#161 – Security Acknowledges Presence of Holy Spirit

God blesses us in spite of our imperfections. He wants us to know and experience his unlimited kindness.  Nicky Gumble

This Week’s Highlights
*Security Encourages Prayer For Intoxicated Man – see pix below
*Another Street Ministry Team Partners With Us – see pix below
*All Pain Leaves Man In Wheelchair – see Ron & Donna
*Dog Leads to Divine Appointment – see Linda
*Alcoholic Rededicates Life – see Trevor

Twenty-five Gospel Guardians came out to minister last night, and went to Main Street, Health Sciences, Quest Inn, Central Park, and Portage Place.  Another street ministry group of 6 partnered with members of our teams in praying for people.  Building the Kingdom in unity is such a blessing.
My highlight was being part of a combined team that prayed sobriety over a man and led him to the Lord with security guards blessing – see details and picture in Diana B’s report below.

Ron & Donna’s Report:
John, Donna and I were handing out water, energy bars and summer scarves. We prayed with Nina for her mother who is struggling with addictions. After prayer Nina hung around for awhile asking questions about us. One could tell that Holy Spirit touched her but as we began talking more about Jesus she suddenly left.
We then met several people from another group who also do street ministry. Apparently they have used Central Park as their base on Thursdays as well.   We spent time partnering with them in praying for others.  Had an encouraging conversation with Caleb who was interested in the prophetic ministry. Next Ron prayed with Kalib, a Muslim just recently married. He appreciated the prayer in Jesus’ name and thanked me again for the water. Donna partnered with Andy and Chantal for a bit and prayed for a number of people.  Then Donna and Chantal prayed with a grandmother whose grand-daughter had gone missing.
Ron, Margit, Billy, and Kira prayed for Gerald who is suffering from a variety of ailments including prostate cancer and a hole in his chest. After 4 prayers Gerald remarked that his pain had all gone. He did not come out of his wheelchair but he was ecstatic! As Billy and Kira were leaving they spoke of praying with 2 other people on Ellice Ave who both had chest issues and both had been healed.
It was an honour to partner with God in His marvellous work this evening.

Linda’s Report:
The Continued Kingdom Adventures of Linda and the Pug
I am still dog sitting so it was Joey the pug and me again this week.  We took a walk down William Avenue near the HSC, bringing a ripple of smiles and bemused looks.  I had the opportunity to pray a second time for someone I recognized and had met on a previous night and 2 others.  One lady, G, told me she was just out for a walk.  She said pugs were her most favorite of dogs and so enjoyed the opportunity to spend a bit of time with Joey.  In conversation with her, she wanted prayer for her eyes, so I prayed and although she did not report any great change, the conversation continued and I learned of her constant battle with fear.  She said she was a believer so I encouraged her in ways of handling the fear and calling upon the Lord as she needed.
As I continued on, Joey did his thing by planting himself next to an elderly man, who had just left HSC following treatment, which was my clue to approach him for prayer.  He wanted prayer for more peace in his life.  In the course of prayer, he agreed to receive the Prince of Peace in his heart.  Hallelujah!
Joey’s night ended at Central Park where he was a big hit with the children, bringing them much joy.

Trevor’s Report:
I was in Kevin’s group on Main Street.  Ken was asking me to join him to talk to a guy who wanted to rededicate his life to Jesus.  He had a bandage on his right arm and leg, we prayed for him and all the pain he was experiencing left him.  He told us that he has been baptized 3 times in his lifetime. He also told Ken and I about his alcohol addiction. After we prayed about his addiction, Ken asked him, “What are you going to do if you get tempted to drink again?”  He said he didn’t know and then Ken said to him, “If your friends want you to drink, then you can say ‘NO’ to drinking.”  We then prayed for him that Jesus would strengthen him to say ‘NO’ to drinking, I had a word for him and it was a leadership calling on his life. I know that was not for right now, but for when he has been free of his addiction for awhile.

      Pictured above, celebrating a salvation, are Billy, Diana B, Pastor Lorraine, John (security guy), Clair, Caitlin, and Sheyenne.
Several of us were in the Portage Place Food Court when we heard a loud bang.  A man had fallen off his chair onto the floor, face down. He was very intoxicated.  Billy and other team members helped Him get back on his chair, while praying sobriety over him, then as he began sobering up Pastor Lorraine began talking with him.  At first he was angry and swore at her and didn’t want prayer, but the more Lorraine talked & prayed The more he softened and he ended up accepting Jesus!  During the encounter two Security guards arrived, and as they approached, the one pictured above, could be heard saying, “I can see the Holy Ghost is all over this situation.”  He then encouraged the team to continue in prayer.  After considerable prayer Lloyd, the intoxicated man, was able to stand and walk and security escorted him out of the mall.  From falling down drunk, and incoherent, to conversing, inviting Jesus into his life, and walking out on his own all in about 10 minutes.  WOW!!!  The God of miracles in action!
This situation was also a major shift in the atmosphere as in 3 years we have never had that kind of support from the mall security before – thank you Lord!Diana B’s Report:

    Clair  and I went to Portage Place where we met T. She was hungry and alone. Clair offered her supper and she accepted.  We got to pray and talk with her for a few minutes and then Clair led her to the Lord!  Her body and soul were both fed tonight!
We then went to Quest Inn to meet Lorraine.   Leaving the Quest we met S in a wheelchair.  He said very few words but said we could pray for him so we did and he thanked us.
Back to Portage Place Food Court.  We met G., she had sore feet.  She sat down and we prayed for her.  She said her feet felt warm after and they used to be cold – she was so happy and thanked us.
      Pictured above are Caleb, Moira?, Kira, Billy, Danny, and Jason who do street ministry as a team.  Last night they partnered with members of our teams ministering to people in Central Park, and Portage Place.  Building Kingdom together was an encouraging expression of unity.
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