#45 – Divine Appointment – Salvation Followed by Healing

       Seventeen people came out to minister, and Portage Place Mall was buzzing with activity, not all of it positive.  There seemed to be a lot of new faces.  Near Center Court an inebriated man was sitting on the floor bleeding heavily from his mouth, as he had just been punched.  Near to him, another very drunk man, wet himself, leaving a huge puddle in the hallway leading to the food court.  Security was tending to both these situations, and one of our teams was trying to help the punched man.  Welcome to Portage Place Mall where the love of God thrives amidst the chaos.
      I was only involved in one major encounter, which lasted almost an hour.  Gaylene and I were walking the mall, and Gaylene approached a lady sitting by the fountain.  She had her head down.  Gaylene asked, “Can we pray for you?”  She looked up at us startled and said, “What?”  Gaylene responded, “We just come to the mall to pray with people, can we pray for you?”  Her response confirmed to Gaylene and I that this was a Divine appointment, as she said, “How did you know I was crying?”  Mandy had a lot going on in her life, and Gaylene tells the story below, and the items in ‘bold’ are my additions to help fill in the blanks.
Gaylene’s Report:
       Al and I met Mandy at the fountain. She was struggling with quite a few things…the first of which was she didn’t have bus fare. I had bus tickets. That alone made her weepy.  (Gaylene gave her dozens of bus tickets, and then reached back in her pocket and gave her dozens more.  Mandy was overwhelmed by the quantity of them, and Gaylene said, “These bus tickets are just a small example of how great God’s love for you is, how can we pray for you?”)  Her daughter – who doesn’t live with her because of her past addictions – was recently injured in a car accident and was in the hospital. Mandy was 5 years sober from crack and alcohol but was still struggling with temptation (She told us the temptation was especially bad when she was under stress like the situation with her daughter.). Al prayed for her that she be totally free of her addiction, with no cravings.
     She also has a controlling, abusive boyfriend who is two decades older than her and she has had multiple restraining orders and is currently trying to extricate herself from the relationship.  I prayed for her about her value and worth and she was visibly touched by God.  (She has a job and is connected with several different Christian agencies, but I detected that something was missing.)  Al asked her if she’d like to accept Jesus and she agreed immediately – with no resistance.
     Mandy also had significant health struggles – lymphoma, thrush in her mouth and a foot parasite which causes her continual pain and limited mobility.  (She showed us pictures, on her phone, of her toes – they were a mess – the toes were crooked and purple, and the nails were all twisted and discolored.).  Right about that time Iris’ team was nearby so I pulled them over to pray for healing with us.  (The pain in her feet was 8/10). After prayer, she was very surprised as she felt pain relief in her foot immediately and she took off her shoes and socks to check.   While Looking at her feet she exclaimed, “My toes have straightened, and I have no pain.”  I said, “But they are still purple so we are not finished yet.”).  We then prayed again and watched as her feet actually changed colours – from purple to a healthy natural colour.   We prayed for her thrush and cancer as well.  (I was impressed to tell her that her healing would continue, and she should check her toenails tomorrow morning, but we don’t know the immediate results of the thrush or cancer.  I also prayerfully placed her in a spiritual bubble pack of protection – she thought that was funny, and I pointed out that visual would remind her that she is under God’s protection.  I also told her that if she had any doubts about all she had just encountered, all she had to do was look at her feet, and be reminded of God’s love.)
    (Before we left her she asked if she could have a picture, of all of us with her, so we got a security guard to take our picture.  I was emotionally wrecked after that amazing encounter, and I just went and visited with some of the regulars back at the food court.  Wrecked because I was overwhelmed by God’s love for this lady.  I marvelled at how God orchestrates these encounters.  I continue to be surprised that Christians have been empowered to minister healing.  I was stunned by how easy it was to lead her to the Lord.   I was humbled that I am given the opportunity to partner with Jesus in this way, and I was overcome with worship for our all-powerful loving God.  Radical God – radical love ❤️.)
