#96 – First Nations Activist’s Leg is Healed by the Kingdom

A person wrapped up in themselves makes a very small package.” Nicky Gumble

This Week’s Highlights:

  • Activist leg healed – see Diana’s Report.
  • Purses loaded with toiletries a big hit with homeless ladies – see Audrey’s and Jeremiah’s Reports.
  • Team gives away their hearts – see Dove’s Report.
  • Paralyzed lady starts lifting her arm during prayer – see Pastor Thomas’ Report.

Twenty-five came out to minister this week.  Some went to Siloam Missions, some to Health Sciences, St. Boniface Hospital, City Place, and Portage Place.  PP was buzzing with activity.

I spent time with Edna.  Her walker is falling apart, and I was searching on the net where she might be able to find an inexpensive used one.  Edna is homeless and lives at the Salvation Army.  She doesn’t actually need her walker to walk as her legs and hips were healed a year ago by one of our teams.  But she keeps it to carry all her possessions with her because she says if she leaves them at the Salvation Army they will get stolen.  Edna became a Christian a couple of months ago through Ryan, one of our team members.  Her countenance and disposition have changed dramatically since she became a Christian.

I also spent time with Doug, another PP regular.  He is a Christian and has recently been convicted to start praying for healing for people.  He now carries anointing oil with him.  Last night he told me he has been searching the scriptures and has discovered many verses that say we have been given authority to heal.  He told me he no longer prays to ask Jesus to heal, but he speaks healing in Jesus’ name.  I gave him an article I wrote on the subject and he was pleasantly surprised that I was quoting the same verses that he had discovered.  I am encouraging our team members to include Doug as we pray for people.

Diana’s Report:

Erdman, Adina and I went to Portage Place. As soon as we walked in I saw a young man sit down and hold his knee as in pain. I asked what happened and he said he had pain and cramping and the level of pain was 9/10. He was open for prayer and after the first prayer, the pain cut in half.  We prayed again and it went lower and finally disappeared.  He kept saying “It’s a miracle, it’s a miracle “.  Turns out he is part of a group of  First Nations people who walked to Winnipeg from Island Lake to raise awareness for meth addiction.  They held a rally at the Legislature and are headed out tomorrow morning to walk to Ottawa.  Needless to say, he is very thankful that his knee pain is gone. I got to buy him dinner and promised to pray for health and safe travel for him and his group.

After praying and seeing healing for Matthew’s knee a man, named Oliver, rolled up to us in a wheelchair.  Turns out he is the man that Erdman prayed for a few weeks ago with paralysis and he was now able to move his arm where there was no movement before. He had to catch a waiting cab so we couldn’t talk much to him but Erdman was able to still say a fast prayer for him.

We were able to encourage a lady named Marie who has addictions and wants to choose the path of life and not death. Then I was waved over to a table by a lady named Irene who asked if I was a Christian. I said, “Yes are you?”  She answered yes but said she was backslidden and would I pray for her. Turned into a nice conversation and a chance to share that the Lord never lets go of us.

Audrey’s Report:

Purses & Prayers

We gave out 9 purses each filled with packed toiletry kits that the Village Connection in St. Pierre donated, and Barb Bayne assembled.  Each one was given away and each lady was prayed for.

Two went to pregnant girls with prayers for relationships & safe deliveries. I also gave one a pro-life tract outlining the amazing development of her baby as well as the way of salvation. She began to read it immediately.

Another purse went to a 21 yr old gal who was taking care of her 3 younger siblings. We prayed for her & for healing for her younger brother who had kidney problems.

Another went to an older Christian lady named Rose-who just earlier had wished for a bag to put her sewing into. When she was prayed for She really FELT God’s presence on her & left with a huge smile on her face.

There were other team members who were also handing out the purses and praying for people.  All the purses & prayers were received with sincere appreciation & genuine hugs.  What a blessing!!!

Jeremiah’s Report:

On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your… FUN?

