#154 – Rejection, Abandonment replaced by renewed HOPE & road trip to reunite leads to grateful hearts and deliverance! 

If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way~ Martin Luther King JR


        Pictured above is Erdman and Adina Froese.  Erdman is a self-employed finishing carpenter, and Adina is a home maker.   They attend Zion Church, and have been with Kingdom H2O 2.5 years.
We like the Kingdom H2O Saturday night teaching, and we like helping people get to know Christ.  The Thursday night outreach has helped us to be in unity with a team that prays and feeds the needy.  Before we came on board, I was joking I would like to preach on Portage and Main, and then we were invited to this street outreach and we have really enjoyed it.”
If someone needs a person with a lot of carpenter skills hit ‘reply’ and I will put you in touch with Erdman.

This Week’s Highlights
Road Trip leads to deliverance
Renewed HOPE

NB – This Report  has been written by Robin Mayer, as AL will be away on a short vacation – Al Bayne

Twenty Light Bearers came out this week and went to Central Park, Quest Inn, and Portage Place.

Erdman and Adina, this week’s featured H20 couple went to Central Park initially.  On their way back, while at Portage Place Mall, they met a young woman name Carla from Ontario.  She had just arrived in Winnipeg by bus and was hoping to meet her ride to Eriksdale to meet her boyfriend.  Erdman and Adina spoke with her and offered a ride to Minnedosa to help her connect with her boyfriend there who would find a ride down to meet her.  On the way, they had a chance to share the Gospel and pray for Carla who was very grateful.  This was a big risk for all of them, but Carla and her boyfriend were deeply touched by their kindness.  Earlier that evening, Erdman & Adina met a young woman (H) who was on crutches and in pain.  They prayed for her pain and Erdman had a word of knowledge about death/suicide.  He prayed the spirit off of her and she immediately felt lighter and encouraged.  All the heaviness was gone and her pain was lessened. Hallelujah!! PRAISE GOD!!

Linda’s Report

Pastor Lorraine, Diana and I began our evening at the Quest Inn, where we prayed for C and his companion.  C asked for prayer for his hearing, as he had lost his hearing aid for his left ear and could not get another aid yet.   He depended on that ear as he had no hearing in his right ear since he was a child, following a hard sneezing fit, as a result of illness.   We prayed a few times and it seemed there was little change for C.   He could hear something but not distinguish what was being said.  Even so, C was encouraged and grateful and believed it was possible for changes yet to come.   He was in town regarding a heart issue so we prayed for that as well.  We learned his companion suffered from intermittent arthritic pain in her right arm, which made it hard for her to move it much at those times, and we prayed although she was not currently in pain.  She could not tell if there was a difference but her broad grin in response to prayer suggested she was touched by the Lord in a way that surprised her and moved her.   Also at the Quest, we prayed for L who wanted prayer for leg strength.   He had been suffering from the lingering effects of a stroke.  Pastor Lorraine had prayed for him on a previous night and already he said he could move his arms and even stand and walk a bit but not for long.  Although he did not wish to stand up after prayer this current time to see if there was any difference, he was grateful to receive prayer and he seemed all the more hopeful, with the progress he had already made.

From there, we continued to Central Park.  I asked a lady who had children playing if she wanted prayer for herself or her children.  The three of us continued onward to Portage Place, where we prayed with S, who wanted prayer for addiction and also for her cousin R.  The second woman, S really needed encouragement and felt a bit lost without her cousin, who wandered off during ministry and was later pulled out by security for shouting.  We continued in prayer and later we prayed further for S outside the mall.  It no longer seemed to matter that her friend was there and some clarity seemed to emerge, along with the release of some deeper pain.   Pastor Lorraine shared some of her own testimony wherein S could begin to see how Jesus could turn a painful situation around.   S even walked with us to Central Park, open to getting some water and protein bars and seeing what was going on there with prayer.  She continued sharing with us, feeling she had exhausted all avenues of help available to her.   She insisted on leaving contact info, prior to leaving, which seemed a sign of renewed hope.  I could not help but see how in a place of rejection and abandonment and battle, that the Lord was unmistakably there to restore hope and provide needed strength and healing to her, just as she was.

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