#111 – Rescues, Healings, and Salvations

As John Wesley said, ‘Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.’

This Week’s Highlights:
*Baby Randolph Healed – see below
*Hospital Visit Renews Old Connection – see Pastor Thomas
*Healing and Salvation for Bible College Student – see Diana
*Rescue in a Bus Shelter – see Angela
*Toronto House of Prayer Training Report – see Pastor Lorraine

      I wasn’t able to be on the streets this week, but I received a report that 20 team members were out.  I also received a text from Warren that according to the grandfather, baby Randolph, who we prayed for in absentee last week has been released from the hospital and is back home in Grand Rapids – thank you Lord.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight I was asked by Gaylene to take a team to The Health Sciences Centre to pray for her friend, Nandi, a woman with stage 4 breast and lung cancer but is standing in faith for her complete healing. We spent most of our time declaring the Word of God over her life and ministering to her.
Les was an amazing encouragement as he shared his testimony of the miraculous healing he had received in his heart as well as from scoliosis in his spine.  You could feel faith in the room rise phenomenally.  As Les and Nandi talked they realized they both have boys going into the same grade at the same school and used to go to the same church without having known each other. They knew this was a God set up and exchanged personal info for further follow-up and to connect their children.  We were a Godsend to her and she was very encouraged to say the least.
After that we met Derek who invited us to pray for his friend Nat from Garden Hill reserve who has been struggling with keeping food down. We prayed healing over his life and both were professing believers and were grateful that we took the time.       On the way out we were approached by a man from Nigeria looking for the Children’s Hospital as his son has a skin condition. He welcomed our prayers for little Wesley.

Diana’s Report:
My group consisted of Linda, Alba, Ed and I.  We started on Main Street handing out water and revels. We had many prayer encounters. Ed prayed for Sarah with Lupus who had level 5 pain in her ankles and her pain left completely. Then we headed to Central Park and Portage Place. I joined Lorraine and Michelle and we were able to pray for Loretta who was in town for tests as her liver is failing and she is retaining a lot of fluid. She also had pain in her knees which left after prayer.  Turns out she is taking a few courses from Providence College but had never accepted the Lord.  When asked if she wanted to now, she said yes and I was able to lead her in a prayer of repentance.  Then she wanted us to pray for her daughter Nichelle who is pregnant with twins.  I believe now that Loretta has invited Jesus into her life she will experience full body, mind and spirit healing.

Angela’s Report:
I was with Lorraine’s group. When we got to Central Park we met up with the people gathered around Gaylene’s ‘Need Prayer’ sign.  I really felt like I needed to walk around the park and find someone to pray for. When I got to the bus shelter I saw a young woman named Stephanie sitting on the ground inside of the shelter crying.  I asked her what was wrong and she told me someone had shoved her at her place and she’d cracked her head on a door post.  She was sitting in the bus shelter because she had no where to go.  She let me pray for her, then after looking at her head, it seemed pretty obvious she needed stitches so I asked if she wanted me to take her to a hospital. She agreed and we walked back through the group at Gaylene’s who also prayed for her and then she and I went to HSC.  When we got there they bandaged her up until they could do tests and put some staples in.  During this time Stephanie used my phone to text her mom to tell her where she was, and then her mom started to text back a tirade of colorful language about how this always happens and that she was going to send the police over and let her deal with them on her own.  Sure enough, the police did arrive and asked her what happened but she basically told them the same thing she told me that someone had shoved her at her place during a fight that she had not been involved with and she left there. During the whole time with her she let me pray with her a few times, but she remained pretty closed off to much of anything spiritual.  She may have had a concussion, so this may have affected her mood.  She also said that she had been pushed once before by her ex and had had to get stitches then too, which made me think perhaps she had been in a domestic abuse situation and was unwilling to go into more details. She seemed like someone who has had a pretty hard life.  After her head was bandaged she said she was grateful I’d helped her and that she might go to a friends house and crash there, so I felt I could probably leave her. She’d said that if I hadn’t come to talk with her she would probably still be in the bus shelter unsure of where to go.  I came back to Portage Place and reported to my group. It didn’t feel as though what I had done or said had much of an impact on her, but I went away from the experience thinking I might not have had much to say, but Thank You Lord that I had a car and was able to take this lady to a hospital for treatment.  I pray the act of kindness will be a seed to let her know how much God loves her.

Pastor Lorraine’s Toronto House of Prayer Training  Report:
Toronto was a great experience!  THOP welcomed us and made us feel at home.  They provided for all our needs and took very good care of us-such amazing and mature servant hearts with a deep love for the Father.  Thank you for the many prayers lifted up on our behalf-the Lord was certainly at work with no end of opportunities to share Jesus with others, see some healings, and join hearts with those at THOP to seek the welfare of their city.
On the Friday night there were about 20 people in attendance where we introduced Kingdom H2O, and taught on how to pray for healing for others and then did an activation where the group prayed for one another.  On the streets we saw some healings that night, including a woman who had pain in her abdomen – it was gone!  Other people also received healing and relief from some pain in their bodies.  People were very encouraged and some were surprised that God could heal that quickly with very little effort.    The second day we had about 10 people with us and we taught on ‘Words of Knowledge’ and how they help us in our ministry.  God gave us many words to use when we next went out on the streets.  We did some activation exercises, and showed a video about how words of knowledge can help us in our ministry.  This seemed to be very new to many of the THOP people.  But they were very willing to learn more, and take risks.
On the streets we saw a variety of healings where pain left bodies, blind eyes were healed and received many words of knowledge.  We prayed for a young man who was very discouraged because of his work situation.  After we prayed he was very encouraged and we found out he was a believer.  Prayed for an Iranian who had pain in their body – all the pain left!  One THOP member who had never used words of knowledge before heard the word “Sarah”.  When we were on the tram a young woman sat down next to us.  As we engaged her in conversation she mentioned that her name was Sarah!  The THOP member was ‘blown away’ that she could actually hear God that clearly and we knew that the Lord was building her confidence in hearing the voice of God.

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