#172 – If Not Me, Then Who?

“It has been said that the only exercise some people take is jumping to wrong conclusions.”  Nicky Gumble

Pictured above is Thomas Campbell who is the Lead Pastor of Zion Apostolic Church.  After several years of leading street ministry teams from his church he had the vision to invite people from other churches to join him, and Kingdom H2O was born.
What I love about Kingdom H2O is that it has become a magnet for people all over Winnipeg and beyond, who want to demonstrate the Kingdom of love and touch lives with the power of the Gospel, but didn’t know how.  It provides an opportunity to equip and disciple people into their true purpose and carry God’s heart for the hurting, the addicted and the hopeless.  It’s also great to see the body of Christ rise to her true call to transform our city, one life at a time. It is so exciting to see people come alive when they realize God can use them to do miracles and then see them sharing personal testimonies to others back in their churches and community.”

This Week’s Highlights
* “Stay See” gets a word -see Chris
*God encourages an agnostic -see Pastor Thomas
*Freely lovin’ on people -see Pastor Lorraine

Seven warriors braved the rain last night to go minister on the streets and mall. Here are some of their stories….

Chris’ report:
I ended up going to Portage Place mall with Kevin and Dave.  Prior to going out, Lorraine asked the group to pray for words of knowledge.  For me the name “Stacey” came to mind.  The message that God “sees” Stacey and a picture of a “key with a heart shaped key ring attached” came to mind.  To me this meant that God saw this person, and He held the key to their heart (a invitation to salvation message).  We got to Portage Place and grabbed some coffees to hand out.  The first people we met were “Andrea” and her friend “Annie.”  Andrea was a girl we met last week who experienced her eyes being healed.  I did a little trick to break the ice with her friend, after which, I shared the word of knowledge.  “Is anyone here named ‘Stacey or is that name important to anyone?”  Andrea, who was on her phone texting looked up and said, “YES! I’m texting with him right now!  That’s my bro!” she said.  I shared that before we go out to meet people, we asked the Creator of all people to give us names and thoughts for those we would encounter.  I rolled up my sleeve to show her that I had written this name and message on my arm before we left.  The whole table was like “WHAAT?!” and even the young teens ran away for a moment they were so freaked out.  I told Andrea to share the message that “God sees Stacey and holds the key to his heart.”  I found out later that Andrea and this Stacey guy are like the two biggest drug dealers in the area.  Very interesting.

Chris Kelher Arm
Chris Kelher Arm

The next person we met was “Linda.”  Dave and I talked to her and she mentioned she had arthritic pain really bad in her arm and fingers.  I got her to hold out her hand and Dave held his hands close but did not touch her.  After a few moments, her face got really excited and she said, “It feels like someone is touching my hand.”  As we did this some more she got really excited when she said, “It’s getting all tingly now!”  We prayed for ALL of her arthritis to leave.  As we did, her pain DECREASED, the tingling INCREASED and moved up her arm until ALL THE PAIN WAS GONE!  After she experienced that she wanted us to pray for her type 2 Diabetes and her son John.  We got to meet some more people that night, had some laughs of course.  A good night for sure.  Praise God!

Pastor Thomas’ report:
Tonight I went out with Ed and we went to Siloam Mission, where we gave out hot chocolate to the people. It was especially well received because of the cool, rainy weather. One of the highlights was meeting Deb, a believer, who at first glance, seemed like a happy person but began to break down when asked if she needed prayer.  She had lost her children and was believing for restoration.  As we prayed for her and prophesied, the tangible love of God poured out on her and you could see hope rising up in her.

We prayed and prophesied over people at the Quest Inn and at Portage Place.  I also met Autumn, a self proclaimed agnostic, who was helping push her gramma in her wheelchair. When I prayed for gramma, Autumn closed her eyes and joined and also suggested we hold hands in prayer. The Lord instantly gave me a word of knowledge about Autumn being a dreamer and that God would begin to encounter her in her dreams. That really freaked her out but was well received.

Pastor Lorraine’s report:
Ministered to a young woman of 23 named Sapphira in the Portage Place Mall. Had a newer member of H2O, Darlene, join me and the two of us saw Sapphira as she sat down beside a concrete pillar near the back of the mall cursing and yelling with her phone in her hand. We walked by her initially and then decided that she needed some lovin’ so we turned and went back and offered her some of the hot food we were carrying. We introduced ourselves and I acknowledged that she must have been having a really hard time of late and that it seemed like things were hard for her. She was absolutely surprised (and ambushed) as we began to love on her, affirming who she was, how Jesus saw her, and offered to pray for her. When we did that she readily agreed to receive prayer and responded so well—she held out her two hands just to receive, which was pretty cool. As we ministered to her we asked her if she knew Jesus in her heart and had received Him into her life. She didn’t know that. So the Lord so beautifully helped us to lead her to Himself as we prayed for her and she received Christ! She was so wide open and we continued to speak with her and pray some more for some of her needs. It turned out that she had 6 children and was pregnant with her 7th baby. Two or three of them were with her family members and the others were with her at home. She was really struggling with being a mother and quite tired, not knowing what to do at times, feeling like she was losing her mind. We prayed for her mind and spirit to be at peace and the Spirit of God touched her with His quiet love. She asked about church, etc and I gave her one of my ministry cards. She asked if she could call for prayer when she needed it and of course, we would definitely respond to care for her in that way if she did. Thank you Jesus for a new child entering the kingdom of God tonight!

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