#193 – God Provides ‘Open Door’ For Teaching & Healing

Blessed is he who is generous to the poor.” Proverbs 14:21

Ten people showed-up for the Alpha Course Training and Planning night.  The course will start Monday the 24th, at 6:30, at 376 Norte Dame (back entrance).  We have room for about 6 more attendees.

This Week’s Highlights 
*Special Report On Team Visit to “Open Door” Church in Morris, MB – see ‘Open Door Report’ Below
*Object Lesson On Freedom – also see “Open Door” & pictures
*No Longer Needs Knee Brace – see Jerrold and picture
*Power Of Agreement Works – see Linda
*Back Healed – Shaman Impacted – see Jeremiah

Fourteen Sword Wielders came out this week and went to Quest Inn and Portage Place.

Open Door Report:
At the “Open Door” church service Kevin gave an object lesson about a monkey that included a vase and an avocado.  The point of the illustration was that in order to enjoy our freedom as Christians we may need to let go of some things.  Here in a nutshell is what he said:
Who wants to learn how to catch a monkey?  Kevin exclaimed as he walked off the stage in Morris Manitoba with his wireless mic and proudly holding up his cheap value village vase and fresh Avocado.
People were curious with the issued challenge.  Wrap your hand fully around the avocado hiding at the bottom of this vase and try to take it out.  One young person was immediately identifying with the goal and raise her hand excited to try.  As she reached inside obediently, her fist that so easily slid into the vase now no longer wanted to come out.  A second young man wanted to try as well, but after following the instructions, no go for him either.
“You see” Kevin taught, “this is how you catch a monkey”.  If you tie the vase to a tree and make it known there is a big fat fruit inside, they will come down from the tree tops, and try to get that fruit, at which time a hunter causally walks up to the freaking out monkey and throws a net over it.
Are we free in Christ?  Yes!  Well, sort of.  We are free, but we are only free when we let go of the thoughts, imaginations, words and actions that differ from God.  When we hold onto unforgiveness, bitterness or a sense of being a victim we are like that monkey, holding onto it’s prized fruit.  And we end up in the fowlers net every time.   Kevin made his point and the people got it.  Then he read the passage from Philippians 4:8.
“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

On Sunday February 16th, KH2O leadership was invited to speak and minister at the Open Door Church in Morris, MB.  Pastor Lorraine, Kevin & Jackie Penner, and Trevor Hodgson.  Here are a few of their comments:

Jackie – “It was a wonderful morning! Both Kevin’s and Pastor Lorraine’s messages flowed well and I believe many people were ministered to. The feedback was so positive!”
Kevin – “So many came forward for prayer and we spent hours visiting afterwards at a leadership lunch.”
Trevor – “The morning service was just incredible. God provided me with several words of knowledge about people’s healing needs, and some people received healing.  It was such an amazing day with them. God is so good! :)”
Pastor Lorraine – “People were receptive to us, and in fact showed wonderful hospitality.  We were warmly received.  We spent much of our time after the service with many of the leaders in the church and had a great time of discussion around the dinner table for a few hours, sharing some of our stories of healings that we have seen and how we came into the healing ministry. I hope there’s another opportunity to come back to Open Door and do more ministry with them, maybe even doing a training weekend/workshop with them to show them how we do what we do and maybe take them out into their city or whatever God wants to do and whatever the leadership feels comfortable with.”
Pastor Karyn Pearson (Open Door) – “I was so thrilled at how many came to alter for prayer at the end! We don’t usually see that many people, so that was so encouraging to see that!”

