#166 – Deliverance and Salvation in Central Park

“Mountaintops inspire us, valleys mature us”.  Nicky Gumble


Pictured above is Lani Michelle Pelov, who has been with Kingdom H2O for 3 years.  She attends Zion Apostolic Church, and is an Electrician/Business Owner.
Kingdom H2O has been the platform for me to learn to move with the burning I had to reach out to the lost. Along my journey, I began to look at the life of Jesus and thought, why am I not looking more like Him?   I needed to do what He used to do, He was always up to His elbows in the people.  KH2O has also been the process through which I have come to learn to operate in Holy Ghosts wonderful gifts.”

This Week’s Highlights
*Mother and Adult Son Interested in Learning About Jesus – see Diana
*First Timers Witness Miracles – see Les
*Deliverance and Salvation in Central Park – see Pastor Lorraine

        This week 21 Kingdom Gardeners came out to minister and went to Main Street, Health Sciences, Central Park, Quest Inn, and Portage Place.

Diana’s Report:
Ed, Audrey, Michelle and I went to Main Street to give out pizza, granola bars and friendship.  We had several opportunities to pray and encourage people. We met a lady named Dawn and her 22 year old son who were very open to hearing about Jesus and they both had many questions about how to know if God is real etc. We could have talked with them all night.  We gave them each a bible and invited them to come to KH20’s Saturday night service.  Then we headed over to the Quest Inn and met and prayed for a lady in a wheelchair named Norma.  Her boyfriend had pushed her into traffic when she was 8 months pregnant. Not only did she lose her baby, she had some brain injury and mobility issues.  She was very open about her depression and pain. She recently gave her life to the Lord at a tent meeting and we encouraged her to invite Jesus into the pain.  Were able to give her a bible and hugs.

Les’ Report:
Kevin, Olivia, Ntazana, and I went to Main Street, Ellice Ave, and Central Park.   It was the first time out for Olivia and Ntazana, and  they had fun learning to pray for people on the streets.  We gave out water, pizza, and granola bars.  One man who was partially blind in one eye received a healing of his eye.  A man who witnessed the miracle then asked for prayer for his back.  It was a great night with many prayer opportunities.  (NB – This report came in too late to put in last week’s Mail-out).

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
Last night our team started at Central Park.  We prayed for a few people along the way and reconnected with Dave, a member of Knox Church, even had a chance to pray with him and hear a bit of his story.  Later, we ministered to a number of elderly people and then decided to head to the Quest Inn.
While at the Quest we met Pastor Matthew Garrick from Cross Lake.  He introduced our team to a number of people in the hotel and asked us to pray for them.  He would bring people our way to pray for and we would pray for them!  It was very busy.
We prayed for a man in much pain in his legs an hips.  His pain left after prayer.  We also prayed for a man named Sandy.  As we prayed he said he could feel a warmth moving through his body as the Holy Spirit touched him.  We also prayed for a beautiful elderly woman from one of the reserves who began to quietly weep as we spoke over her.  There were many in great need at the Quest Inn and my heart felt sad at their many afflictions.
After praying for several people we decided to head back to Central Park.  While there we met up again with one of our teams who happened to be standing with a young aboriginal woman who was writhing and jerking around while standing on the sidewalk.  As I came up to her I discerned that she was being controlled and tormented by an unclean spirit that was manifesting in the presence of the team members.  I looked at her, spoke to her and asked if she wanted that torment to stop.  She was desperate so I commanded the unclean spirit to leave her right then and there on the sidewalk.  Immediately, Vanessa fell to the ground completely still but moaning.  So I asked her if she knew Jesus Christ.  She didn’t seem to understand, so I asked her to get up and we helped her to her feet.  Immediately, She then began to cry and hugged us, grabbing on to each of us and thanking us and telling us that no one had ever helped her before and that our group was very different from others she has met.  I just held her for awhile and hugged her as she cried.  Then I invited her to receive Jesus Christ into her life, explaining to her what He had done for her and how He died on the Cross for her sins.  Vanessa responded that she wanted Jesus in her life and then proceeded to hug all of us again as the team began to minister to her in prayer.

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