#174 – Small Group Defies Weather For Kingdom Opportunities


Pictured above is Iris Waldner, who is a member of St. Pierre Bible Fellowship Church and has been with Kingdom H2O from the beginning.  She works for a Missions organization as a Missions Mobilizer/Mentor.
Street ministry has changed my life since I joined over 3 years ago. Seeing God pour out miracles, love, healings, and bring individuals across our path that need His touch. He has changed my heart and taught me to love in deeper ways by being His hands and feet to the people of Winnipeg.”

“The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.” Proverbs 22:9

This Week’s Highlights
*Guilt & Condemnation Lift – see Pastor Thomas
*Despondency to Joy – see picture

       Seven hardy Prayer Partners hit the streets this week.  An unseasonably early snow storm had hit Manitoba and Winnipeg making it difficult for team members to come out, but a few did and enjoyed encounters at Portage Place.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight with the snowy weather there were only seven of us that came out for the outreach, four at Zion and three more met up with us at Portage Place.  We broke up into small groups throughout the evening as there were lots of opportunities for conversations.  One highlight was that as we arrived Tanya and I met two sisters who were friends of Tanya from years ago.  One of them asked for prayer as she was struggling with guilt and condemnation and nightmares for having just recently had an abortion.  As we prayed, she felt the weight and burden lift off of her and she began to tear up.  She saw it as a divine appointment which is what we had been praying for.

Portage Place Center Court

Pictured above L to R is Lani, Lorraine, Gaylene, and Ed sitting in Portage Place Center Court.  Lorraine was depressed and in mourning, and after the 3 team members ministered peace and joy to her she had a break through and experienced joy.


One of KH2O’s recognized needs is to provide some kind of follow-up for the many people we evangelize.  So, starting in January KH2O is planning on offering a 10-12 week free ALPHA* course somewhere near Central Park (more details follow).  We are hoping to deepen the faith and get those we encounter to better understand the role of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  Gaylene is going to head it up.    
    We will be looking for help in the following ways:
>Team members to encourage their contacts to come out.
>Sponsors to provide snacks or cover costs of snacks and drinks for each session ($50 – $100).
>Table leaders and table helpers to sit with and guide discussions with participants.
>Set-up and take-down help.
>Prayer partners to ensure success of this venture
You can reply to this e-Mail with offers to help or questions

     Alpha is a video series of 30 minute sessions that explore the Christian faith.  The course evangelizes and disciples.  Each session looks at a different question of faith and is designed to create conversation.  It answers the questions, “What You Ever Wanted To Know About Christianity” (but didn’t think to ask).


Wednesday nights, Zion Church 7 – 9 p.m. with Gerald Rempel
Are you a new believer in Jesus?
Have you wanted to grow deeper in your walk with the Lord?
Learn more about what the Bible teaches?

This is your chance to join us every Wednesday.
Call the church office for more information @ 204-589-6341.

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