#159 – Many Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Needs Met

Corrie ten Boom put it: “Worry does not empty tomorrow of sorrow; but it empties today of strength.”

This Week’s Highlights
*Hot Hands Question – see below
*Struggle For Forgiveness – see Ron and Gaylene with pix
*Three Blind People Healed – see Kevin with pix
*Word of Knowledge Results in Healing – see Les
*Bad Spirits Prayed Off – see Diana
*Four Words of Knowledge Confirmed – see Pastor Thomas
SO FUNNY – Dog Chooses People For Prayer – see Linda

Twenty Kingdom Messengers came out to minister this week, and went to Main Street, Ellice Ave, Health Sciences, St. Boniface Hospital, Central Park, and Portage Place.
Erica, who is a new Christian, and I ministered in Portage Place Food Court.  One of the regulars, Sharon, had brought out her cousin Sheila to meet me.  Sheila had some prayer requests, and questions about the Holy Spirit.  She told us that when she used to pray and worship Jesus, her hands would get very hot, and she didn’t know what that meant.  We talked to her about the manifest power of the Holy Spirit, and that it could mean she has the gift of healing, or that God was just giving her a physical sign of His presence.  She wanted to be re-filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit, and she wanted the negative voices in her head to go away.  She placed our hands on her head, and bowed as we prayed.  So much fun to minister to someone so open and eager to pursue the things of God.  She said she would find people who needed healing prayer and report back to us.

Diana’s Report:
A group of us started out on Main Street handing out pizza and donated women’s scarves.  We prayed for Patrick who had anemia, diabetes and poor sleep because of bad dreams of death. He is a believer and we were able to pray those spirits off of him and also encourage him.  He then went over to another group and joined in praying for others.  Les had a word of knowledge about pain in a left foot and he met a man, David, who wanted prayer for that.  He didn’t notice a change right away but more of us prayed for him and he said almost all the pain was gone.  As we were praying for people outside a seniors block at Central Park, one of the orderlies came up and asked what we were doing. We told him and he was so glad to meet us. His name is Joshua and he is an evangelist from Ethiopia who just planted a church here in Wpg in January.  He had attended Azusa Winnipeg with us, and he is praying for revival.  He gave Lorraine his card so they can keep in touch.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
This evening I was teamed up with Michelle, my daughter Bri and Adam who both came out with us for the first time.  In the prayer room Adam had prayed for words of knowledge and had a picture of hospital bracelet, an upside down watch, the letter “F” was on the watch and he also had the word stomach pain.  I then shared with the team that I felt we needed to go to the St. Boniface Hospital to pray for a man who is connected to our church who had a bowel obstruction and a polyps on his colon.  We prayed healing and peace over him which he felt come upon him and he had tears in his eyes and was greatly ministered to. After we left, Adam was shocked  that the person we prayed for had all four words of knowledge confirmed.  He was wearing a hospital bracelet, an upside down watch, he had stomach pain, and the word “Faithful” was a prophetic word that Michelle prophesied over him.   Another highlight was getting a word of knowledge for neck pain for a security guard in the hospital.  He asked how I knew and I shared how often God will show me things about people to pray for them and they often et healed.  After prayer he was completely healed and looked completely shocked.  We then went to The Forks and kept  meeting a lot of Christians we knew who needed prayer for different things which was a great encouragement to them.

Linda’s Report:
Who let the dog out …well my pug does not consider himself a dog really.  But the Lord can use a dog as much as a donkey and tonight He surely did when plans changed tonight at the last minute and the dog sitter was not available.  I prayed and felt led to still go to Health Sciences, even though opportunities might be limited to being outside because pets are not allowed. The pug really touched hearts and brought smiles as we walked along William Avenue and the Lord used him to open doors for healing prayer.  The dog would just go and then plant himself next to someone as a confirmation of those the Lord wanted to touch!   I am praying and believing for the Lord’s completion of what He began tonight for healing in each situation!

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