#176 – Chief of Security Clears The Mall


        Pictured above is Seamus McKelvey who is a member of Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Church and has been with Kingdom H2O for about a year.  He is a student at the University of Winnipeg.
“I love Kingdom H2O because the work of the Holy Spirit is always welcome and we as believers get to follow Him as one body. I also love the way believers are empowered, no matter what our denominational background is, to practically walk out our calling as Christians on the streets.”

“There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land.” Deut. 15:11

This Week’s Highlights
*Security Hints at Cracking Down on Mall Visitors – see below
*Keep Your Sense of Humour – see below
*Security Clears Out Mall Visitors – see Pastor Lorraine
*Previously Healed Uncle Heals Nephew – see Pastor Chris

        Thirteen Gospel Harvesters came out this Thursday, and went to Main Street, Siloam Missions, Quest Inn, and Portage Place.
While we were praying at Zion Church, before we went on the streets I had a picture of an elderly lady sitting in the lobby of the Quest Inn, and the Lord said I want to bless her.  So, I went to the Quest Inn for the first time.  The Quest Inn is a hotel that caters to people from the North who are in Winnipeg for medical reasons.  The ‘no vacancy’ sign was up, and the lobby was very busy with people coming and going.  I sat down next to an elderly First Nations lady, and before I could introduce myself, she turned to me and said, “I want to quit drinking”.  I called Clair and Tanya over and Clair confirmed that she was a Christian.  We prayed a blessing of freedom from alcohol over her.  We bound the spirit of addiction, and placed a hedge of protection over her.  She had tears and told us a bit of her story, about how her husband drinks a lot, and so she did too, but she was so tired of it all.  She received our prayers and was very grateful.
At Portage Place I noticed a security guy I hadn’t seen before so I asked him if he was new.  He told me that he was in fact the Chief of Security for all of Portage Place.  I mentioned that the Mall and Food Court was kind of empty, and he told me it was because he was clearing anyone out who wasn’t shopping or buying/eating food.  He then added that he receives a lot of complaints about members of our group.  I asked from who, and he said patrons and visitors.  I asked if any of the vendors complained, because we buy a lot of food from them for people in the mall.  He didn’t answer me, but he then added, “If we let your group promote your beliefs and philosophies then we have to let other groups do the same, including all the weird groups and extremists, you can do your thing outside the building but not in here.  I said I understood.  Meanwhile right in front of us several team members were engaged in talking to and praying for people, and he didn’t attempt to stop them.  We don’t think they can stop people from praying for others.  The Mall is a meeting place for a lot of First Nations people who often just sit and visit.  Not sure why they want to clear everyone out and what this will look like in the future – see Pastor Lorraine’s prayer request below.

Later in the evening Lorraine, Clair and I were walking back to the car from Portage Place, and a man approached us and asked us if we wanted to buy some heroin.  We assured him we didn’t and Clair said to him, “We can give you something that will give you a better high.”  But he just laughed and waved us off.  We laughed along with him – it is always good to keep your sense of humour when you minister on the streets.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
Last night I went out to the Quest Inn with Tanya, Clair, Al, Adina Andrew Erdman.  We ended up praying for at least 5-6 people during our short time there.  We gave away scarves to the women, as well as protein bars and Gospel of John mini-books and offered to pray for people as we encountered them.  Had the privilege of hearing some of their stories as a grandmother shared of the many suicides on her reserve (God’s Lake Narrows), and that they were going home shortly with the bodies of two of their youth. This is not the first time that we have heard these tragic stories of hopelessness and loss.  We prayed for them with heaviness in our hearts, asking the Father to intervene and bring revival to the northern reserves.
Please pray for this–that the spirit of death and suicide would be brought down and the life of Jesus lifted up to bring hope to those in the northern regions.
While at the Quest we also prayed for a woman named Cindy who had a 6 month
old son named Issac.  She asked for prayer in raising him and being the best Mom to him that she could be.  It turned out that he had Downs Syndrome and she was feeling very overwhelmed by this.  As I prayed the Lord released much encouragement and words of knowledge for her and her situation (which she confirmed were quite accurate:  She was led to the Lord by her grandmother and would love to visit her in her house and eat bannock with raisins in it.  It was a beautiful time of connection and loving her as Jesus led the conversation and prayer.
Later, our group went to Portage Place where we ministered to a few people which included a woman who had been drinking and was sitting on a bench feeling very hungover.  She had a severe headache and her legs hurt when she walked.  We prayed for her and her headache left and when she tested out her legs she found she could walk better.
This evening the Chief of Security for Portage Place had kicked almost every one of the ‘regulars’, as well as many other ‘visitors’, out of the mall and the Food Court. He walked from table to table telling people to leave if they had no food to eat.  This grieved me to see.  I bought some food and we sat at a table and continued to stay.  It was very obvious to me when I walked in that the food vendors had no customers and the mall itself was almost empty in places!
Please pray for Portage Place Mall management that they would see the value of allowing people into the mall and be less rigid about monitoring people that just want to hang-out.  As well, please pray for the salvation of the head of security and the other members of his team.  They need the Lord!  Pray that the Lord opens up their hearts and that they see the damage that they are doing by restricting access to the mall.  And, of course, this affects our teams who go into Portage Place to share the love of Jesus, buy food/drink and have a positive influence on the activity inside of the mall.

Pastor Chris’ Report:
I met John, who I had met almost one year ago.  Last November, he was in Winnipeg because his mom had passed, and he was down on his luck.  He had a back injury that we prayed for and I remember him being able to touch his toes and being completely healed.  This time, he was here with his nephew Kelly who got stabbed in the back, just missing his spinal column.  John said…”You gotta let this guy pray for you Kelly, it’s gooood”  I flipped it and I said, “Actually since John has experienced healing and believes in miracles, he’s gonna do this.” John agreed and the pain was at a 3/10 without moving.  John lay his hand on Kelly’s back and commanded the pain to go in Jesus name.  Kelly, tried looking for the pain…started to say it was still there…but then stopped, kinda stunned as he moved it around and exclaimed “It’s all gone!”  We then prayed for the stab wound to heal up right now.  We didn’t check that as it was bandaged and he wasn’t about to take his shirt off in the mall…but we were believing for more.  I had a great night just speaking truth to Kelly and John about who they were in God’s eyes.

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