#167 –  KH2O Gets Set To Disciple People Encountered

Joyce Meyer writes, “Wisdom is our friend; it helps us not to live in regret”.


Pictured above is Ryan Cox, who has been with Kingdom H2O for 2 1/2 years.  He attends St. Pierre Bible Fellowship Church, and is a student at Providence College.
What I love about Kingdom H2O is the emphasis on no training required.  My first time out, I was with Kevin Penner and had no idea what I was in for!! Kevin told me what to say when I prayed for someone who was blind, and when I said amen, the guy I was praying for had full vision.”

This Week’s Highlights
*Unusual God Arranged Appointment – see Pastor Thomas with pix
*267 People Pray To Accept Jesus – see Andy with pix
*Healings and Many Seeds Sown – see Ron & Donna
*Re-visits Demonstrate Faithfulness of God – see Linda

Forty-eight Kingdom Fighters  came out this week – many of them first-timers.  Ministry took place at Main St., Health Sciences, Central Park, Quest Inn, and Portage Place.

One of KH2O’s recognized needs is to provide some kind of follow-up for the many people we evangelize.  So, starting in October KH2O is planning on offering a 10-12 week free ALPHA* course somewhere near Central Park (more details follow).  We are hoping to deepen the faith and get those we encounter to better understand the role of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  Gaylene is going to head it up.    
    We will be looking for help in the following ways:
>Team members to encourage their contacts to come out.
>Sponsors to provide snacks or cover costs of snacks and drinks for each session ($50 – $100).
>Table leaders and table helpers to sit with and guide discussions with participants.
>Set-up and take-down help.
>Prayer partners to ensure success of this venture
You can reply to this e-Mail with offers to help or questions

     Alpha is a video series of 30 minute sessions that explore the Christian faith.  The course evangelizes and disciples.  Each session looks at a different question of faith and is designed to create conversation.  It answers the questions, “What You Ever Wanted To Know About Christianity” (but didn’t know to ask.

Ron & Donna’s Report:
We were joined by Donna and Dianna from Arizona – Prayed for Dee who was struggling with knee, hip and disc problems. After prayer she said she was feeling better!
Ron, Andy and Rob, a fellow from Gateway and avid follower of Mike Zachman: Prayed for Erin who needed a place to stay and a job. Erin professed faith in Jesus and thanked us for the prayer. His friend Thunder has a torn muscle in his back and when we ministered healing the pain went from 9.5 to 4. Andy had a few words for him as well and as he left he said he felt much better. Later we came across 3 Muslim young men who refused prayer but our encounter was a Divine  appointment as they were open to hear about Jesus and then we also had several words of knowledge for their careers which were very encouraging. During all of this they listened intently. Altogether the evening was very encouraging with a good number of encounters and many seeds planted!

Linda’s Report:
My night was spent at HSC Winnipeg.   I thought I had seen someone with whom I had prayed on a previous night, as I initially drove by.  I took it as a cue to follow up folks from previous visits.   I suppose the highlight of the evening was in seeing the faithfulness of God in response to prayer.    W was no longer quarantined and his wife, who also goes for dialysis, was far less agitated and not in unrelenting pain.  M had some definite healing in one leg and it was encouraging to see her son wheeling her around, as we had prayed for him on a previous visit.  D had since been discharged but still hanging around HSC, as he was homeless.  He was more coherent and his hand is continuing to heal.  He showed me just how he could wiggle his fingers even more.  In each life, there were multiple issues yet to be resolved but I am reminded of 1 Kings 18:44….these signs were only a beginning to much deeper healing.  God wants so much more for us than what we would think to ask…  I also ran into B as I headed out.  He wanted spare change and was so surprised when I asked if he would like some prayer.  The high light in that encounter was just how the Lord knew his heart.    How I was led to pray was exactly what he had been praying and he was amazed and greatly encouraged, in encountering God as someone who sees him.

       Pictured above in Central Park is Moosi holding a picture of himself that was drawn a year ago before the artist ever met or knew him.  See story below.Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight, I went out onto the streets with Greeta and Katarina who both came out for the first time, as well as with Andrea.   We went to the Quest Inn and one of the highlights was praying for Nora, an elderly woman from Oxford House First Nation.  She had arthritis and couldn’t walk without the use of a walker. After prayer we asked her to test it out. She looked a bit confused and surprised when she stood up and began walking around the room on her own, with joy and celebration.
After that we went to Central Park.  While there Andrea said she had brought with her a picture of an African man with gray pants and an orange t-shirt she had painted about a year ago.  She then pointed to a person sitting on a park bench who matched the picture.  We walked over to him and Andrea spoke with Moosi who had just arrived 7 months ago from Eritrea.  He looked very surprised when he saw the picture and it brought a connection to God. We prayed for him and encouraged him greatly.  What an unusual God arranged appointment!
      Pictured above (in light green with stick) is Carol Janzen of the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, and Ed Janzen of Kingdom H2O (on the right side with stick).  Ed, Linda and Andy from KH2O partnered with FCF at Stonewall Quarry Days.  Walking sticks were given away, and with each one given the Gospel was explained by using coloured beads attached to the sticks.
Andy’s Report:
We handed out 950 walking sticks that represent 950 presentations of the gospel of Jesus and 267 names recorded of people who prayed and accepted Jesus as their personal Lord an Saviour. The actual amount of salvations could be much higher due to some of the names missed being recorded because of massive crowds at certain times.

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