#178 – Handouts Bless Needy and Produce Kingdom Fruit


        Pictured above is GELANE HAILU who is a member of the United Oromo Christian Fellowship of Manitoba.  She has worked as a Health Care Aide, but is transitioning to becoming a Financial Advisor.  She has been with KH2O two and a half years.

       I first heard about the Kingdom H2O outreach from Mike Zachman when he  was preaching at a conference in June 2017.  As a result I visited Zion and was invited to become a Team Member.
“The main reason I like H2O’s approach is because it’s personal, not just preaching to people.  Also when we approach individuals on the street or in malls we don’t discriminate, we love on them freely. We also establish relationships with people we meet. Bill Johnson says that we owe the world an encounter with God!  When we go out with KH2O we do just that. The people who are involved with KH2O are from all different churches yet we’re all from one Father and one family!  I always look forward to going out with KH2O to see what Jesus will do in people’s lives!

“But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?” 1 John 3:17

This Week’s Highlights
*Nine Men Say, “Where’s the Women?” – see picture below
*”I Wanna Get Saved” – see Pastor Chris
*Socks, Protein Bars, and Hot Chocolate – see Jerrold
*New Mackinaw to Fight the Cold – see Doug’s picture below

Twenty-two Weekly Warriors came out to minister this week.  Nine men showed-up at Zion for prayer before going out (see pix below), and thirteen joined us at Portage Place (10 of them students from Eston Bible College who were there to experience street ministry).
The mall was busy and all the teams were kept busy with encounters.

Pastor Chris’ Report:
Several of us went to Portage Place to connect and partner with the Eston students. Before meeting up I met “Bronson” who had just tested positive with TB. Prayed for him and his friends.  Then I got connected with “Kyle” and we started to talk to a group of his friends, but in particular one lady named Kaitlyn.  It started out a bit rough as she was saying how white Manitobans are so mean and why is that?  She was accusing us at first but her friends seemed to know us and they were sharing about the good works we’ve done. She then opened up and just before we prayed someone tried to get her to leave but she replied, “Hold on…I think I wanna get saved” (her words not ours).  She was struggling with a guilty conscience about her past sins, we told her that guilt could leave today and her soul leave lighter. We prayed and after she testified how good she felt. “That negative feeling is all gone!”

Jerrold’s Report:
Ed, Olu and I went to Siloam mission tonight, we give out protein bars and hot chocolate (3 jugs from Tim Horton).  I also brought 20 pairs of socks, which I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to bring, everything was pretty much gone in about 20 min, before we even went in to the building, we prayed for one person with a walker, who had back pain and knee pain, we prayed a few times and the pain diminished and left, to his surprise, and we also prayed a blessing over another person, it was a good first experience at Siloam for Olu and I, praise Jesus.

       Pictured above are the 9 men who showed-up at Zion for prayer before hitting the streets.  Kevin (in the front) – (back row) Andy, Al, Olu, Jerrold (hidden behind Kevin), Jeremiah, Pastor Chris, Les, and Ed.
This is a First!  In 42 months of this ministry, this is the first time that only men have showed-up on a Thursday night, leading the men to say, “Where’s the women?”

Pictured above is Doug, one of the ‘regulars’ at Portage Place Food Court.  Doug was saying he was ready for winter as he still had the gloves and scarf we gave him last year.  I noticed he had a very light jacket on, and asked if he had a warmer one.  He said he didn’t.  It just so happened my wife had bought a 3X Mackinaw, she found on sale, and had sent it in with me.  It fit him, and he was very happy to have a warmer jacket.
Kingdom H2O hands-out socks, scarves, gloves, mitts, hats, jackets, coats, and other clothing that comes our way.  My wife also puts together men’s and women’s toiletry kits.  The Team also provides hot chocolate, pizza, protein bars, water (in the summer), and purchase meals for hungry people.  With each gift we add, “We also pray for people, how can we pray for you?”  These acts of kindness have met many needs and resulted in many prayer encounters.

12 Tuesday Nights
starting February 4th
Complete training in all aspects of the ministry of Healing & Evangelism
(including field trips)
Call Pastor Lorraine at Zion Church for more info or to register
One of KH2O’s recognized needs is to provide some kind of follow-up for the many people we evangelize.  So, starting in January KH2O is planning on offering a 10-12 week free ALPHA* course somewhere near Central Park (more details follow).  We are hoping to deepen the faith and get those we encounter to better understand the role of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  Gaylene is going to head it up.    
    We will be looking for help in the following ways:
>Team members to encourage their contacts to come out.
>Sponsors to provide snacks or cover costs of snacks and drinks for each session ($50 – $100).
>Table leaders and table helpers to sit with and guide discussions with participants.
>Set-up and take-down help.
>Prayer partners to ensure success of this venture
You can reply to this e-Mail with offers to help or questions

     Alpha is a video series of 30 minute sessions that explore the Christian faith.  The course evangelizes and disciples.  Each session looks at a different question of faith and is designed to create conversation.  It answers the questions, “What You Ever Wanted To Know About Christianity” (but didn’t think to ask).

Wednesday nights, Zion Church 7 – 9 p.m. with Gerald Rempel
Are you a new believer in Jesus?
Have you wanted to grow deeper in your walk with the Lord?
Learn more about what the Bible teaches?

This is your chance to join us every Wednesday.
Call the church office for more information @ 204-589-6341.

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