#180 – “Am I A Christian Now?”

“Whoever shuts their ears to the cry of the poor
will also cry out and not be answered.”
 Proverbs 21:13

This Week’s Highlights
*”Am I A Christian Now?” – see Pastor Lorraine
*Lindsey Receives Double Encounter – see below & Pastor Lorraine
*Bulgarian Connection – see Lani

Ten Gospel Guardians came out to minister this week, and went to Quest Inn, and Portage Place.
None of the ‘regulars’ were in the food court of Portage Place.  Kevin spotted ‘No Name’ (the homeless man who claims he has no name) outside the front doors of the mall.  NN told Kevin that he had been barred from the mall, but was sketchy about why.  I talked to a security guard that told me what happened.  During the week security was having difficulty removing a belligerent man from the mall, and they had to use some force.  NN took exception to their tactics, and started an argument with the security guards.  At some point he said something to the effect of, “how would you like it if someone did this to you?”, and he reached out and put his hand on the guards neck.  That was it – he crossed a line – you don’t touch or threaten security.  I asked how long he would be out for, and was told – indefinitely.  I’m going to miss him – I’ll have to find out where he will now be hanging-out now.
Second Encounter With Lindsey (first is in Pastor Lorraine’s report below)
I went out to Portage Ave, to find out if any of the regulars were hanging-out.  The street was empty except for one younger lady named Lindsey who was pulling a back-pack on wheels.  She was shivering and having trouble getting the mall door open.  I helped her, and asked her if she was alright.  She assured me other than being cold she was fine.  About 15 minutes later I saw her sitting on the edge of one of the planters in center court, and I overheard her say that she thought she was going to faint.  I found out she was homeless, and hadn’t eaten in awhile.  I bought her some food, and she told me that God must be looking after her, because earlier at the Quest Inn, she had two really nice ladies pray for her.  I found out she had a place to stay a few blocks away.  So Les and I drove her there.  Les assured her God loved her and prayed a powerful prayer of blessing for her before she left.

       Read about Lindsey’s first encounter below:

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
This evening Michele and I went to the Quest Inn.  We prayed for many people while we were there and really enjoyed ourselves, knowing that the Lord had set up many divine appointments for us, and the owners and those who work there were so very open and helpful to us as we made our way around the lobby area.
We prayed for a couple of elderly aboriginal women, one named Louise, who were believers in Jesus.  They welcomed and were thankful for our prayers for them.
Later we prayed with three men.  One of the men had kidney problems and was in the city for dialysis and we prayed for his healing.  The other two men had diabetes and asked us to pray for that.  We commanded healing and restoration to their pancreas’ in the name of Jesus, and complete reversal of any effects of diabetes.
​First Encounter With Lindsey:
Later, we prayed for a young woman named Lindsey who was homeless and carrying what she owned in a rolling back pack.  She sat and listened to us minister to the men and when we asked her for prayer she readily received from us.  Lindsey was searching for God and had many deep needs with much pain in her life.  It seemed that she was addicted to drugs and as a result of some poor decisions had lost her children and now was homeless.  As we prayed for Jesus to love on her she began to soften and cry.  We continued to minister to her and instill hope, giving her one of my cards with the hope that she would get in touch so we could meet again.

Then we prayed for a man named Earl from Oxford House.  God gave us some words of knowledge and we knew that he was a believer in Jesus, as well as the Lord told us that his family had been pastors and ministers of the Gospel in Oxford House which he confirmed.  He had just had surgery a few days before and was sitting in the lobby with a headache.  His pain was pretty high because after we prayed he said it was about a 6 now.  We prayed again and it was a level 2.  Again, we prayed and Michele asked what his pain level was:  It was gone!  PTL!!
We then prayed for a young mom and her 4 mth old baby boy who was fussing.  While we prayed for the baby he settled down almost immediately and was happy!  Later, we ministered to his mom Laura who had just been with her family on a bus that was in an accident.  We broke off the trauma and then Laura shared how she felt.  Her mind was confused and she was emotionally out of sorts and needed prayer.  As we prayed she shared how she needed forgiveness from God for some things that she had done and so we led her in a prayer of forgiveness.  As we prayed, she asked if she was a Christian now (we were surprised by the statement).  So we asked her if she wanted to receive Jesus into her life and she did!!  So we led her to the Lord tonight, her whole countenance which was sad, heavy and discouraged suddenly changed (just like her baby), and Laura smiled and seemed joyful for the first time in a long time.  Jesus completely lifted off all guilt and condemnation and we showed her how to take authority over her enemy who was condemning her (which she did).  Suddenly her whole situation became hopeful for her!! Thank you Jesus–the Lord has done great things!!

Lani’s Report:
Gaylene said, “lets look at some beauty,” and so we went into the Manitoba Hydro Building Atrium.  There was a guy laying on bench there, named Martin.  He said he was from Bulgaria,  I was like hold up! Because my hubbies from Bulgaria.  He told us lots about himself and we discussed politics and social justice at length.  We then prayed for him as he had been stabbed in three places 4 days ago! Please keep him in prayers for Gods direction and salvation, we feel he could be close.

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