#168 – Broken Arm Healed & Eye-site Restored

      John Wimber defined ‘power encounters’ as the clashing of the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan.


Pictured above is Mel Dueck, who has been with Kingdom H2O since May 5th, 2016 when it started.  He attends St. Pierre Bible Fellowship Church, and is self employed.
What I love about KH2O is that it’s always like going on a spiritual adventure. It’s amazing to see how open people are to receiving prayer and equally awesome to see God move in powerful miraculous ways.”

This Week’s Highlights
*Eye-site Restored – see below
*BC Couple Intrigued by Street Ministry – see Pastor Lorraine
*Holy Spirit Adventure in Park – see Ron & Donna
*Meth Addict Seeks Prayers – see Monica

Twenty Kingdom Partners came out to minister this week, and went to Main Street, Central Park, City Place, Portage Avenue, and Portage Place.
My own evening was uneventful.  I talked with Cynthia, a senior, in Central Park, who was handing out yogurt, and offering to pray for people.  She is from Knox United Church which is right across the street from the Park.  I also visited with several of the regulars in Portage Place.  Everyone was in a good mood as it was payday for those on social assistance, disability pension, or old age pension.
I don’t always get written reports from team members, but as I ran into different ones they were excited about the encounters they had.  I had a verbal report that on Main Street a girl who had distorted vision in one of her eyes, received completely restored vision in that eye, after Team Members prayed for her.  There is something so exciting about the miracle of a blind eye being healed.

Ron & Donna’s Report:
Cool winds were blowing in Central Park, and even though we began with a cool reception we were soon being warmly received. Spoke with a good number of Christians, giving them encouraging words for their individual callings. Guto, from Ethiopia, while saddened by the lack of Christian values being taught in our schools was still happy to be in Winnipeg. He grumbled a bit about being an accountant back home  while here he is working as a health care aid. He appreciated our visit and prayer for him. We spoke to a Muslim couple who said they were not in a romantic relationship and while they did not want prayer they aptly listened as we shared some personal stories and now that we had talked with them we informed them that they could expect God to begin to speak to them as well. Their response was “As God wills”.
Just before leaving the park we met Abdi who we had talked with several times in the past. Again he did not accept prayer but as we talked, Holy Spirit gave us a Word of Knowledge for him which he received but when we explained the source of our knowledge he grew a bit uncomfortable but yet he didn’t spurn it. We hope to see him again. All in all the evening was a Holy Spirit adventure as we welcomed people to Canada and showered His love!

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
I went out with a team of:  Diana D., Margriet S., Tanya T. and myself.  We started at Central Park where we greeted a few people and reconnected with Cynthia from Knox United and then we headed to Portage Place as there were not that many people around this night.  In PP it seemed that God was leading us to a variety of divine appointments.
In the Food Court we met a young mom, her mother and the little granddaughter named Elmira, a one year old bundle of energy and joy.  We offered to pray for them and they were deeply touched as they had some important needs.
Later we moved on and met a young woman from Egypt named Sherry who was eating at a table and introduced ourselves, offering to pray for her.  The Lord gave me a word of knowledge that she was a believer in Jesus which turned out to be true!  She was thrilled and touched as we prayed for her and our team released some prophetic words over her which greatly encouraged her.  Diana received a picture for her of a runway all lit up, although she was not entirely sure what that had meant.  Sherry was intrigued by this.
Afterwards we met a couple from south central B.C. who were visiting Winnipeg. We introduced ourselves and found out that the wife was named Cling and the husband’s name was Island (for real!).  But the most amazing thing was that they were believers in Jesus and attended a Baptist church in their home community.  They were curious and intrigued by our ministry and asked many questions about what we did.  As we prayed for them, Diana saw that the woman was shining/beaming and they were both very deeply touched and encouraged by the prayer.  Again, we had many prophetic words:  “Open door”, “No weapon that’s formed against you will prosper..”, “Peace”, etc and we would see pictures for them that God was sharing.  They were very astounded and asked about how we dealt with opposition and how people responded to our offering of prayer for them.  They wanted to know if people were open to that kind of thing and to hear about Jesus Christ.  They were both very hungry to know more.  Great questions.  Our answer:  Sometimes there are those who don’t want to hear our message, but we have found an increasing openness in people to hearing about Christ and receiving prayer, and have in fact seen many miracles, signs & wonders over the past 3+ years we have been doing this.
So tonight was a night of many God-connections with fellow believers who needed encouragement, strengthening, and prayer as the Father released His Words over them.
See Pastor Lorraine and picture below.

Monica’s Report:
I was with Kevin and the gang on Main Street last night handing our slices of pizza. We met a woman named Ashley and she wanted prayer for her diagnosis of diabetes. She looked like a frail little teenager in our eyes. After Jacquie prayed for her, she asked Ashley if she had children, she told us she had 6. We were all shocked. I asked if she wanted a hug, because I have had two myself and it was very difficult for me at times with two children, let alone six, so I could only imagine the weight she was bearing. We each gave her a big hug. She was very encouraged by the love we poured on her.
Near Central Park, Trevor prayed for a little girl who had a cast on her left arm. Her mother said her daughter did already believe in Jesus so they welcomed the prayer. After Trevor’s prayer, the little girl moved her arm around and told Trevor it felt really good. She walked off all smiles.
At City Place we met a lady who told Jacquie and I she was addicted to meth but wanted to get off and was scheduled to go to a detox centre. She had also just broken up with her boyfriend. Jacquie prayed for these issues and encouraged her, and praised her efforts, letting her know she was on the right path,  that Jesus was the way and he would provide all the answers she needed along the way, and to continue on making good choices with God’s help. Kevin bought her a meal. She mentioned her mother was a Christian and she had grown up attending church. Lorraine also discussed some avenues she could go down for assistance in beating the drug-centered way of life.

      Pictured above are team members Margriet (in red), Tanya (in grey), Diana (in black), and Elizabeth (in blue) who needed prayer. 
Lorraine’s Report Continued
A young woman whom I had prayed for over the phone and met months ago now walked up to us and told us her name was Elizabeth.  She had said that I had come to her mind during the week and when she saw me she was shocked and thrilled at the same time. She needed prayer and encouragement for her situation with her 16 yr old daughter and other children.  Elizabeth was a believer in Jesus as well and gladly received our prayers.  Afterwards, Margriet mentioned that she had a word of knowledge of meeting someone with a blue shirt on and it turned out that Elizabeth had a very bright blue shirt on!

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