#163 – Kingdom H2O Goes to Vegas

Money is to be used, but not loved. Don’t love money and use people. Love people and use money.”  Nicky GumbleThis Week’s Highlights
*Team Approached for Prayer in Park – see Ron & Donna
*Holy Accident at Hospital – see Linda
*KH2O “Sight” Seeing Tour in Vegas – see photo & video below
*KH2O Invited to First Nations Healing Meeting – see photo and details below
       Twenty-one Kingdom Soldiers came out to minister this week, and went to Health Sciences, Misericordia Hospital, Quest Inn, Central Park, Portage Avenue, and Central Park.Ron & Donna’s Report:
On our way into Central Park we met Loreena who requested prayer for full recovery from her stroke. She appreciated the prayer. Jonathon wanted prayer to be free from addiction and we prayed as he requested. He told us of already attending AFM and when we asked him about work he replied that he was starting as a landscaper on August 1st. We prayed again for success and steady employment.
When we arrived at the table where Erdman and Adina were giving out water Terrence came and shared his story of a kidney transplant and his quest for a better job. Donna and Adina prayed for him for success in his search for that better job and for encouragement in his life. Ron prayed for Chankau who was having trouble hearing – he was unsure which ear was causing the worst problem and after 3 prayers he said that his ears seemed to be working a bit better. And just before leaving the park, Doug, a church pianist, asked for prayer also for better hearing and God’s direction to find a different church. We could see God touch his body  but he said nothing about hearing better even though he thanked us for praying.Linda’s Report:
I went out this evening with Andy and Myra, in response to prayer requests sent to Zion Church, which brought us to Misericordia Hospital and then Health Sciences Centre.   We had the opportunity to pray with Jerry who had been quite ill for some time and sorely needed a touch and reassurance from the Lord in the midst of his overwhelming challenges.  He was barely conscious when we came but this visit aroused him and seemed to give him more peace.
There were two highlights.  One was a man who received prayer for a mysterious poisonous bite on his face.   Although he seemed to welcome and receive prayer willingly and be grateful for it, and had grown up in the Christian faith, he was still quite angry when asked about his faith and claimed his faith was in music, before storming away for his IV treatment.   The other highlight was a man, for whom we were to pray, but had been discharged unbeknownst to us, which left us praying mistakenly for another man.  Initially, we assumed it was the right man, but nothing lined up, but we prayed with this man anyway, with his blessing, and he said as we parted that we made his day!   Andy called it a holy accident.
      Pictured above, is Kevin Penner on the streets of Vegas offering healing prayer to people he encounters.  He, wife Jackie, and Pastor Chris Kehler, and wife Charis, went to Vegas to minister to people on the streets.  Click on video below to see a young lady’s eye site, and her foot healed.
      Pictured above is Pastor Lorraine (in middle) with Hilda and Pastor Mathew Garrick at the Quest Inn.Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
Last night Diana D., Michelle and I had a very full & long evening!  Earlier in the afternoon I had a message from Pastor Matthew Garrick, a leader/elder from Cross Lake, Manitoba and a friend of Pastor Thomas Campbell and Randy Wengel.  [He is a highly honoured and respected man and it was Pastor Matthew that actually opened the door for Kingdom H2O to pray weekly with his people at the Quest Inn.]  This was definitely a God appointment!
Some aboriginal families from God’s River had lost loved ones and they needed support from the community.  He and his wife (as well as another aboriginal elder/leader) were going to host a service at the Quest Inn that evening at 8:30 p.m. and invited us to attend the service in the hotel dining room.  He asked if I would say a few words, release the word of the Lord, and have our team pray for people as part of the service that evening. So we came to the Quest Inn by invitation this time!
At the Quest Inn we joined our aboriginal brothers & sisters, prayed for the service, worshipped, released prophetic words and pictures, and shared greetings from Zion Church and Kingdom H2O.   Throughout the evening we prayed for various people with afflictions.
We left the service at 11 p.m.  A long, but very encouraging and unusual evening for us tonight.  Thank you Jesus for arranging this divine connection to stir revival in Winnipeg.
Chuck Maher (Azusa Winnipeg), and his team from Bethel Church in San Antonio Texas will be joining us at Zion Church for Kingdom H2O on Saturday, July 27th
This is a joint service with Provencher Community Church.
All are invited to a Potluck BBQ (H2O will supply the meat) at 5:30 p.m. followed by our regular service in the Main Sanctuary at 7 p.m. that evening.
Free will offering will be taken.
Please call the Zion Church office at 204-589-6341 to let us know what items you will be bringing for the BBQ that evening!
We will need a variety of salads, veggies & dip, chips, and desserts.
We prepare toiletry kits for people on the streets and would welcome donations of tooth paste (not family size) and tooth brush protectors.NEW BELIEVER’S CLASSES
Wednesday nights, Zion Church 7 – 9 p.m. with Gerald Rempel
Are you a new believer in Jesus?
Have you wanted to grow deeper in your walk with the Lord?
Learn more about what the Bible teaches?

This is your chance to join us every Wednesday.
Call the church office for more information @ 204-589-6341.

Coming to ‘My Church’ in Winnipeg, September 24th
A seminar with Shawn Bolz on how to hear God’s voice and incorporate the prophetic in your sphere of influence.
Book early – this will sell out
for more info and to register go to: bolzministries.simpletix.com

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