#155 – People Pursue Prayer from Team Members

“Knowledge is horizontal. Wisdom is vertical – it comes down from above.” Nicky Gumble

Pictured above is Diana Desrochers, who works in an elementary school and attends Kilcona Park Alliance Church.
I have been involved in inner city ministry for almost 15 years in different ways.  I believe that the Lord gave me a mandate to “share His heart” and I have tried to do so especially with the people in our inner city.  I became involved with H20 over 2 1/2 years ago and I am excited to see how God is moving. I enjoy seeing the people we meet encounter Jesus through us either by healing, encouragement, food, or hugs. The Lord is moving in our city and I am excited to be able to be a part of it.”

This Week’s Highlights
*People Ask Us to Pray For Them – see below
*Stranger Sits With Us and Ends Up Receiving Jesus – see Pastor Lorraine
*Anxious Person Receives Jesus and Experiences Change – see Pastor Thomas
*’Need Prayer’ Sign Gets Results – see S.H.O.P. In the City

Twenty-eight Gospel Gardeners came out tonight and went to Main Street, Portage Avenue, Central Park, and Portage Place.
Diana M., a newbie, and I started at Central Park.  As we approached the park she asked, “So what do we do, just talk to people or what?”  I told her that surprising as it seems, often people just ask us to pray for them.  We had protein bars to pass out, and after Diana gave a lady one, the lady looked at us and said, “Would you pray for me?”  She said she was addicted to alcohol and drugs and needed prayer as she was hoping to quit with God’s help.  Iris and Jackie joined us as we listened to her story and prayed for her.  During the prayer time I thought I noticed a small scar on her wrist, and I was prompted to ask her if she ever had the urge to cut herself.  She then rolled-up her sleeves to reveal multiple scars on both arms.  We then prayed and released her from a spirit of suicide.
Later Diana M. and I were in the food court at Portage Place, and a young guy named Johnathan walked up to us and asked, “Are you guy’s Christians?”  I replied, “Yes, did you want prayer?”  He nodded, and began to tell us that in the morning he would be going into detox for his alcoholism, and then he would be going to Teen Challenge.  He was clearly anxious about the whole thing.  I had a long chat with him about how Jesus had healed me of alcoholism, and then offered to impart the same healing to him.  He appeared overwhelmed by what I told him but he received the prayer and thanked us.
I hadn’t been at Portage Place the last 2 weeks, and one of the Security Guards walked up to me and said, “I haven’t seen you for awhile, where have you been?”  That resulted in a long friendly chat with him.  I was very encouraged that he noticed I hadn’t been there, and that he was so friendly, as I have been trying to develop a positive relationship with the security team.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
It was a busy night.  We gave out pizzas on Main Street and prayed for various people. Later, we went to Central Park where I met up with a friend who was on patrol as a police officer that evening (love the Winnpeg police!).  And we met Gaylene and gave out more pizza, bottled water, power bars, and even women’s scarves.  It was a busy evening with many people milling around and some being prayed for.
Near the end of the evening a man came and sat down at our picnic table with us.  Kelly spoke with him and then asked him if he wanted to receive Jesus into his life.  His answer was an immediate “Yes!”  So we both led him to the Lord in the park.
Perfect ending to a busy day!”

Pastor Thomas’ Report:   Tonight I went with Michelle and Hanna to visit a friend of Hanna’s named Victoria who was struggling with depression, fear and anxiety.  She welcomed us into her home near downtown where we spent all evening ministering to her, praying off oppression and bringing the truth of the Word of God.
By the end of the evening, Michelle led her in a prayer to receive Jesus into her life and you could see a change in her countenance.  We then cleansed her apartment from oppressive spirits and talked to her about getting water baptized which she said she wanted to do.

S.H.O.P. In the City – Gaylene’s Report
This is the third year that Sanctuary House of Prayer has staged SHOP in the City in Central Park on Tuesday to Friday nights during Ramadan. Essentially we bring a sandwich board sign to the park that reads Need Prayer? and we hand out water.
We modified an idea from Greater Ontario House of Prayer’s Prayer Truck initiative in downtown Hamilton every July. There’s a mosque right on Central Park and God directed me to stage our prayer residency during Ramadan.
SHOP in the City happens with the backing of intercessory prayer in our prayer room leading up to Ramadan and because of an awesome core team (Andy, Lani, Ron & Donna, Gelane and Roman) and amazing partnerships with Kingdom H20 and International Worship Centre.
Every night there’s testimonies of God’s goodness. Jesus touches hearts, He heals bodies and saves souls. Even when inclement weather forced us to simply prayer walk around the park, a Somali man struggling with addiction and relational difficulties, gave his life to the Lord.
Tonight is our last night in Central Park during Ramadan so we’d ask you to pray because it’s Laylat al-Qadr (the Night of Power). It’s considered to be the spiritual peak of Ramadan marking the night when Allah is believed to have sent the Quran down from the seventh heaven.
It is on THIS NIGHT that Muslims believe…
prayers are more powerful
sins are forgiven
the blessings and mercy of God are more abundant
And it is on THIS NIGHT that Jesus often reveals Himself in dreams and visions. With great spiritual fervor comes unique spiritual opportunity. May Muslims encounter the true Word of God on THIS pivotal night: Jesus Christ.

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