#182 – Kingdom Encounters With Ex-Convicts

Pictured above on the left is an ex-convicts prayer – see details in Gaylene’s report below.  On the right in the front is Pastor Thomas, left to right in the back is Ed, Michelle, Hanna, her husband, and Tanya – see details in Pastor Thomas’ report below.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’.” Mathew 25:35, 36

This Week’s Highlights
*Visitor From Germany Impacted By KH2O Ministry – see below
 of Encounters With Ex-Convicts – see Gaylene
Prophetic Words Lead to Salvation – see Pastor Thomas
*Angry Man Tries to Enter Quest Inn – see Pastor Lorraine
*Multiple Encounters in Portage Place – see Darlene

       Twenty Deliverers of Hope came out to minister this week and went to St. Boniface Hospital, Health Sciences, Quest Inn, and Portage Place.
One of the people who came out for the first time was Benjamin, a visitor from Germany.  He was very impacted by watching how the Holy Spirit provided words of knowledge, and prophetic words to team members, and especially impacted by witnessing people being healed.  He plans to take this style of ministry back to his home church in Germany.  As we drove him back to his car he asked for prayer to receive a renewed filling of the Holy Spirit.

Gaylene’s Report:
I teamed uo with John, Lani and Tyler and after a few stops and starts we ended-up upstairs at Portage Place in front of Dollarama.
It was there we met Eddie, who initially said he didn’t want prayer but then said he’d just been released from jail and needed a job and be free from addictions. John shared his own history of being incarcerated and how when he accepted Jesus so many things in his life changed. Eddie was tracking with us and was about to receive prayer when he suddenly asked what we felt about the Jews and Israel. I said Jesus was Jewish and Israel is the backdrop to God’s whole story to which Eddie launched into a tirade about his beliefs which didn’t honor the Jews or Israel. Earlier God asked me to bring a Bible and I asked Eddie if he’d like it and he said yes. Praying he receives true revelation about Israel as he reads it. When we did part ways, I asked the Lord to bless Eddie and shine His face upon him.
Not only a few feet away we then met Lance, who immediately said he needed prayer because he’d lost his mom who died an alcoholic. Lance was recently released from Milner Ridge and had a lifelong belief in Jesus because he was an aboriginal pastor’s kid. He admitted that although he knew a lot about Jesus but he wasn’t really following him. We prayed for Lance and he definitely felt God’s presence. John shared some of his story with him and we talked with Lance for quite some time. We prayed for him and Lani gave him a prophetic word before he had to go meet some friends. Before he left, Lance showed us a prayer he keeps in his pocket and prays every day so we prayed it with him. SEE PHOTO OF PRAYER ABOVE.
A little further along the skywalk we met Wayne and Feather, a married couple who are homeless. She had just been released from jail for attacking Wayne and although they said they were trying to work things out the relationship seemed rather toxic. John shared some of his story with Wayne and showed him some scars he had from an accident and Wayne showed us multiple stab wounds all over his body. He broke down weeping telling John his story of childhood abuse and the two of them prayed and  hugged. Feather was ecstatic to receive many OF the toiletry items and socks I was carrying. We prayed for creative solutions to their housing situation and they were thrilled. Later, Lani gave them a Bible and as we left Portage Place, we noticed Wayne and Feather reading it.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight I went out with Ed, Michelle and Tanya and we went to St. Boniface Hospital to pray for a 94 year old woman believer named Sadie who had a serious lung infection.  As we walked through the lobby I was drawn to an aboriginal couple who were sitting down.  The woman, Hanna shared that she was pregnant and that her water broke and was waiting for her baby to be born.  As we prayed for her I had a prophetic picture for here husband of a broken glass that had been put back together but was needing to be filled.  This really impacted him and he confirmed was true.  He shared how he had a lot of brokenness in his life but that He wanted the Lord to fill his life so we all took hands and both of them committed their lives to the Lord.  SEE PHOTO ABOVE.
We then went to the fourth floor to pray for Sadie’s lung infection.  She was so grateful for our visit and prayers.  We then prayed for Betty who was a believer in the bed beside her who had swollen feet and in some discomfort.  As we prayed for her she was filled with joy and gratitude that we had cared enough for her.
