#44 – Wisdom From the Streets – Confirmed by My Wife

      Hat’s off to Lani who wrote the weekly street reports while I was on vacation.  Thank you Lani – I so appreciated that you provided that continuity and others have also mentioned to me that they were glad the reports weren’t interrupted.  After missing 3 Thursday’s, in some ways, I felt like I was starting all over again, although it was so good to re-connect with some of my regular street friends.   There was lots of action this Thursday so read-on about the powerful movement of God in the streets of Winnipeg.
Lorraine’s thoughts that really ‘nailed’ the key to doing street ministry:
Lessons I’ve learned on the streets:  Learn to ‘be’ with and love on people, not try to convert them.  We are not the Saviour.  If we have an agenda to ‘convert’ others so that they will be saved, they will very often sense that about us and walls come up.  But if we make it our goal to draw them into a real encounter with the living God through loving them, hearing them, praying for and blessing them,  then people will very often respond with an open heart.  Our part is to genuinely love others, accepting them where they are at.  God’s part is to be God and the Spirit of God will draw them because God is good and He wants to encounter them.
    Twenty-nine people came out to minister.  Some of them went to Main Street and some to Ellice Avenue.  One of the people who joined us was John, a friend of mine from Thompson who was in Winnipeg for the Easter weekend.  He had been reading my street ministry reports for the last year and he wanted to come and participate with us for an evening.  When I met him at Portage Place I noticed he had a pronounced limp, and when he walked he kind of shuffled and his shoulders were forward, and his head was tilted a bit to the right.  He appeared older than his years and appeared to be in pain – not the way I remembered seeing him.  When I asked him about it he said he had some damage in his lower back that affected his sciatica nerves.  I assured him he would be receiving prayer that night.
     We got off to a quick start, as a group involved praying for a lady with a cane (see Lorraine’s report below), asked us to minister to an intoxicated man named Brent who was asking for food.  As John and I were taking him to A&W, security stopped Brent and told him he wasn’t allowed in the mall (apparently he has a history of creating problems).  I asked security if I could just buy him a hamburger and he could eat it outside.  They said ‘no’ he can get something to eat across the street – he needs to leave now.  So we walked Brent out the doors and I handed him $10 and pointed him in the direction of the Tim Horton’s across Portage Avenue.  Another sober street man familiar to me, who had just joined us said to me, “That was a mistake”.  “What was a mistake?” I asked.  He said, “He’ll never make it to the Tim’s with that $10, he’ll buy booze before he buys food – you should have gone with him”, he advised me.  When I told my wife this story she said, “Honestly Allan, when are you going to catch on”.
    During all this walking through the mall, I noticed that John was in pain, and I decided to immediately find a team to pray for him.   We encountered Lorraine’s team and began to pray for John.  His back pain level was at a 7/10.  As soon as we began praying John said he felt heat on his back.  After a couple of minutes, he took a brief test walk.  He was clearly walking better, and he said his pain was down to 2/10.  The heat continued as we prayed again, and he said he felt like something was popping in the back of his legs.  He continued to receive prayer off and on throughout the night and here is part of an e-mail he sent me Friday morning: I don’t really have any noticeable pain this morning. The only residual problem seems to be some numbness still, as opposed to pain, in the big toe of my right foot.
Lorraine’s report:
      It was a ‘slower’ night for our team.  We ended up splitting into two groups
with a few of us venturing out on our own at times and then meeting again in
the Food Court area.  We ministered to approximately 4 people.  The ones I
remember the most were Josie, an elderly aboriginal lady with a cane who
approached us when we walked into the mall.  She immediately came to us and
told us that she needed some prayer for her knees, legs, feet, and wrists
because she was in some amount of pain.  It seemed at the time that she had
pain in most of her body joints.  So Annette led us in praying for Josie and
as we prayed the pain level almost immediately dropped.  While we were
praying I decided to give out some loaves of bread that we had received earlier at
the church, and then a few of us started to pray for John (a friend of Al’s
who had come to the mall to watch and see what our teams were doing
firsthand).  As it turned out John had some amount of pain in his lower back
and legs and he appeared to be walking with a significant limp.  As we prayed,
his limp almost disappeared and his pain was noticeably lessened (see story above).
In the Food Court, we encountered a few people that we engaged, but not too
much happened.  Part of our group was ministering at some tables with John G.  While Susie, Annette, and Susan and I, went outside to the front of Portage Place to Portage Avenue looking for Corky whom we had met last week. She was not there and so we walked to the bus shelter and outside engaged a man with an unusual bicycle.  Lots of people coming and going.  Later on we went back inside and walked back to the Food Court.  Josie came back to us and was quite excited!  She told us that God had healed her body!  And she was walking around with a kind of spring in her step (LOL – sounds weird I know, but she was so happy!!)  She kept telling everybody she met that she was healed (we found out earlier that Josie was already a believer).  So she was sharing her testimony with people who would listen!  Very cool!! [Note from Al –  Josie kept telling me that the prayer team was amazing, and I kept reminding her that it was Jesus who was amazing.]
Engaged a few others but don’t remember their names, and I left the team and
saw a couple of young aboriginal women, sitting at a table, one in a wheelchair with a cast on her left leg.  Apparently, she had broken her leg at the knee joint and had just had been released out of the hospital.  She was not in any pain when I asked her.  As it turned out she was heading back home to Norway House.  I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to offer to buy them some food just to bless them.  The one girl initially refused my offer, but the young woman in the wheelchair, though a bit startled, accepted.  So
I asked what she wanted and went and brought back some food for her.  As I handed it to them, she looked at me and then announced, much to my surprise, “Today is actually my birthday!”  And she was quite delighted, yet a bit overwhelmed that I would do that for her on her birthday.  I was blown away that God even cares about our birthdays like that! 🙂  Pretty cool.  Then I blessed her, left and went back to the other main group.
Kevin’s and Chris’ report:
      Chris and I stopped a group of 8 young adults at the Forks and started off with some card tricks and then the question was posed:  Who has a blind eye, deaf ear or some problem with their body that if it was instantly gone they would easily know.  The group pointed to a single young man who just got a cast removed the day before and had 8/10 pain in his wrist and was unable to put any pressure at all on it.
We announced that it would disappear with the simple touch of my hand and they watched with much curiosity.  After touching him he start to exclaim that it was completely healed and he jumped onto the ground and did several push-ups.  There was a big stir in this small crowd and they realized this was in a different league than any card trick.  A girl stepped up and said she had lost feeling in one of her fingers and Chris touched it and again the crowd freaked as she declared she had all her feeling back.
We then told them how that happened, that Jesus is the healer and that God loved each one 100% at that very moment.
A young person stepped forward and asked if healing happened 100% of the time?  It sounded as if she was aware of a very sick person that needed healing.  We gave her our website and a card and explained a bit how it worked, and how we were learning God’s love.
Pastor Thomas’ report:
       Our team consisted of myself Dylan, Austin, Brynn, and Diana.  Before we left the church we had prayed for a person who was threatening to jump off the Redwood bridge so we began by going there to see if we could help.  There were already many police cars, emergency medical responders who wouldn’t let us get close.  My cousin who was the officer in charge came over and filled us in that there was a negotiator on the way.  15 minutes later the woman who’s was going to jump changed her mind.   Praise God for answered prayer.  We then went and parked in front of the Northern Hotel on Main St where we gave out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and some pizza.  We prayed for about a dozen people and saw some healing including, knee, arm, back, we led two people to the Lord and saw a few people get set free emotionally. One highlight was when we prayed for a young man named Yogi who was very angry and kept saying God had abandoned him.  The team spent well over a half hour praying over him and breaking off lies and for the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself to him.  He got totally overwhelmed by Holy Spirit and began crying tears of joy and hugging everyone.  He gave his heart to God and felt total freedom.  We gave him a ride home and left a huge impression on His life.  A great evening.
Diana’s Report:
       I ended up going with Tom’s group and we went to check on that person who wanted to jump off the Redwood bridge. Turns out it was an intoxicated lady and while we were there they managed to talk her off the bridge.
I prayed with two ladies who had come to Winnipeg from Lake St Martin when it flooded 6 Years ago. They had many health difficulties and wanted prayer for their families. Although I didn’t see any marked difference in their bodies I was able to encourage them, especially Bernice who I felt had been holding on to feelings of guilt because her 12-year-old granddaughter who was in her care committed suicide. Dillon also had a word of knowledge about her son which she confirmed.
Definitely, the most impactful part of the night was talking with Yogi.  We were able to break off the lies that Yogi was believing and invited him to accept the Holy Spirit of Truth into his life. We were the recipients of many group hugs and Yogi couldn’t understand why he kept crying. He is a very special guy.
I must say I was emotionally spent by the end of the evening. I think my physical mind has a hard time keeping up with what the Spirit is doing.
Geraldine’s Report:

