#190 – Location For Alpha Course Found 

But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”  Matthew 6:3

This Week’s Highlights 
*Alpha Location Found – see Pastor Lorraine
*Demon Manifests in Mall – see Pastor Lorraine
*Elder’s Hope Renewed – see Linda
*Hot Chocolate And Socks Meet Needs – see Jerrold
*Uganda Student Encouraged By Prayer – see Gaylene

This week 13 Street Servants came out to minister, and went to Siloam Mission, Quest Inn, and Portage Place.
Last night I was a poor advertisement for a healing ministry.  Earlier in the day I had done some snow shovelling and developed pain and spasms in my back.  It just gradually got worse, and by the time I got to Winnipeg for Street Ministry, I could barely walk.  I received prayer and then decided to turn around and go home.  Today I am doing better – thank you Lord.
But all ministry for me was not lost this week, as on Wednesday night I was at Stony Prison helping Chaplain Scott with an evangelism presentation.  He expected 5 prisoners to show-up, but 16 did, and most participated in the discussion.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
We have found a spot for our Alpha Program which will start very shortly – stay tuned for date and time.  We’re excited about it and Gaylene is now getting geared up to lead it.  So appreciate the many prayers from God’s people for this!!  And keep praying for more people to join it.  The space is at 376 Notre Dame, about a block from Central Park.  It is occupied by Encountering Hope Ministries of Canada, and they are donating the use of the space to us.  The Director, Allan Hiller, has been out with KH2O, and he is very familiar with our ministry.  Encountering Hope is a ministry that works with refugees, providing them with support in every way.
Tonight we had a situation involving a person who needed some help getting free from demonic spirits/influence.  On two occasions, as we prayed, she fell to the floor in Portage Place screaming, and no security showed-up – thank you Lord.  It was an honour to love on her and share Jesus’ love and heart for her.  She experienced some freedom and it’s an honour to walk beside her on her journey towards freedom in Christ.  This is what love looks like!!            Previously, at the Quest Inn, our team (Michelle, Linda & myself), were honoured to pray for an aboriginal couple who had just lost their family member.  They were strong believers in Jesus and it was our privilege to pray for them and their family members and walk beside them, though momentarily, in their loss.  God released some prophetic words/pictures/words of knowledge which they gladly received.  Wow!  Such faith this elderly couple had, and  their deep love for Jesus (and others) was obvious.

Linda’s Report:
One of the highlights tonight was seeing hope renewed with elders at the Quest Inn.  Another was seeing how the Lord is moving on hearts over time at Portage Place and being reminded to pray for that mall which is evolving under new ownership.  And finally, it is being reminded that Jesus wants to see those who are workers in the harvest overcome all the snares of the enemy, to live in freedom, and walk closer to Him.  He is always preparing us and He wastes nothing.  God knows things long before we go anywhere and knows what is needed.  It is such a privilege and joy to be a part of what the Lord desires to do in this city.

Jerrold’s Report:
Tonight Ed, Derek and I went to Siloam Mission,(Derek came out to the streets for the first time in two years) it was a quieter night than usual, we gave out hot chocolate and socks, we prayed for a few people and had some good conversations. After that we went to Portage Place where we prayed for somebody in a wheelchair who had a stroke and we gave him money and helped him get a cab to get home, after that we dropped Derek off at his house, and Ed and I prayed for Derek for his arthritis to leave, his pain was greatly diminished and we believe with him for his complete healing in Jesus name.

Gaylene’s Report:
I got to Portage Place late because of a meeting and offered to pray for a few people, all of whom declined.
Right at the end of the night, God highlighted Ben eating in the food court so I introduced myself. He’s an international student from Uganda who just arrived in Winnipeg in January from Kampala. Since I’ve been to Uganda, we had a lot to talk about. He has quite a few questions with God, plus he’s been struggling quite a bit about the school he’s chosen and he’s very lonely. Lani gave him a word of knowledge about sadness and his complicated relationship with his father which got his attention because they were both accurate. I explained a lot of what he’s struggling with is culture shock and that seemed to really help him. We prayed for Ben and he brightened considerably. Later he told me I was the most legit missionary he’s ever met, a true compliment if you know Uganda, which is inundated with missionaries.

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