#40 – Active Night With Mixed Results

     There were about 25 team members ministering this Thursday.  One team went to Main Street, and at least one team went to City Place.
     The people who come out to minister on Thursday nights represent many faith communities, and yet we enjoy great unity around the purpose of Kingdom building.  Randy Clark, in his book ‘There is More’ expresses our experience well when he says: “The question of what ‘camp’ someone came out of fades away as you realize you do not know who the Pentecostals are from the Presbyterians on the team, or who the Methodists are from the Mennonites, or who the Catholics are from the Church of God, or who the Baptists are from the Brethren.  Rather than being divided over past issues and obstacles, we find ourselves loving each other with a quick bonding that can only be supernatural.  We have a joyous time together casting out demons, and healing the sick.”
     I spent time with 5 different homeless people, all the people that I have prayed with before (Edna, Ron, No Name, Geraldine, & James).  Three were hungry so I bought them food.  One needed some money, and I also gave her some gloves and a pair of warm socks.  Another said he had fallen into sin, and although he had repented, he was so full of guilt.  I reminded him that if we repent God forgives us.  I then prayed a blessing of release from the spirit of guilt for him.  He then felt relieved.  He went through my bag of socks and gloves but didn’t find anything he could use.
Pastor Thomas’ Team

     Tonight I had on my team Annette, Adina, and Carissa and ended up meeting up at Tim Horton’s at Portage Place where altogether we talked to about a dozen people.  Annette picked up some coffees to give away and immediately spent time ministering to two women, Chelsea and Janet.  Janet suffered from PTSD and needed prayer for many areas of personal brokenness.  We got a prophetic picture which really ministered to her and Holy Spirit came over her and her knee was healed.  We prayed at another table in the food court for a man named Hasting who had a damaged finger which was completely healed.

     We were later joined by Henry who is a friend of Annette’s and we shared the Gospel to a Muslim youth from Tunisia, Somalia, and Sudan.  After that an aboriginal couple came into the entrance way where we were and they said they felt a presence hit them when we asked them if they needed prayer for anything.  I was astonished to hear that the man whose name was Brent had been a survivor of the 60’s Scoop since I had met someone who experienced that last week.  We shared the love of God and the power of the Gospel and he accepted Jesus into his heart but then struggled when I asked him if He would be willing to forgive the people that hurt him from his past.  Weeping profusely he did forgive and then didn’t want to let go of my hand.  He experienced the presence of God in a powerful way. He also had a swollen foot from diabetes which was also healed completely as well.  Praise God!

Andy’s Team

We encountered 7 people at Portage place, prayed for 2. Sharing Jesus with 3 more. No salvations or immediate miracles.  A good connecting time with people and with team though.

Dove’s Team

      We were trying to be under the security radar so we spilt up …Lucille went to the food court and just sat and talked to people while Andrew and I went to City Place stopping and asking people if they had any pain in their body.  The first young man we met had level 3 pain.  Andrew prayed for him (his first time) and the pain dropped to 0.
By the time we got to CP food court, everything was closed so we determined we would speak to the only two ladies left.   One of them said she had neuropathy so we prayed for her neck, back, and legs but no change.  Then she told us all about her life and that she was legally blind.  We prayed for her eyes but nothing happened.   After spending a long time with her we told her we would meet her next week at the same place and time.

Lorraine’s Team

     Bought me some shoes!  Hey, I’m a shopper/customer in the mall so what can I say…or rather, what can the mall security say when they see my parcel?

     Met with homeless Edna in the food court.  She was quite agitated.  Offered to pray for her after some time (and she yelled at me…demonic).  I prayed quietly for peace and bound up all the unclean spirits there.  Then a few minutes later she was much quieter and apologized to me!  All good.  Forgiven.  Loved on her for a bit.

     Met a couple of aboriginal young adults.  They were cousins.  Saw the man a few weeks before and prayed briefly for him.  He didn’t want prayer initially tonight as he said his native medicine would be good enough.  Then a few minutes later he waved me over and asked if I would pray for the situation with his cousin who was about 25 and had just committed suicide up in Island Lake.  He was leaving to fly home for the wake.  So I prayed for him and the family.

