#164 – Vegas “Sight” Seeing Report Continued

“We all mess up from time to time. God forgives. He restores. And He blesses us again.”  Nicky Gumble


Pictured above is Warren Piggot, who has been with Kingdom H2O for just over 3 years since it began.  He is an Online Entrepeneur and is a member of Riverwood Community Church.
KH20 teaches we have always been free to pray & to heal people thru God, wherever we are, and there are unlimited opportunities everywhere to do so – all the time. The field is ripe & the workers are few and the field is getting riper.”

This Week’s Highlights
*First-timer Has Fun Praying For Residents of Care Home – see Pastor Lorraine
*Free Water Produces Prayer Opportunities – see Ron & Donna
*Prayer Finds People Who Need It – see Linda
*Light Shines Brightest in Dark Places – see more Vegas stories

Twenty-two Kingdom Developers came out this Thursday and ministered at Main Street, Health Sciences, Central Park, Nursing Home, Quest Inn, and Portage Place.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
Andy, Hanna F. (a first-timer) and I started at Central Park and prayed for some people at the table with the other team members where cool water was being handed out.  We took some waters to various people in the park to bless them and prayed for various people.  Met a young pregnant woman who spoke very little English from Eritrea.  She was a Christian.  Prayed for a few other ‘regulars’ sitting on park benches and then met a man that I stopped named Peter.  He was a non-believer, was very intrigued by our conversation with him and the prayer we prayed for his injured right arm, but he did not want to receive Christ.
We eventually ended up at the Care Home across from the park, where we prayed for almost everyone that was sitting outside!  They so loved hanging out with us and needed much encouragement.  A few people were in wheelchairs because of stroke.  We saw a bit of change in a few of them with some strength returning, but no significant changes.  The people there seemed very moved by our loving on them, offer to pray, and invitation to receive Jesus into their hearts.  We will go back again next week.
Hanna kept saying how she was so blessed and encouraged to see the way we ministered Jesus to people and she said she actually had fun!  Sensed a lot of joy in and with people this evening.

Ron & Donna’s Report:
Upon arrival at Central Park, we met a young woman who requested prayer for her mom named MaryLou who was struggling with kidney problems. After prayer the young woman quickly hurried away thanking us for praying as she left. We circled the park and even though we asked several for how we could pray some refused and others asked when the water was coming. Seeing Erdman and Adina at one of the tables we joined them and began helping to hand-out the water.  Brian came along asking for prayer for himself to be strong as he worked at getting his 4 children back from CFS. Ron prayed for him and then spent most of the evening listening and encouraging him in his quest to get off alcohol and repair his family. While this was going on Adina and I went and prayed for a young mother and her baby.

Linda’s Report:
Warren, George, and I went to HSC tonight, and decided to pay a visit to W and his wife L who have been going regularly for dialysis.  I had a vision of a man in a bed all alone.  It turned out that it was W and we had come on a night where his situation, which had been improving some, seemed to have taken a turn, leaving him quarantined, in a bed all alone.  It was clear the Lord really wanted to show himself strong to this man.  Much of our time was spent with him, praying as the Holy Spirit led and as W gave voice to his immediate concerns.   The most immediate result was that some of the pain he had in one eye and his headache were gone.  We then visited with his wife, L, who was also having an unusually rough time.  We prayed for her, witnessing relief from excruciating pain in her hands.  Initially, she could not seem to see beyond the pain.  We saw how she was overtaken by the Lord’s peace.  She was no longer trembling and moaning and I could swear there was some color returning to her hands.  I asked if she felt any change but seemed she just wanted to bask in that perfect peace she was experiencing.
Another highlight of the evening involved timing.  George felt we needed to head for coffee and while in the cafeteria, a woman approached us through whom we met M, who earnestly welcomed prayer.  She was suffering from something for which the doctors could not yet find the remedy.  With prayer she was so encouraged and very grateful, tears streaming down her sweet face, in a needed release from her heavy burdens of late and with her hope being restored.  She kept remarking that it was as if a heavy burden was just lifted off her.  On top of this, it is interesting that we kept running into M and R, who were visiting a girlfriend and close friend, and really needed prayer tonight and prayer found them.  Warren remarked that it seemed sometimes that we did not need to look too hard to find people who needed prayer. They found us.  Praise Jesus!

      Pictured above, are Kingdom H2O Team Members Pastor Chris, and Charis Kehler, with Jackie and Kevin Penner on the Vegas stripe last week, and below are some of the healing highlights of their ministry:
Vegas Highlights:         *Kevin prayed for a lady’s eyes and they were 100% healed.  We prayed for her husband’s arthritis in his wrist and knees and the pain disappeared.
*Kevin prayed for a lady waiting in line with us for a roller coaster ride.  She was shocked when her vision in her one “bad” eye totally got better than her other “good” eye.  We prayed for both of the eyes to be “good” and Jesus healed her totally.  Really fun for her son to see God move like that.
*We went to a famous Magic Store with magic tricks.  There was one man working there named Randy.  We were asking him questions and he kept saying  “what?!” “What did you say?” “Could you repeat that” – obviously hard of hearing.  Kevin chatted with him and turns out he had one deaf ear.  Kevin showed him an “illusion” he’s been working on and the man’s ear got totally healed.  He’s never seen a trick like that before!  Kevin shared a bit of how that happened for him.
*We went to a Jack in the box.  There Kevin prayed for a boy who could not read the menu at all.  After prayer, he started reading the whole menu to us.  I met a man named Joey, and prayed healing for his arm and head.  His pain and numbness disappeared.  Kev prayed for his wrist and it was healed as well.  The boy who couldn’t read the menu showed up and testified to Joey about his eye.  Pretty cool.
*Prayed for a man named Chris, homeless under a bridge.  His partially paralyzed hand received 75% restoration as we were there.
*Two sales people at the Luxor selling sunglasses.  We felt prompted to talk to them.  Kevin said…”one of you has a blind eye that doesn’t work….who is that?”  The girl admitted that was her.  She got totally healed and became overwhelmed of God’s love for her.  Christians were at their booth the day before talking about God to her.
*Mom and daughter receive eyesight as they wait for a zip line.
*Anne, homeless in Vegas had an observable blind eye (you could see the part that was dead and not working on her iris).  She could only see shapes and shadows.  She testified after prayer that she could see like it was normal.
*A man panhandling got his vision totally healed.
VIDEO – Eye healed in Vegas July 20, 2019. Click here

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