvey who by God’s grace survived his body being poisoned by sepsis and prayed for his wife Shirley who needed peace in her life.
A high lite was our group standing in one of the main hallways of the hospital and watching Lorraine randomly asking each passerby if our group could pray for them.  Job and a lady whose daughter was waiting  to deliver twins were recipients of our prayers, and we met a man outside the elevator on the main floor in a wheelchair who had recently broken his left foot/ankle and he shared with us that he had an old brain injury which affected him.  We prayed for him right there in the hallway and although we didn’t see an obvious change, he was very grateful for our prayers.”
Linda Adds:
At HSC, we came upon D who was an older man totally slumped over in a chair in the hall.  He said he thought he would be dead but found himself in the hospital and learned that a friend had brought him.  It had been quite an ordeal.  He seemed concerned for his friend but wanted prayer for his brain.   In talking to him, his despair began to lift off, as he gave voice to his situation, in the presence of God, with the group all around him.  With prayer, he seemed more peaceful, his countenance lifted, and he seemed hopeful about his situation and thankful for prayer.  The Lord, the lifter of his head, knew what was most needful.

Trevor’s Report:
Hi Everyone.  Kevin, Diana D., Charlene and I headed out to Main St. where we handed-out pizzas.  Two people with blurry eyes were healed through Kevin, and 3 people with blurry eyes were healed through Diana. When Kevin layed his hands on a girl to heal her eyes, her reaction was shocking.  It was like a light bulb turned on, she started saying, “Wow! Wow! Wow!”.  Another girl who had received healing for her eyes gave her glasses away. This was Diana’s first time to see a 100% healing of eyes after healing prayer. Also, it was Charlene’s first time to witness eyes being healed.
I prayed for one of the women who had just had her eyesight restored, as I had a word of knowledge about pain in her lower back, hips and legs.  She seemed in shock and said, “How did you know that.”  I told her God tells me things. So I asked for her hand and she felt heat while I prayed for her.  Then she checked by moving around and discovered all her pain was gone.
We had 4 pizzas left and brought them to Central Park and there Diana talked to a woman who was getting converted to some sort of religion that she didnt want, so Diana prayed with her and she experienced the peace and love of Jesus.
This was a great night!

Sheyenne’s Report:
This Thursday my mom and I decided to go to Portage Place. It was a fairly slow evening in the mall but we did get the chance to bless a few people.
Sam was the highlight of the night. Just after we walked into the mall, he came to us asking if we had any money for him to buy cigarettes.  We told him, “No”, but said that we could pray for him. He seemed to find it very interesting that we would offer to pray for him but gladly accepted. After a brief conversation with him, we found out that he didn’t have any parents, he was no longer in school and he didn’t have a place to stay, so he was staying with some friends. He was just sixteen years old. We prayed a blessing on him as well as for safety and for a job as he didn’t have much money. We then asked him if he knew Jesus, which he didn’t, but he wanted to. We led him in a quick and easy prayer and he became a believer!

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