#171 – The Word of God REALLY Works!

Rick Warren says, “You cannot control the lies that people may speak about you, but you can control the truth.”


Pictured above is Chris Kehler, the Executive Pastor of Prairie Alliance Church in Portage la Prairie.  He has been with Kingdom H2O since May 5th, 2016 when it started, and he has coached several of us by demonstrating how to do this ministry.
One of my favourite things to do is to “hit the streets” with my Kingdom H2O partners.  Ever since God placed this ministry on the hearts of it’s leaders…people are being equipped, empowered & transformed through it.  I totally love all you guys and your heart to bring the heart of Jesus to the heart of those in need.  Hoping to do this more as we continue together!

This Week’s Highlights
*A night for DOUBLE anointing – see Chris
*Siloam encounters Jesus – see Pastor Lorraine

Fifteen people came out for street ministry this evening. The group may have been smaller tonight, but it did not mean any less miracles on the streets!

Chris’ report:
On our way to H2O we stopped at Portage Place.  Kevin bought some coffees and handed out some “Double Doubles” from Tim’s.  This seemed to be the theme for the evening “double double”.
We came across a group of six people who received the “coffee anointing” and were blessed.  Haha.  We did some fun things to break the ice and found a young man who was legally blind in one eye.  All his attempts to read a near-by menu failed.  When Kevin made the napkin disappear, this man’s blindness disappeared and now, to his total shock, HE COULD READ THE MENU PERFECTLY!  Everyone was stunned as Kevin shared on identity as God’s children.  A young boy (14) nearby had observed this and said his vision was bad too!  I asked him to read the same menu and he could not read one item on the menu.  I did a card trick, made his card disappear, and told him HIS BLINDNESS DISAPPEARED TOO.  He turned and in disbelief was reading the menu “Wow…it says sesame chicken!”  We shared about Jesus our healer.  So in this group 2 people were healed (double).
We came across 3 people talking outside the mall, broke the ice and found a girl with glasses who without them failed to read the nearby parking sign.  Again, SHE GOT TOTALLY HEALED as Kevin did the napkin trick and she could read even the smallest print.  I asked her nearby friend if she believed this.  She said it was hard to believe because she too, had bad vision.  I asked if her eyes were getting better as well.  She wasn’t sure, so she tried to read the sign and could not but then it started to get more clear on it’s own.  I said that’s a sign for you to get ALL of your vision back.  We prayed and SUDDENLY SHE COULD READ THE WHOLE SIGN perfectly!  Again “double”… 2 people there healed.
Finally, I heard Gerald prayed for someone on Main last night who suffered from “double” vision.  Hahaha…they were totally healed!  There literally was a “DOUBLE” anointing last night.

Kevin’s report:
I was with Chris during the above mentioned miracles. There is one story I would like to add.  There was a group of teenage boys who came for pizza last night on Main St. I asked them if anyone had a blind eye. One young man said one of his eyes was quite “fuzzy” and one was clear. I did my napkin disappearing trick, tell him when the napkin disappeared, his blindness would disappear.
I had him check his eye. He started screaming, “IT ACTUALLY WORKED!  IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!”. I then had the opportunity to explain to him that JESUS was the One who healed his eye.
So we had three sets of two…2 people at the mall, 2 people outside the mall and 2 people on Main street all got their vision back.

Pastor Lorraine’s report:
A group of us were out on Main Street in the evening and ministered to a number of people, praying for many, engaging them, giving away pizzas and water. Two highlights: One a young boy who had partial blindness in one of his eyes. Kevin did a slight of hand trick with his handkerchief and prayed for the boy’s eye which was obviously impaired, and he instantly received full sight in the damaged eye! When that happened he began to scream and yell, leaping around with joy and couldn’t believe it! It was quite humorous to see his delighted response! Later in the evening I asked a young African man called Siloam, (he was originally from Rwanda) if I could pray for him. He was walking past me to go in to buy some pizza for the evening. It was obvious to me that he had been drinking because he was swerving a bit as he walked, though not entirely intoxicated. He stopped dead in his tracks and began to say that he was so glad and really wanted us to pray for him as he was feeling suicidal and was so depressed that he didn’t want to live anymore. He had come to Canada hoping for a new life here, but felt let down, disappointed and hopeless. I asked him about receiving Jesus and I believe he did, and then we prayed for him as a team. As we prayed, we simply invited the Holy Spirit to touch him and broke off depression, suicide and addiction and within five minutes or so he was completely sober! And his spirit was totally different–he shared that he felt much lighter and at peace and knew immediately that Jesus had touched him powerfully! He stayed a bit longer, even though his friends wanted him to leave, and we blessed and encouraged him, even gave him an H2O card to connect with us later on. Praying he follows Jesus and grows in his love for Him.

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