#185 – Incredible Divine Encounter

“Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.” Mathew 5:42

This Week’s Highlights
*There Is More To The Story – see below
*Boxing Day Prayer Encounters – see Gaylene
*Words of Knowledge Enhance Prayer Encounters – see Lorraine

Two Team Members (Gaylene & Lani) showed up at Portage Place to minister on Boxing Day which closed at 5.   Below Gaylene reports on their encounters.

Incredible Divine Encounter – There’s More To The Story:
Last week Iris reported on an encounter with a lady named Melissa who received a brand new pair of stylized moccasins, and who had been very impacted by their prayer time.  But it didn’t end there – read on to discover just what an amazing Divine encounter this continued to be as Lorraine tells us more of the story.
As Les, Tanya, and I walked into Portage Place we encountered a young woman and her son Noah, which I was introduced to via Gaylene & the other team members.  Les had a word of encouragement for her.  Iris had asked me to prophesy over her, seeking the Lord for some clarity, direction, etc.  As it turned out everything that the Lord shared with me totally fit with her circumstances and what the team had already spoken over her previously.  Crazy!  And I also sensed some demonic junk hindering her and asked her about it.  She agreed that yes, she sensed something but didn’t know what to do about it.  She was a believer in Jesus, but very young in her faith.  We broke a bunch of stuff off of her life and for a few minutes she was very quiet and almost seemed to be in a trance-like state as if something was hindering her.  Then I briefly prayed in tongues over her and suddenly whatever it was left and her head flew backwards as if startled and she was completely free!!  (Praise Jesus—He’s amazing!)
Then Jesus spoke to me and said, “Ask her for her full name.”  I thought that was a weird question, but asked her anyway.  As she told me I knew immediately that she was one of the people who had contacted me about a month earlier via Facebook about an interest in Kingdom H2O’s Boot Camp for February, 2020!!  And she had recently sent me another email about the camp.  For some weird reason she never got my first message [likely our enemy trying to stop her.]  As it turned out this beautiful woman had no money to take the camp, but really wanted to go and didn’t know what to do.  As it turned out, about two weeks ago or so, I had a person who had contacted me out of the blue and who had agreed to donate some money so that one of our students could attend and I knew at that moment that this donation was for Melissa!  Coincidence??  Nope!  At that moment everyone of us knew that was God!!  As I introduced myself and who I was, gave her card, her mouth dropped and she began to cry.  We also gave her a purse as a gift, filled with all kinds of little things that were perfect for her and her son.
This was one of the most amazing divine appointments I have ever witnessed.  Those who were still present at that time (it was getting later and some team members had to leave), were absolutely shocked like I was!!  Jesus set this up and He ambushed all of us with His love and power, especially ambushing Melissa!  She knew beyond a doubt that God had arranged this encounter and was undone.  The Lord knew that at that time I would come into the mall with our small team, and that I had seen this contact information for the camp and had messaged her (though never met her personally), and that this woman would be there in the mall that night so we could meet face to face, and that we could pray for her and see her set free and blessed!!  Such is the crazy love and power of God!  This is one of the things I love about H2O:  How God sets us up if we will wait and listen to Him, and directs our footsteps to where we each need to go to meet a need.
As I left a short while later, Melissa was already praying for another older aboriginal woman and as she prayed over her and ministered, the elderly woman began to weep in her arms as Jesus touched her heart with His powerful love working through Melissa!  What an amazing God we serve.  So grateful for His deep love and to be a part of this.