      Sancho, Aurora and myself teamed up. Sancho decided we should go to Central Park but as we were just outside the mall’s door we saw 5 young ladies (Pam, Kristen, Jaran, Marie & Rachel). I immediately prayed for the Holy Spirit’s leading. I motioned Sancho & Au to move closer to the 5 young ladies and just say “Hi”.  They were waiting for their taxi to pick them up and bring them to the bus depot. They were all from Neepawa they said and were going home for the long weekend.

Sancho asked them if they needed prayers as they traveled home and/or if they need any healing. They said “No”.

Then I asked them again if they want me to just pray over them and bless them, and they said “Yes”.

As I begin to pray I noticed that one of them started to get so worried, she said that they should be at the bus depot at exactly 8:30pm to get on the Greyhound bus. I told her not to worry because God has appointed that specific time for us to meet them and pray for them.

Then we prayed. It was already 8:15 pm. I just felt God’s embrace around those 5 young ladies! Then they started to just be calm and relax not anxious anymore. I told them to just trust the Lord. He’ll provide a ride for them. Their taxi never came, so we had a little more time to share the gospel.

Eventually, Sancho offered to drive them.  When they left. I was able to get Rachel’s contact number. That night I texted her and asked how they were. She said they arrived safely to Neepawa by God’s grace.

Now, when Sancho left us at the mall, we went back inside, as we were coming into the doors I saw this young fellow (Kean) standing at the corner, meters away from us. I told Aurora that God just told me to approach the young man and pray for him. And so we did. That very same hour he accepted Jesus as His Lord & Saviour! He joined us today for a short fellowship here at our house and he said he’s coming to church this Sunday. Amazing God!

Back at the food court I met Ron. Ron was experiencing lower back pain, prayed over him the 1st time and asked from 1 to 10, he said the pain was around 9, then prayed again then it went down to 6, and prayed the 3rd time, and it went down to 3! praise Jesus!

I also met Edna, she said she was so disappointed and downhearted that night, she was also in great fear. I prayed that all these negative feelings would be gone. And she felt something heavy just got lifted, she felt better after.

Also, earlier this afternoon Sancho met Tina & John’s dad– Henry (Tina & John were the 2 young people we met after 1 on Thursday, they accepted the Lord Jesus). Henry wants to be visited and ministered to. He said he used to be a believer/follower of Christ, but backslid. He wants to come back to the Lord. Please pray that as we meet with him and his family again they will be restored.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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