#153 – Many healings, answered prayer and enjoyable moments! 

Joyce Meyer writes, “It’s almost worth having a problem in order to be able to experience God’s comfort”.


        Pictured above is 18 year old Sheyenne Falk who is a grade 12 student.   She lives in the country but attends Zion Church in Winnipeg.  After she graduates, she has been accepted to be part of a YWAM program in Australia.
“I began coming out to Kingdom H2O two and a half years ago. It was Summer at the time and a speaker came out to Ste. Anne from Australia. I wasn’t really interested in hearing him speak but decided to check it out. It turned out to be a really great weekend for me, I learned so much and received prayer and healing for things that I was going through at that time. Kevin Penner, one of the KH2O leaders,  also was also one of the speakers. He mentioned that he went out on the streets and prayed for people and I really wanted to see what street ministry was like. Throughout the time that I’ve been on the streets, I’ve seen so many incredible things, such as blind eyes being opened, people coming out of wheel chairs, and people accepting Jesus. Street ministry has also grown me in my relationship with God.  It’s helped me to realize that Christianity doesn’t always have to be the same old thing all the time, it’s meant to be fun and grow us in so many different areas of our life. I have such a heart for people, especially those who are brokenhearted.  I can’t wait to see what God does with me in the future, I know it will be big.” 
If you would like to help Sheyenne cover the costs of her upcoming YWAM discipleship just hit reply, and I will put her in touch with you.

NB – This Report for the next 2 weeks will be written by Robin Mayer, as I will be away on a short vacation – Al Bayne

Linda’s Report;
“Praise the Lord for His faithfulness, answered prayer prior to the groups heading out tonight.  Many were certainly blessed!”

I was out with Ed and met up with Kevin, Trevor, Annal, Dove, and Buck on Main Street.  Ed and I were giving out protein bars and offering prayer where possible.  I think one divine appointment right at the start was with C who apparently volunteers at Union Gospel and often shares her home with homeless people of which she had 2 at the present time.  She was happy to take extra bars for them.  Ed was also able to pray for a couple of people and I had the opportunity to assist Kevin in praying for one man who was nearsighted.    After prayer, the man kept looking and checking for something with which he could make a comparison as it seemed to him that his sight had improved.  Although he claimed to have faith, he was still amazed and wandered back a bit later saying “you know I think something really happened there.”   Ed and I continued on to Central Park taking a bit of time around the kids’ play area, chatting with parents and giving out more bars, with the blessing of their parents.   We headed to the Quest Inn, where Ed and I split up to hand out more bars and offer prayer. I prayed with sweet, quiet C who was in a wheelchair and wanted prayer for her right leg.  She said she felt a little better afterward and she was definitely happier for it.  Walking from the Quest Inn, we came upon a Muslim man who was quite impressed with those from Kingdom H2O and what we were doing, especially in feeding people, as he is part of a Muslim prayer house/outreach just west of Central Park.  He and his friend seemed quite interested in knowing more about those ministering.  Ed shared about Saturday night service at Zion and they are thinking of attending it.   We continued on to Portage Place where we both chatted with G, who at first asked us if we had any wisdom for him.  He felt he was really struggling in life.  The experience of prayer and a word of knowledge that was shared really seemed to touch his heart deeply, with tears softly rolling down his cheek.  He was very grateful.  We learned his father was a chief/elder and how the two of them often helped others who needed it, whether or not they knew they needed it or appreciated it.  The Lord really wanted to bless him, acknowledging his value to Him.   Leaving Portage Place, we can into C, who asked for prayer for her back from neck to mid back.  Kelly, Anna and I prayed and she said she felt relief but that her ears really hurt so we prayed about that as well.  The pain having lifted, she quickly said thanks and carried on, as she was juggling pieces of pizza (which I suspect were from Kevin, Anna, and Buck!)

Doves report:
“There were many healings tonight and most of the people we gave pizza to said thank you …God bless.  That was nice to hear them say it even before we did.”

Today I went to Main Street with Kevin’s gang to give out pizza. We kept giving out pizza and people kept getting prayed for pain by myself and Trevor, Anna, Ed. and two more workers but I don’t know all names yet. Also Ed and his partner we giving out granola bars.  While they were waiting for the pizza to come we would ask them if they had pain or needed prayer for anything …a the whole bunch came and went and got prayed for.  When they got their pizza and we had prayed for them I would ask them if they wanted dessert…nobody refused and I would hand them and a little bag of candy I had prepared. I asked some if they wanted a MILLION DOLLARS and hand them a tract on salvation that looked like a million dollar bill. Nobody refused.

Meanwhile, Kevin was mingling with people while performing a magic trick with a hankie and asking people if they needed healing in their eyes.


We left and went down to Ellice Avenue and even more, people were healed!!

After running out of pizza our group headed to Portage Place to minister there. There was a lady in front of me dragging her foot so I asked her if she was in pain and yes she was, it was her knee….I prayed over her knew 3 times. This lady left her group and began to walk around stunned …..she asked me,  how did you do that? …I told her it was not me it was Jesus.  There were many healings tonight and most of the people we gave pizza to said thank you …God bless.  That was nice to hear them say it even before we did.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
“It was an enjoyable and full evening.”

Kelly and I went out tonight to Quest Inn and later to Portage Place.  We prayed for about a dozen people approximately this evening so it was busy!  Most people appreciated the prayer ministry.  We also gave away some toiletry kids and a few mini-Bibles.  It was an enjoyable and full evening, but also relaxing and a treat to be with Kelly tonight!

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