We then went across the hall to the visitors lounge where we asked the people if anyone needed prayer.  We found a Filipino woman in a wheelchair who had brain cancer and cancer in her back.  Her twin sister was also there with their 80 year old father.  You could feel the heaviness and sadness on her but as we prayed,  she shared that a lightness came upon her and that she felt much, much better.  We are believing for all cancer to be gone.  They were overjoyed with our love and our words of hope and encouragement.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
Last evening Audrey, Jerrold, and myself started out at HSC where we prayed for an elderly man who had problems with swelling in his body due to an affliction that the source was unknown, although it looked like he was on the road to recovery and doing well.  He was very receiving us coming and I gave him a men’s toiletry kit which works well for when a person is in the hospital.  He was tired, but very grateful.  We prayed for healing for him and ministered the Lord’s encouragement to him.  Found out that he was a believer in Jesus.  As we prayed, his roomy, a spunky elderly woman named Bernice, was listening to us.  Initially, she was very resistant to hearing about the Gospel and still did not want prayer, but after we prayed for the man we briefly spoke with her on our way out of the room.  She had some resistance, but I believe that God used our visit and kindness towards her to touch her, though she did not receive any prayer that night.  Praying I will see Bernice again.  Pray for her salvation as she is in her 80’s and has lymphatic cancer.
Our next adventure was at the Quest Inn where we did not see that many people in the lobby tonight.  It was very quiet for the most part other than an angry man outside the entrance who was threatening people and walking around yelling.  He tried many times to get into the hotel, but the security (Ramone and a new trainee named Gabe) had locked the door and would only allow those who had business at the hotel to come inside much to his frustration.  At one point the man had tried to smash open the doors and had hurt two people outside when he attacked them.  From what I could see he looked like he was high on meth and was very violent.  While inside the Quest our team prayed for the hotel, the patrons, this man, and the success of our Alpha program that we would like to host there.  Please be in prayer for the hotel and this new venture for H2O.  As Jerrold and Audrey have not been to the Quest before I explained a few things about the hotel and what they do, how this hotel sees mostly aboriginals from the northern communities who fly in for medical treatment.  So we very often have an opportunity to pray for their healing and lead them to Christ if they do not know Him.  What an honour to have an open door in the Spirit and for God’s kingdom at the door (in spite of what goes on outside sometimes!)  Later, our team went to Portage Place where we ministered to some of the people there just before the Food Court closed and afterwards a group of us gathered around as Jerrold and others prayed yet again for a young woman with a leg injury (she started to walk better!!) and another woman who was led to the Lord!  Even after hours Portage Place still provides many more opportunities for us to pray and care for others and see God move!

Darlene’s Report:
This is a report from last week.
Last week Kevin, Jeremiah, Gelane and I went to Portage Place to encounter whoever God brought across our path.  As it happens we met the first individual on the way into the mall.  He was a young Métis man.  He told us his name was Lily and Kevin asked if he was hungry.  He said yes, so Kevin invited him to the mall and added he would buy food for him.  After the food was purchased Kevin, Gelane and I  prayed for Lily telling him who God said he was and I prayed for Lily’s friend Wilcox asking the Lord to reveal his value to Him.
After I went to talk with Sisario a middle aged Asian man and shared the gospel with him.  Kevin came over to pray for Sisario’s eyes as he said they were blurry when looking at a distance.
Then I met Abraham and prayed for him that God would guide and direct him.  He is divorced but his ex-wife is a Christian and encourages him.  He knew God and really believed Jesus had helped him recently when he reached the end of his rope.
The night was spent speaking life into many people’s lives.

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