#179 – Kingdom H2O Team Visits Tent Cities

Myself (Al Bayne) with Bible, and Ken Nedohin with guitar, after we had just returned from ministering at Stony Mountain Penitentiary, at a Sunday evening Chapel.  Ken led worship with an all prisoner band, and I gave a message on being healed of addictions.  Thirty-eight prisoners attended, and 8 came forward for healing after the message.  Some others received prayer from the Chaplains and another volunteer.  As you can see by the smiles on our face we really enjoyed the opportunity to bring the ministry of Kingdom H2O to the prison.
Our next Prison ministry date is December 8th.  Ken is going to lead worship again, and a few people from my church are going to join us.  I am going to bring a message from John 9, on the healing power of Jesus, and make a call for salvation, and a call for healing.  There are a lot of needs amongst the prisoners.  We would appreciate prayers that the healing power of the Holy Spirit would manifest in great power and that the name of Jesus would be glorified.

“Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honours God.” Proverbs 14:31

This Week’s Highlights
*Prison Visit Sets Captives Free – see picture above
*KH2O Adds Tent Cities to Places to Minister – see Jerrold
*Quest Inn Folks Welcome Prayer – see Pastor Lorraine
*Words of Knowledge Direct Prayer – see Jeremiah

       Fifteen Miracle Messengers came out to minister this week, and went to two Tent Cities, Siloam Missions, Quest Inn, and Portage Place.  Team members Ed and Andy had visited the Tent Cities earlier in the week, and thought it would be a good place to send a team.
I visited with some of the regulars, and bought food for a couple of them.  I spent a fair amount of time trying to answer Bible questions for No-Name, a homeless man who claims to have no name.  We have known him since we started this ministry 3.5 years ago.  He is usually antagonistic towards us and God, but tonight he seemed to be sincerely interested, and less angry than he usually is.

Jerrold’s Report: 
Ed, Chantelle, Audrey and I went to two Tent Cities tonight, both located just off Main Street near the on-ramp to Disraeli Freeway.  we were invited into one big tent where three people lived.  We were able to pray for one them, and we also give them socks and fruit bars.
We then went to Siloam mission, where we handed out all our socks and fruit bars, and we prayed for 8 or 9 people.  One of them was Ricky, she had a level 7 back pain, she had had 3 back surgeries.  When we prayed the first time, I had my hand on her back and felt it pop!  We then prayed 2 more time and the pain was greatly diminished.  We also prayed for Rose, who was a believer, she had issues with her scalp, and said it felt better after we prayed.  On the way out we prayed for Damian, who had shattered both his legs, he had a level 4 pain.  We prayed and he didn’t feel the pain any more.
We had an awesome team.   We praise you Jesus for letting us partner with you to bless people. Amen

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
“This Thursday night I went out with Iris and Jeremiah.  We visited the Quest Inn where many come from the North for medical treatment.  What an honour to pray for a few lovely elderly aboriginal women who loved the Lord and humbly received our prayer ministry either for their families or themselves.
We prayed for one woman name Betsy and as we did my left hand got very, very warm on her elbow area.  I asked her if she had some kind of affliction, arthritic pain or restriction in her joints (just got a sense that it was her joints), and sure enough Betsy said yes. So we prayed for her joints and her body.  She did feel a bit better.  And then she told us that she had problems with her back and so we prayed for that as well.  While we prayed, God would give us many words of knowledge and even prophetic words releasing life.  Most of them were bang on!  And the women we prayed for were blessed and touched by the Holy Spirit.
While at the Quest we bumped into a few other people who were part of a small group also praying for the sick and sharing Jesus!  Even had a chance to converse with a lovely young woman from Whitby, Ontario who was out for about a month or so. We were all very encouraged by the sense that God is on the move and we are flowing with Him as His people even though we don’t all know one another.
Later, I went over to Portage Place Mall where there was a strong sense of unity among out H2O teams as we connected with one another and welcomed in those around us in the Food Court.  Even had a chance to chat with some of the vendors in the Food Court this evening, getting to know them a bit better.  I can sense that revival is in the air in Winnipeg!”

Jeremiah’s Report:
Ok, so here’s how it went! I teamed up with Lorraine and Iris, but as the evening rolled on, I was a bit all over the place. We started at the Quest Inn, then moved on to Portage Place.
Our team spoke with and prayed with a very nice lady who was a Christian and was baptized the year before! She was calm and gentle and her spirit was emitting lots of joy and enthusiasm. I could feel it!
We also prayed for Betsy who needed prayer for a few things, such as her liver, arthritis and lower back pain. But do you want to hear the really cool part? The only thing she told us she needed prayer for was her liver! The rest was received by words of knowledge! So cool!  The pains left to a degree and are continuing to leave.
At Portage Place, I was able to talk to a fellow named Don who’s foot had some pain, so I asked to touch it.  He let me, he couldn’t tell the difference, so I spoke to it, no change. I told Don to keep an eye on it. He wants to meet up next Thursday and give the good report!
So if you want to set-off a spiritual bomb,(as Pastor Lorraine would say) please pray for these three people.

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