#169 – Holy Spirit Highlights and Directs

“God makes a promise; faith believes it, hope anticipates it, patience waits for it.” Nicky Gumble


Pictured above is Margriet Stoffman, who has been with Kingdom H2O for 18 months.  She attends Calvary Temple, and is a Christian Counselor.
What I love about Kingdom H2O is being a part of a movement where God is made real to people! We are His hands and Feet! .”

This Week’s Highlights
*”Are You One of Those Praying Christians?” – see below
*20 Family Members Join Team in Prayer – see Pastor Thomas
*Sweet Time of Prayer at Quest Inn – see Linda

       Fifteen Salvation Soldiers came out this week and went to St. Boniface Hospital, Main Street, Quest Inn, and Portage Place.
Peter and I went to Portage Place where last week a woman had approached me asking if I was one of those praying Christians.  I assured her I was, and she then said she was a Christian, and asked if she brought her friend to the mall would I pray for the friend.  Again, I assured her.  I was hoping she and her friend would show-up, but they didn’t – maybe next week.   What I found interesting is that often Team Members have been approached by strangers who have asked that same question, “Are you one of those praying Christians?”  I don’t think there is anything particularly distinctive about our appearance, or that any person is directing these strangers to us.  I am wondering if the Holy Spirit is highlighting us, and directing people to us?  It is interesting how 
often some of us have been asked that question, and it usually results  in a meaningful encounter.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight I was teamed with Michele and Anna. We went to St.Boniface Hospital to pray for a pastor friend of mine who has been battling cancer. We couldn’t stay long as he was tired from all the chemo. We then met Eileen who asked if we could pray for her father who is an elder and counsellor at St. Theresa Point.  His organs were weakened from a bout of the flesh eating disease.  About 20 family members and friends gathered to pray with our team.  You could feel the presence of the Lord filling the room.
The rest of the evening was spent ministering to an aboriginal woman from Long Plain Reserve who recently gave her life to Jesus but has been battling meth.  She was very open to ministry and we bought her some food.  She was grateful for the prayer and food and wants to join us at Kingdom H2O.

Linda’s Report:
The night began on Main Street, with a time of pizza and prayer for local folks with Kevin and H2O family, including Trevor, Ed, Gerald, Audrey, first-time participants Andrea as well as a regular and familiar friend to the H2O family who seems to prefer to remain anonymous (we are all glad he joined us!),  and of course, myself.
The highlight on Main Street is in seeing so many who look forward to the short time of food and fellowship.  The generosity, too, has a way of inspiring generosity in the area.  Some just want pizza for someone else they know that will need it more.  Opportunities for prayer included praying for a man who complained of having no strength in his legs, but after prayer, he stood up and had quite a look of amazement, although in asking if his pain was less, he would just smile as he became more joyful in the process of his healing.  Ed and I prayed with a woman who had broken her leg in 3 places and after prayer could testify that she felt less pain and began to share how the Lord was using her in what she felt were small ways but how it managed to have great impact on others.
After leaving Main Street we headed to Ellice Ave where I teamed up with Audrey, and headed to the Quest Inn where we found opportunities to pray for a few people from Cross Lake, one of which took us to the third floor to pray for Her husband, who was suffering from severe arthritis.  They were both Christians and non-drinkers.  It was a sweet time of prayer and fellowship with both of them, in which Quinn felt definite relief from pain and was encouraged in the gifts and abilities the Lord had placed in him, as well as in his authority as a believer.  Audrey distinctly felt led to give Jennifer a purse, filled with a variety of toiletry treasures.  It really gave her great joy as she confessed to us that she had never owned a purse in her life!
As the night drew to a close we also had the privilege of praying with a team member whom we know the Lord will be using greatly!
Such a sweet and full evening in Jesus!

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