#165 – Kingdom H2O Goes To Jail

        Pictured above are toiletry kits prepared by Barb Bayne from items donated by the Village Connection (Thrift Store) in St. Pierre, and a variety of other donors.  Kingdom H2O Team Members provide the kits to needy people on the streets.  So far 155 ladies and 82 men’s have been handed-out.  Additionally we have handed out scarves, socks, gloves, mitts, flip flops, coats and boots.
We would welcome donations of tooth paste (not family size) and tooth brush protectors.
Pictured above on left is Pastor Lorraine with Cynthia a Knox United Church member who ministers to people in Central Park by bringing them food, water, and prayer.  On the right is Pastor Lorraine with Dave, also a Knox United Church member who runs AA programs at the church.  SEE MORE DETAILS IN REPORT BELOW.
“If the Christian faith is not relevant in the workplace, it is not relevant at all.”   Ken Costa


Pictured above is Les Weisz, who has been with Kingdom H2O for just over 2 years.  He is an Online Entrepeneur and is a member of Crossfire Worship Center Church.
He runs his own Entertainment Company called: Weisz Entertainment and he designs T-Shirts like the purple one in the picture with God is Love written on it www.hopelovetees.com.
“KH2O is a great Ministry that will change your life dramatically. Trust Me it Changed Mine!  God has used Me in many different ways on the streets and it’s been Life Changing.  We meet every Thursday night to go out on the streets of Winnipeg.  Come Expecting and with a sense of Urgency to see God Move in the lives of people.”

This Week’s Highlights
*Prisoners Encounter Powerful Presence of Holy Spirit – see below
*Three God Appointments On The Streets – see Pastor Lorraine
*Several Others Join Us Ministering In The Park – see Ron & Donna
*Floodgate of Healing Tears – see Linda

Twenty-one Kingdom Servants came out to minister this week, and went to Main Street, Health Sciences, Central Park Nursing Homes, Central Park, and Portage Place.

Prison Report by Al Bayne:
Scott Miller one of the Chaplains at Stoney Mountain Penitentiary is a long time friend of mine and he has been following the ministry of KH2O through these weekly reports.  He asked if I would like to come and minister at one of his Sunday night chapels, to which I agreed.  When team member Ken Nedohin heard I was going, he volunteered to come with me to the August 4th chapel.  I preached “God’s Got Your Back” based on Romans 8:31-39, and after the ministry time was winding down Ken played his guitar and sang several gospel songs.
It was an exciting evening.  Forty-four prisoners attended, and after the message, over half of them come forward requesting prayer, and several that didn’t come forward were ministered to by other volunteers right where they sat.  There were new salvations, faith renewals, and a wide variety of prayer requests which included requests to be free of guilt and shame, and requests to be free of addictions.   One prisoner told me that he could sense the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit in the room.  The Chaplains told me that in their experience that was the most people that have ever came forward for prayer, and they were surprised at the openness of some of the prisoners.  The Holy Spirit was truly there in power and the name of Jesus was glorified.  I am rejoicing at having had the opportunity, and am looking forward to going back.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
It was a busy evening as I went out with Michele, Diana and Sophie.  We started out at Central Park and walked across the street to walk past the old Knox United Church.  On the way we met David, an older gentleman who has been a member of the church for many years now.  He didn’t need prayer, but in the course of the conversation we shared what we do as H2O and he invited us into the church building to see the inside and we spent some time in one of the parlours/rooms where AA meetings are held Mon-Fri weekly.  He then shared with us some of the history of the church and I shared about Zion’s history and the connection to Knox Church (formerly Knox Presbyterian) as the previous building was where a great revival took place in the city of Wpg in 1916.  Our church, Zion was birthed out of that revival.  All of us knew this was a God appointment for us that evening!
Later we ministered at the elderly folks home just across the street from Central Park where we encouraged and prayed for some of the residents and chatted with one of the Nurses Aides there  named Joshua.  He is a pastor of Bible believing charismatic fast growing Ethiopian church in Wpg.  He loves it when we come to pray for the residents and the residents love it when we come.  That was our second God appointment for the evening!
Our third God appointment for the evening was when we met up with Cynthia, another member of Knox Church!  She was in the park handing out water bottles and praying for people.  It was a delight to see Cynthia again as we had met her and her friend Afaf just on the street near the park about 3 weeks previously!  We had a chance to chat more, encourage Cynthia and found out that Cynthia also goes to Siloam Mission one Thursday evening of every month to minister to the street people there.  At the end of the evening our group knew that this was an evening of divine connections—three of them in one night!  I know that the Lord Jesus is moving in our beautiful city, doing a work that none of us really can understand and this was a very small part of it.  Such a privilege to serve Him in this way!

Ron & Donna’s Report:
At Central Park we were joined by Adina, Erdman, Gaylene, Lani, Margiet, and later by Andy, Trevor, Charlene, and Les.  We had an exciting evening giving out water, energy bars, summer scarves and toiletry kits. Early on met Jayme from The Meeting Place and Taylor from a church in Steinbach. Both were going through the park sharing the gospel and were somewhat surprised to learn of KH2O. These 2 did not belong to any particular group but were just being obedient to God’s calling. (There was also a team from I Am Second ministering in and around the park). Later in the evening guys from Teen Challenge stopped by and received water and several blessings/encouraging words. When Gaylene arrived she and Ron prayed for Johnny and his sister Lorie who were dealing with unspoken street difficulties. Donna and Adina prayed for Vivian who had a swollen ankle and several other women in the park whose names were not given. Ron shared the love of Jesus with Asma, a Muslim woman who was pregnant with her first child. She did not accept prayer but listened intently while checking occasionally with her husband and his friend at a nearby table. Ron approached the two men after speaking with Asma and whiile they accepted energy bars they also refused prayer.

Linda’s Report:
This week at Health Sciences I was on my own.  I felt led to follow up with Mary from last week and I ended up spending all my time with her and her husband.   She was looking a little better but was in need of encouragement and additional prayer for healing.  Seems like the Lord really wanted to overwhelm her with His love and presence, opening a floodgate of healing tears.  She was also experiencing some trouble with her husband and not wanting to see him, but on this night, I saw him bring her food and he was kind to her and was so surprised to learn, that we had just been praying for him and he seemed touched that I offered him my coffee.  Some things begin to get broken off when folks receive good things they had not expected.  I prayed a second time for Mary over some things and he gave support to her by putting his hand in hers.  God’s timing is amazing!

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