    Iris, Ida and Elisa walked Mandy to the bus stop and before I had even turned around I met Karen. She’s from Ebb and Flow First Nation and is in the city to try and re-establish a relationship with her kids who live with their dad (her ex).  Her oldest child is angry and unforgiving and her two other children are not much better. She had been beaten by a friend who is into meth and she had scratches and bruises around her face. I sat and prayed with Karen and then Iris and the girls returned and we all sat with Karen and prayed and prophesied over her. She grew up Catholic with her kookum (grandma) and knew Jesus but had no relationship with him. We encouraged her to accept Jesus and she called out his name and asked for help. We also bought her some food and sat with her for quite some time in the food court. Geraldine shared her phone number and encouraged her to come to Zion.  She was amazed that she was so lost and felt such a release from receiving prayer.
      On my way out I noticed Diandre at the fountain…He’s half Ghanian and half Jamaican and was having problems with a focus mostly pertaining to his football career.  I also directed him to a website called ‘The Increase’ which is where professional athletes share their testimonies on video. I prayed for clarity and strengthening on the inside and he was so grateful.
Diana’s Report:
Our team consisted of Ed, Misty, Jeremiah and myself.  We started our evening handing out peanut butter and jam sandwiches on Main Street that Ed had made which opened up opportunities to speak to several people.  (Ed had been helping at the food bank earlier in the day, and was given several leftover loaves of bread – so he turned them into a couple of boxful of sandwiches.)
      We met Karen (different Karen than one above) who had two knee braces on her legs because of torn muscles or ligaments and said her pain right now was only a 4 because she had been resting them.  It was often 8 or 10.  As soon as I put my hand on her knee I could feel something moving in there and she said that it felt very warm.  After a few rounds of prayer, she said the pain had improved. She had emotional pain from not knowing what happened to her daughter who disappeared several years ago.  We were able to speak some words of encouragement to her.
      Next, was Karen (not the same as the 2 mentioned above) who was very angry and aggressive towards us.  She used to have it all, she has a degree in journalism but she walked through 10 years with her husband going through cancer and then he died and she has been drinking, angry and hurt ever since. As we talked she let down a bit of her guard and softened with tears but refused prayer. She used to want to be a preacher and has just started to volunteer some time at Shalom mission.  My prayer is that she will let Jesus in again to comfort and heal her.
      Later outside Portage Place we encountered two individuals from up north who came to the city to escape the violence and vandalism on their reserve.  They said that it turns good guys into bad when they have to defend themselves and get arrested, so they didn’t want to go down that road.  Interesting that we met 2 more men with much the same story a bit later on. We were able to share sandwiches with a young mom and her 3 young children.  Her husband comes and goes and she is raising the children alone. She asked for prayer for strength in her situation and she said she felt encouraged by our prayers.
Iris’ Report:
     My group of Ida and Elisa and I were waved over by Gaylene to come and pray for Mandy. Al and Gaylene had already been praying for her for about 45 minutes, and we were told that she had just received Jesus into her life. She showed us her painful feet that were quite bad to look at with fungus on her toenails, and curled-up toes.  We prayed for her pain to go away and after a bit, she said, “I have no more pain, what is going on?”  She had had surgery on her feet a few years earlier, taking out some nerves that were causing her pain. But the pain in her feet was still a constant reality. She mentioned that our prayer encounter with her felt like a movie and it felt weird. I asked her if it was a weird where she felt like running away, or where it was a bit weird but there was peace. She replied: “A bit weird but I have peace.” We also prayed for the thrush that she had, as well as her acute lymphoma cancer. As she left to go to her bus stop, the three of us walked with her and carried her three grocery bags to her bus stop, and she gave each of us a big hug.  She told us that she had been in a penitentiary in Edmonton, and many of her family relationships were distant due to her previous addictions and because of the man that she was living with now. It was another beautiful God encounter and we prayed for a new start for her life.
We also prayed for another girl, waved over again by Gaylene. This lady was distraught and sat there weeping. We just sat with her, prayed for her, poured encouragement and the hope of Jesus into her, and then took her to the food court and bought her some food.
