#186 – Addiction Healed and Salvation Imparted

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.” Prov. 31:8, 9

This Week’s Highlights
*Addiction Healed and Salvation Imparted – see below
*Get Ready For The Ride In 2020 – see Gaylene
*Blind Eye Healed – see Jerrold
*New Believers Grow In Faith – see Pastor Lorraine
*Words Of Knowledge Kick In – see Trevor

Twenty-one Mall Warriors came out to minister this week and went to St. Boniface Hospital, Siloam Missions, Quest Inn, and Portage Place.
At Portage Place I visited with and bought food for a few of the regulars.  Near the end of the evening Gaylene called me over to her table and introduced me to a young First Nations man named Kilmer, who told me he was addicted to alcohol, and he wanted to be free of his addiction.  He said he was now 23, and he first became aware he was addicted at 18.  He was very sober as we talked, and I shared my story of being healed by Jesus of my addiction, and I asked if he would like me to pray for the same healing for him.  He began to weep, grabbed my hand and said yes.  While I prayed the tears rolled down his cheeks.  I also talked to him about some challenges he may face from friends who may want him to keep drinking, and I prayed a blessing of strength for him to be able to not yield to any pressure from his friends.  I then asked him if he knew Jesus, and he said he believed in the Creator.  I explained that Jesus, his healer, was the Creator, and asked if he would like Jesus in his heart.  The tears were still rolling as he said yes.  I then led him in a prayer of salvation, and invited him to meet me again next week.
Kilmer was desperate, he knew he needed a healing saviour.  It was obvious that he believed in the power of prayer, and it was also obvious that the Holy Spirit was present in power.  The combination of his faith in prayer, my confident faith in the power of Jesus to heal people of addictions, and the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit, insures his prayer was answered, the Kingdom was built, and the name of Jesus was glorified.
(See Gaylene’s Report below for more of Kilmer’s story, and how other Team Members had prepared him for my visit)

Gaylene’s Report:
I’ve been a little exasperated lately when people refer to me as an evangelist. Yes, I’m an urban missionary, and I believe my primary function in ministry is helping people encounter the kindest man I’ve ever met, which points them to the gospel of Christ. But traditional evangelism methods have never really worked for me. On January 1 I was so encouraged to hear Australian Ben Fitzgerald preach at Jesus Image 19. Holy Spirit used him to provoke me about praying for my family and proclaiming Jesus. Then he said this which made me almost fall off my chair: “Evangelism is not something evangelists do. It’s actually the DNA of God.”
So I was feeling pretty darned expectant and emboldened about the first Thursday night of 2020 at Portage Place.
Al gave me a bag full of scarves, hats and granola bars and one of the first people Lani and I met in the food court was Dolores. She was happy for a nice scarf and desperate for prayer for her older children who are dealing with meth addiction. A believer, she struggles with addiction herself to cope with the many losses she’s endured. She’s a prayer warrior, but years of unanswered prayers seemed to be wearing her down. We prayed for her and assured her that the Lord hears her cries for her family’s struggles and is not daunted by her addictions and in fact will help her through. She was so grateful and hugged me several times.
We noticed a group of people sitting by the photo booth and offered them scarves and hats and one of the young men sat quietly and watched. Lani asked him if he’d like a scarf and he said he’d like one for his girlfriend and a pair of socks for himself. When we asked if he’d like prayer, he started weeping and said he was an alcoholic and really wanted to stop drinking. Kilmer, originally from Garden Hill, grew up with alcoholic parents and in a community ravaged by addiction and mental illness. He was truly at the end of himself and acknowledged Creator God was the only way he was going to gain victory over alcoholism but he struggles with temptation. I spent some time sharing my story and how God will help him gain sobriety and fight against temptation and Lani prophesied over him. Jeremiah joined us and shared the gospel with Kilmer, at which point I called Al over.
Earlier in the day I had talked to Clement, an international student from Nigeria who was deeply in need of prayer, but he didn’t call me back until shortly before 9pm. Lani and I headed over to meet him the Downtown Commons across from the Bay. We met in the common room which was empty except for a group of Middle Eastern international students drinking tea and playing cards. Clement, a Catholic of the charismatic persuasion, came to Winnipeg in September and has been dealing with a persistent stomach issue that ended him up in the hospital for several days right before Christmas. He was diagnosed with stomach ulcers and although he was released, he hasn’t gotten much better. Lani and I spent some time listening to his story and it’s clear anxiety is at least partly at the root of his issues. We both prophesied over him and he was awed by the words, which confirmed several things in his life. She’d brought some oil and we anointed him and prayed for him, at which point he ended up facedown on the floor speaking in tongues and weeping. It was a powerful encounter.
And interesting that the Muslim students caught almost all of it (there was a wall divider between us but we could hear each other). Had it not been late, I would’ve totally asked to pray for them as well 🙂
Get ready for the ride, my friends. 2020 is gonna be quite the year.

Jerrold’s Report:
Ed, Andy, Michelle, Audrey and I went to Siloam mission tonight, the first person we prayed for, his pain didn’t leave, we blessed him and went on (we could have been discouraged but we believe something always happens when we pray).  The very next person we prayed for was blind in one eye, we prayed for him once, and he could see out of that eye! Praise Jesus!
We also gave out hot chocolate, 40 pairs of socks, 10 pair gloves, and toiletry kits for men and women.  We also prayed for many other people that got touched by the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
I went out with Leslie who joined us for the first time.  As we entered Portage Place Mall we met 3 people seated on a bench and struck up conservation with them.  As we heard their stories (one was named Delores who was concerned about her children), we offered to pray for them  All three were friends/family members and they had lost loved ones.  We also gave them a few items that we had such as men’s/women’s toiletry kits and other items to keep them warm.  A bit later Leslie and I met up with Melissa, Iris, Lani, and a few other H2O team members.  Melissa asked us to pray for a woman she had met in the store so we stood in the concourse and prayed for healing and for the Lord’s divine appointment for her, believing that the Spirit of God was touching her while the four of us prayed.  Melissa was hopeful that she would meet her again to speak to her further about the Lord.
Then, a short while later, Melissa introduced me to a friend of hers named C., a wounded man struggling with addiction.  It turned out that C. was a believer in Jesus and he was a very gentle, kind man with a huge heart, but his addiction and pain hindered him.  As we began to pray for him he could sense a major shift happening in him and pressure or heaviness lifting off of him.  He was overwhelmed by the love of God!
We spent the rest of the night praying for various people and hanging out in Portage Place, even chatting with the some of the security guards there.  Overall it was an encouraging night as I watched Melissa and Leslie (new believers) sharing Jesus and growing in their faith!  What a privilege to do this ministry!”

Trevor’s Report:
This Thursday I was with Kevin, Tanya and Elizabeth, who had joined us for the first time. We went to pray for a lady (Sadie) at St Boniface hospital. We prayed healing over her body of pneumonia, she was sleeping and so she couldn’t tell us how she was doing.
After that we met a young guy wearing glasses and Kevin asked me to pray for him commanding all blindness to go. Kevin said that he believes that the blindness will leave his eyes when he gets up in the morning. I had a word for him as well and I said “This is the year to receive 2020 vision cause its is 2020 this year.”
I also had a word for his grandma. This is where words of knowledge kicked in. His grandma had severe back pain, ranging  from 5 to 10.  She was putting her hands down under her knees of both legs and I could see and knew what was troubling her.  I said you have a metal plate and screws in your legs and you are in lots of pain. She said yes, so I put my hand on her legs and commanded all the pain to leave and all metal to melt into bones. She felt heat in my hands as I was praying. She then got up and she felt better.  It was a great night.

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