Gaylene’s Boxing Day Report:
I arrived at the mall around 3pm and while waiting for Lani to arrive I ran into Mason. Mason is well known to me…I’ve known him for the last 18 months when he was drug dealing, wrangling with his addiction to meth and had a very pregnant girlfriend. Yesterday I was struck at how well he seemed. He’d just got out of jail, was clean for several months, working at Boston Pizza and had a kid, although he’s struggling with his child’s mother. He’s coping with the challenges  of sober life so we had a good honest chat about addiction (he’s still casually using weed and alcohol). I prayed for him and once again felt God’s love and hope for Mason, which I declared over him.
Once Lani arrived, we walked upstairs near to the YMCA I noticed a couple young men on a bench. One seemed almost catatonic and would not respond to us in any way and the other guy was adamant against any sort of prayer or even chatting. Another young man came and stood nearby and he was talking to himself and quite agitated when we tried to engage him. Chris, one of our favourite security guards, then approached us and asked if we were okay. Lani and I were both touched by his genuine concern for us.  He told us to avoid MTS Centre because there was an incident and someone had sprayed bear mace in the hallway.
Lani and I ended up wandering that way a bit later. The bear mace had been cleared (I could smell it faintly) but the atmosphere was discernibly heavy.
We ran into a lady wandering around in the skywalk who appeared be Innu. She didn’t want prayer, but in fact it was difficult to communicate with her and …not sure if it was language barrier, her being altered on substances, mental illness or a combination of all three. She seemed to track with us until we got to Cityplace, where we noticed she was taking partially eaten food off the tables. Although we didn’t pray with her, we prayed for her.
A lot of people said no to prayer and we suspect it was because it was Boxing Day and they were more intent on shopping. So there came a point when Lani and I decided we were mostly there to prayer walk, which is certainly important.
As the mall closed at 6pm, Chris came over to chat with us. He’s been working days so we don’t see him that often and he shared how he’s applied for a job in corrections in The Pas, that he’s a chef by trade (he gave Lani some cooking tips), and he has a bad knee (and none of us has offered to pray for him yet…I think we should rectify that).

Pastor Lorraine’s Report (from last week):
Last Thursday our team (Tanya, Les and myself) went to Siloam Mission and wished many a Merry Christmas, blessed them and gave out cards and gifts, made some new connections and prayed for some, etc. [Apparently, I now have the nickname of “Mittsy” from one of the regulars! LOL].
After our brief time at the mission we went over to the Quest Inn, wished the staff a blessed Christmas (as they know us), and prayed for various needs.  Tanya prayed for a woman with a walker as God spoke to her. The woman felt deep peace and Jesus’ love settle on her as Tanya released healing to her legs and body. God told Tanya to tell her that she could stand up and walk anytime as God gave Tanya a word of knowledge about the woman’s legs & prayed.  In the meantime Les and I met Ruby, a young mother with her 2 year old daughter Olivia, and her mother Pam.  They both welcomed our prayers and as we prayed for Ruby who needed clear direction and many other answers from the Lord [both were believers], Holy Spirit began to speak and release some very specific and powerful words of knowledge to both Les and I:  I heard “daycare” and asked Ruby about this.  She was taking a Daycare ECE training program and had stopped, unsure about what direction to go in.  I saw her with a daycare in her home with many young children to care for and I believe God is going to provide a place for her to work out of her home with children.  Les heard the word “bills” and asked her about this.  As it turned out Ruby was unsure and had some huge bills to pay and stopped her program.  Wow!  God read her mail!  I sensed the Lord strongly encouraging her to continue on with her program and that He would provide the finances to finish and she would do well.  She was shocked by the accuracy of the words we brought to her and we asked if she’d like to receive that spiritual gift from the Lord.  She did!!  Later, we prayed for her mom, Pam, and God gave us both words of knowledge about her situation as well:  She needed a job, but didn’t know what to do.  As she shared the Lord told us, “working with food” and “hospitality”.  And as we released these too she was very shocked and it fit with her love to cook, work with people, and serving food.  Les then saw a buffet line.  Then I heard “bannock” and that she liked to make bannock, but not the normal kind—bannock with raisins and bannock covered in icing sugar, etc.  and she totally agreed that was what she liked to do.  So we prophesied over the two women and Olivia the young child who were very blessed and knew God was speaking and directing them in what to do.

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