       Met teammate Barak’s new friend, Kyle, who was just hanging-out observing what we were doing.  I asked if I could pray for him and he told me he was an atheist, but let me pray for him anyway when I told him that God’s okay with atheists!  I got a word of knowledge ‘business’ which surprised him as he said that he had just moved to Wpg to do business here for his parents and wanted to make money in the real estate market.  He was a bit surprised when I gave him the word of knowledge.  Anyway, we had a good introductory discussion and I had to leave.  I invited him to come out again if he could.

     Prayed for an aboriginal woman tonight by the name of Autumn.  Both she and her younger sister(who was a believer in Jesus), were seriously struggling with depression.  I saw a demon on her head and mentioned that the cause of her depression was a spirit.  So I asked her if she wanted to be free from that.  And then also invited her to receive Jesus to replace the demon’s presence.  She said yes, and I broke off the demon related to her depression and led her to Christ.  Yeah God!  Immediately she started to smile and I could see light in her where before there was darkness.  She still had other things and demonic baggage to deal with as I heard the Lord say that it was generational.  So I shared that with them after asking them a few questions about their family and depression.  They said that many of their family members had depression.  Hoping to meet with these two young women again as we didn’t get a chance to break that stuff with them, but I advised them both that they could take authority over this and break it’s influence over their family.  Sadly, didn’t have much time to go further.  Iris and Diana can likely add more to the story from their angle as they were there too and had initially engaged the other sister.  (See Iris’s Team below *)

     So in all, we had 11 contacts/connections, and lead one person to the Lord tonight.  Cast out one unclean spirit.

Iris’s Team

     We encountered 10 people.  We prayed for an aboriginal couple that was sitting in the food court.  Alex had diabetes and double vision. When we asked if we could pray for that, he said that he had been sitting there praying that someone would come up to pray for them. He said that he talks to God all the time but does not consider himself religious. He said he was Roman Catholic and his wife was Pentecostal. When we prayed for his eyesight (3 times) and no change, his countenance showed disappointment.  And then he said, “Okay, now pray for the other things.”  When we asked His wife what she would like us to pray for, Alex shared for her that her son had been run over by a drunk driver two years before and killed. He was 21. The grief was still deep, and she struggles with depression and sleeping. They are also dealing with the court case against the men that had killed her son. We prayed for her heart, and Dianna had a prophetic word for her that she saw a rainbow over her, and that it represented generational blessing. That even though her son was gone, there was still a promise and generational blessing that God had over her family and over her son’s life.

     A young lady walked past us, having just come into the entrance at Portage place. When asked if she had anything we could pray for, she said that she was looking for her sister who was living on the streets, she had been there for five months and sees her about every two months. She was in a hurry, and you could see the fear, worry, and distraction on her face. We prayed that she would be led to where her sister was, and for protection over her sister. Not a good situation for a young lady to live on the street, so after she left we continued on in praying for both of them.

     * Towards the end of the evening Dianna and I saw two young ladies and went up to chat with them. One was wearing headphones and speaking on the phone, and we chatted with Darcy, asking her if she had physical pain. She hesitated, and I asked if we could pray for emotional pain for her. She immediately said yes, that she was really struggling with depression and anxiety. And then her sister waved at her to come. We quickly prayed for her, and they left.  About half a minute later, her sister Autumn stood in front of me and said, “I asked my sister what you had wanted, and she said you had prayed for her. I want prayer too.”  Right then Lorraine walked up to our group, and immediately discerned and said to Autumn, “There’s a spirit on you, sitting right on top of your head do you want that gone?” Autumn quietly said, “Of course”.   Lorraine took her hand and asked the holy spirit to come and rest on her, and then led her to renounce the spirit and receive Jesus.  As she did that, a weight fell off her and her entire face changed. There was still pain there but her eyes sparked now. It was a marked difference. The heaviness and spirit lifted off. They then packed up to go, we gave them a Zion card, and I gave Autumn a long hug. She said that her life was hard and that even with the spirit gone, she was not sure how she would face what was happening in her life. Two beautiful girls, sisters, who the Holy Spirit had led to having an appointment with us. Another special God-set up.

      I will be away for the next 3 Thursdays.  I am really going to miss ministering at Portage Place, and I am worried about all my homeless friends.  Lani is going to write the weekly report while I am away.

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