Jerrold’s Report:
Tonight Chantel, Derick, Lorna and I went to the Quest Inn. On the way in, we prayed for an old lady who had vision problems and knee pain, her vision improved and her knee pain went away.
The ladies then prayed for this woman who had breathing problems which got much better as the Holy Spirit touched her, and then they prayed for Alice for her broken marriage, and she got touched by the Holy Spirit.
Derick and I then prayed for Jonah, who had knee problems, Derick laid hands on his knee and the pain left immediately, it was the first time Derick had that experience.
Then Linda also joined us, and we prayed for Riel, whom I had met previously.  He had hurt his leg and he had a knee brace on, so we prayed for him and his pain went away.  He took the knee brace off and carried it in his hand, he said he feels much better.  We also blessed him and could see that he was touched by the Holy Spirit (see pic).
Then we went to Portage Place Mall.  At the entrance there was a girl that was passed out from drugs, the paramedics were working on her, Linda and Chantel  stood nearby and prayed for her and the paramedics ask them what they were doing, they said we’re just praying.  Then the girl got up and just walked out! One paramedic came up to them and said, your prayers worked! praise Jesus.  I then had a good conversation with Ray, who is apparently a shaman, He says he is a believer in Jesus, but has a little bit of a different theology, I shared with him biblical truths and he was really engaged in the conversation and wants to meet and talk some more next week, praise the Lord!


Linda’s Report:
Tonight I met up with Jerrold and the team who were ministering at the Quest, only to agree in prayer and witness to a miraculous moment in the life of a man who wanted prayer for leg pain and he took the step of faith by removing his leg brace and began walking, only to find much of the pain had left.  It led to a request for a deeper healing where he faced a hard battle with alcohol.   As we were leaving he was so overcome by the Presence of the Lord he did not want to leave, but when he did, it was with great joy, shared with his friend, who knew he needed a touch from the Lord and saw this meeting as such a divine appointment in his life.
As I was walking to Portage Place with the team, I had seen emergency vehicles around the entrance.  There was a woman on the floor between the doors and emergency personnel and security were trying to communicate with her.  She was on the floor and did not seem very responsive or alert.  I felt to just stop and pray but not to interfere with what they were doing.  One of the responders came outside and told us to use the other door, thinking I was maybe planning to use that door and I said that I just stopped to pray.  He thanked me for doing that and we entered the other set of doors.  As we walked around past that first set of doors from the inside, the same man met us again and said “your prayer worked.  The lady was able to walk out of here.”  It was like someone flipped a switch because it all happened so quickly.  Praise the Lord.  In the responder’s acceptance of and gratitude for prayer, it became a powerful agreement in the Lord for a breakthrough in the situation.
Inside Portage Place, I prayed with a team member who had an unction to come. She maybe thought it was for some other reason, but the Lord really wanted to edify her mind and bring some healing to her heart, which he did through several team members with much love.  She ended the night with more peace in the Lord and strength, even though she was aware of the deeper work ahead that the Lord yet wanted for her.
Tonight, I was surprised when a regular patron from Portage Place came and asked me for prayer.  I had not had someone approach me as I was used to approaching others for prayer.    I had talked to her nephew a little earlier, although he did not want to prayer at that time; he just wanted a cigarette.  Here he was now joining us and agreeing in prayer for his aunt.    In that agreement in Christ, it seemed they were both blessed and the man received what he really needed most.
If there was any theme tonight, it had to be the power of agreement in Jesus!

Jeremiah’s Report:
The highlight of last night was an encounter Jerrold and I had with a shaman named Ray, and his buddy named JJ at the Portage Place Food Court.  Team members have spoken with Ray in the past a few times, sometimes he’s receptive, sometimes he pretends he doesn’t even know us!  I figured I wouldn’t take the risk, so I got him some chicken:). Food always works.
We sat down at his table and chatted and shared a few testimonies of healings. Ray told us his friend JJ had pain in his back. We asked JJ how bad the pain was on a scale from 1 – 10. “10 out of 10,” JJ blurted out. He did construction for 20 years! “That’ll do it,” Jerrold agreed.
After we prayed for JJ, he wouldn’t say anything immediately as he was testing his back.  After what felt like at least a minute, he told us with confidence it was better! But there was still a tiny bit of tightness. Two prayers later, all pain gone!
JJ then told Ray to get prayer for his knee, there are two metal screws in there. holding it all together, we prayed for the metal to dissolve! Ray said he felt the heat, Very cool!
JJ believes in Jesus, I’m not too sure what exactly Ray believes, but we will continue to give him love encounters.
Next week I’m expecting to see JJ as he was very eager to meet again.

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