#95 – Visits to Hospitals Bring Hope, Joy, and Healing

Sometimes Jesus calms the storm. Sometimes He lets the storm rage and He calms you. Nicky Gumble

This Thursday was an unusually cold, windy, snowy night for April.  Seventeen people showed-up at Zion for prayer and worship, and another 9 joined us at Portage Place.  It was a Jets game night, and the MTS Center is right across the street so parking was hard to find.  The evening price in some of the above ground parking lots goes up from $4.00 to $12.00. and street parking close by is hard to find.  I found a spot about 3 long cold blocks away.

Two teams of 3 and 1 team of 4 had gone to hospitals to randomly pray for people.   Another team of 3 went to Siloam Mission.  The rest of us were in and around Portage Place.  Ed and Andy had been working at the Springs Food Bank earlier in the day, and they were given boxes of leftover mini chocolate bars for us to give away on the streets.

Sheyenne and I visited and/or prayed with several PP regulars, Simon, Doug, Sharon, Edna, David, and Debbie.  There was also another man named David who was watching us pray for Simon.  I asked him if he also wanted prayer, and he said he wanted prayer that his life would improve.  As I prayed he raised his arms in worship, and then he walked away.  A regular, Doug, who is a Christian, and who had received healing a month ago, is now carrying a small bottle of oil to anoint people as he is also now offering healing prayer for people.

20 people receive healing prayer – see Dove below:

Words of Knowledge bring comfort – see Jeremiah below:

Prayer in the emergency room brings comfort and hope – see Lorraine below

Dove’s Report:

Tonite was an awesome nite for Lucille, Yvonne and I.  We went to the Health Sciences Center and decided to just go see where God would lead.   As we came up the elevator there was a couple watching an internet screen so we approached them and asked them if we could bless them…then I handed them a bag of cinnamon hearts, then Yvonne handed a few little oranges and then 2 of Ed’s chocolate bars and Lucille some paper doilies with scriptures .they smiled and thanked us. Then we asked them if they needed prayer for anything. The girl piped up and said John had just finished saying,  Lord send somebody to pray for me and there we were …….so we all laughed at Gods divine appointment and we asked what he needed prayer for and she explained that he had a swelling on the brain and they did not know what it was and when he got up he had headaches. So we prayed accordingly, and also prayed for peace. Then we asked him how he was and he said he felt joy…..so we were happy for evidence of change. Then we asked the girl what if she needed prayer and she said yes and discreetly said for addiction so we prayed accordingly….and believed God will do what he said he would do and set her free.  We asked them if they knew Jesus and they said they both did and that there were 5 churches at their reservation…and we encouraged them to go and grow…Lucille reminded them that the natives have a special gift of hearing the spirit.

We just went down the blue line till we got, to elevators and people were coming and going.  Close by there were chairs so Lucille sat in a chair until someone came down the blue path and when the lord would prompt us….we would bless someone once again and we would ask the same questions …everyone was wanting prayer for the person they just visited then we would ask about them and they all had a need themselves.

     When we went to leave the couple we met at the beginning happen to be coming out of elevator..and John just came over and gave us a big hug and thanked us again. We know God moved in that young man’s heart as he did with the almost 20 other people we prayed for tonite. Thank you, Lord that you went before us.

Jeremiah’s Report:

This Thursday I was on a team with Josh and Pastor Tom, we set out for Health Sciences Center where we encountered thirteen people.

The first group of people we came across was a family of three, Mom, Dad and kid (my amazing brain forgot all the names). Josh gave chocolate to the child, then we focused our attention as to why the Mom was in the wheelchair.  She had a heart problem, had 5/10 pain, and is often sleepy. We prayed for her and some of the pain left. Awesome!

We also prayed for the Dad who was dealing with addictions. He told us,  sometimes he feels God has left them. We blessed him and when we left, he was full of Joy. That family was touched by God!

Then we met with Adam who had a disease called sarcoma, a type of cancer. Adam had pain in his stomach, and he couldn’t move his leg very good, and he was very lonely. In fact, a few minutes before we walked in his room, he was very upset because he was all alone and there was no one to visit him. He was super happy to see us, we prayed for the pain to leave but I don’t think he felt change right then and there. We reminded him that God can be our source of comfort, just as well as any person!

Pastor Tom led us in another room where we prayed for Margery who got frostbite on her kneecaps and had surgery to replace them with skin from different parts of her body. Without pain meds, 10/10 pain, with pain meds, 5/10 pain. Not good enough! We prayed and saw a little change, and to top that off she felt heat – usually a sign that healing is happening.  Super cool!  Pastor Tom was getting words of knowledge about her family, who happened to be visiting her at that time. Again, super cool!

Our team went back to the main floor and we met a couple named Harlene and Hank. Harlene was in pain so we told the pain to leave. There were more people we encountered than the few I mentioned but these were the highlights.

I’m truly impressed with Pastor Tom’s ability to hear and follow God’s voice. Due to his obedience, we ended up comforting those who desperately needed it and being in the right place at the right time. This kind of discernment I am looking forward to growing into.

Lorraine’s Report:

Went out with Clair, Sid, and Denzel to Concordia Hospital.  Met with a gentleman who has a serious illness and just had a surgery.  He was doing surprisingly well!  His surgery went very well with no secondary infections or side effects and problems!  Yeah God.  I have been taking teams out to pray with him/love on him for about a month and a half now and although his disease hasn’t been healed yet, I am seeing some very small shifts and asking God for much more.  He was very encouraged when we came.  Sadly, while he was in hospital someone broke into his apartment and stole some of his things and his vehicle!  Prayed last week that the Lord would cause the police to find it and that He would intervene to give it back, etc.  Found out this week that the police caught some people with it and it was intact.  PTL.

We also went to the ER department and prayed for 2-3 other people and encouraged them.  Met a man with a walker named Ed and spent some time with him just outside the door (it was a cold, blustery evening as a small snowstorm had blown in), met his wife and blessed them, and then we went inside and prayed with a young man who had family members who were pastors and he wanted to get his life back on track with the Lord.  Clair ministered to him.  I met another couple of women (two sisters) who had been waiting for about an hour.  Had a chance to pray for one of them for healing for her body.  There were a few others we met there as well.  What a privilege to love on people, pray for them, and tell them about Jesus even in the local hospital.  Next week:  Health Sciences!

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