At the beginning of the evening, my team encountered a man called Leroy who was rubbing his foot and knee. We asked him if we could pray for him, and he said yes. He was very hard to understand as his voice was weak. As we sat with him, he pulled off his prosthetic leg.  One of his legs had been cut off below the knee. As we prayed for him, he faintly said: “I have been waiting for people like you to talk to.” Right after that, a group started talking next to us, and I could no longer hear what he was saying. His friend came over, and we prayed for him as well. Ida spoke to him that she sensed he had a big void in his life that he was trying to fill up with drugs (he had asked us to pray for him as he was really struggling with his addiction that day). They had to leave but said that they would be back on another Thursday to talk to our group.
Lorraine’s Report:
   As we got to the mall we met an elderly Aboriginal man sitting on the floor of the mall close to the entrance who was bleeding at the mouth.  It turned out that he was just punched in the face by a guy who happened to be about 40 feet away and the security had been called.  We prayed for him and tried to help with the bleeding which eventually stopped.  Later on, we were at the back of the mall handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to people and he was there so we asked if we could
pray for him some more as he told us he had cancer.  We could see a noticeable large, abnormal lump about the size of a golf ball on the top of his head.  We did not see any noticeable improvement at that time but believing that God is at work to heal his body
of this ugly disease.
While we were outside a security guard came up to me and we chatted and he told us how he really appreciated and respected what we were doing and how we cared for the people there.  He was a very kind and compassionate man and I hope we have a chance to see him again.  I would love to be able to pray for the security guards at some point when they’re not too busy.  I think there were about 5 or so security guards at the back of the mall outside due to a lot of commotion and problems in the mall.  A few more came along while we were there blessing and praying for people and handing out sandwiches.
Eventually, we saw Josie (an older woman we had met and prayed for the week
before).  She was very encouraged to see us again and we offered her a few
sandwiches which she gratefully accepted.  It turned out that she was moving
out of her apartment and she told us that her daughter had basically gotten
rid of most of her belongings so she did not have much.  Holy Spirit then
told me to take her shopping!  So Josie and I went shopping together and I
bought her a very nice pair of dress slacks and a cute little top! (she
picked out what she wanted).  I have never taken someone shopping for a wardrobe
before! 🙂  Josie was quite surprised and she knew exactly which stores to
go to while I helped her out as we shopped together in the mall (held her
purse and cane as she tried on clothes and examined them).
Healing Report from Barrie, ON:
      Many of you Street ministers will remember Dove, from Barrie, ON.  She joined us every Thursday night in the month of February to learn more about doing Street Ministry.  Here is a report from one of her team members.  They are also witnessing people being healed as they go to the malls in Barrie.  Check out this report below, and rejoice with me that this ministry is spreading across the country.
      Today I joined my friend Dove Colombe in Barrie. We got together to go out into the community and pray for people, show them the love of Jesus, and bring the Kingdom of God to them. We talked to a good number of people and several wanted us to pray for healing for pain in their body. One woman who had pain in her wrist and thumb ended up with no pain after prayer. A young store employee was healed of back pain that she said she has had “forever”, and a woman in a wheelchair, who had a broken back, went from a pain level of 8 out of 10 to no pain at all! She was also carrying a large oxygen tank for her COPD problem, so we prayed for her lungs to heal as well. Her daughter who was driving her was also blessed. Another woman with her arm in a sling had a broken collarbone. Her pain also left when we prayed and she was able to move her arm afterward. We then encountered an 85-year-old woman sitting at a mall table, having lunch. She was the most pleasant and lovely person. She agreed that we could pray for her back and leg, which occasionally gave her trouble. She was also very open to hearing about the love of God and the blessings of Jesus. After spending a bit of time with her, she was totally willing and eager to ask Jesus to be the Saviour and Lord of her life. What a wonderful moment for her in her mid-eighties! We encouraged her in her life and assured her of her eternal life. Jesus saved and healed people in our presence this afternoon. Loving this Kingdom work!
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