Well if you ask me, I would say 10! Because its so much fun hanging out with a bunch of Christians, using our faith to push back the gates of hell.

Trevor, Audrey, Ed and myself went to Siloam Mission to give away hot chocolate that Ed brought to help warm-up the people on the streets.

We met a man named Rodney who was in a wheelchair, he had an accident of some sort and he was In pain, we prayed for him (what else would we do?) but we didn’t immediately see the healing. But we live by faith and not by sight! The bible clearly says, By his stripes we were healed, and I believe we will see the healing and it will be yet another testimony to how great our God is!  Sometimes people come back later to tell us that they were healed 5 minutes, 1 day, or a week later!

Ed prayed for Mother Teresa. Yup, that’s what he did. Her name was Teresa and she has nine kids! So her friends on the street call her Mother Teresa. He gave her a purse with a toiletry kit.  She was very blessed by the purse and prayer.

Audrey and I prayed for a boy with a kidney disease, there was no way to test it out to see if he was healed but I believe he will get a good report from the doctors.

What are you passionate about? Well if you ask me, this is it! This ministry is what I have fun doing. But it is not Just Siloam Missions, it is not Portage Place, this ministry is not limited to just those places.  Everywhere you go, there are people that we can help.  We have the answer!  We are living in a world that desperately needs Jesus, and we have Him. Won’t you join me in sharing His Kingdom.

Dale’s Report:

I was on a team with Iris and we went to the Health Sciences Center. The coolest encounter was with a Christian family at a food court. Holy Spirit told me we should pray for them so we went over to them and just ministered peace and Holy Spirit’s presence, you could totally tell the difference in their eyes by the end. God really touched them :).   After that, we went to Portage Place and had some other great convos, ministry, and saw someone’s broken arm healed!  Praise Jesus!

Dove’s Report:  (Dove is visiting from Barrie, ON where she is involved in the same kind of street/mall Ministry)

We gave them our hearts

Well our group Lucille, Yvonne and I felt God was leading us to Siloam….today our treats were candy cinnamon hearts and mini chocolate Easter eggs donated by my sisters church and oranges donated by Yvonne so when we first walked in I was surprised to see over 100 people being fed – some already leaving and some coming…wow lots of people so first guy we spoke to was a man who claims he was an alcoholic but he was sober now because he ran out of money for food and drink so he was here …he adamantly did not believe in God so I planted a few seeds and off he went.  It was a bit different than I am used to because I like to speak to one person at a time but there were 6 to 8 people per table..it was intimidating because if you approach one you approach the whole table even if they don’t know each other. We searched for tables with one or two..so we could be more personal.  Anyways we had 16 bags of hearts so we spoke to at least 16 people plus the chocolate eggs and prayed for most of them.  The last two girls had problems with pain in their ankles.  One had 10/10 pain and the other was 8/10.   Both girls pain went down to 0.

Since it was closing we decided to go to St Boniface Hospital…we had another bag with 14 bags of cinnamon hearts….when those bags were gone we would go home.  We got in the entrance and never left we just went back and forth across the chairs and tables….we prayed for everyone.  So nice to be able to talk to people about Jesus and people reciprocate and thank you for prayer.  We prayed for others but don’t remember other people’s names or what we prayed for….it goes so fast and no time to take notes. We left hospital and 9.10…  It seemed like we were only there 10 minutes.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:

Tonight a team of five of us went to HSC and when we got there we split up into two groups. Iris and Dale paired up while I went with Suzanna and Marlene. We were in the emergency area and met Riva who was in pain from a C section for her 5th baby. She asked us to pray for her 4 level pain and noticed a big difference after prayer.  We went into the elevator and met Elsie who asked us to pray for her sister Rose who was recovering from surgery on her intestines.  We spent time prophesying life and destiny and then prayed for her son Bryce who had a  whole host of health issues including diabetes.

We then went to the 2nd floor ICU where we prayed for a few families whose loved ones were sick including Dorothy who had a brain tumor.   We then went to the waiting room and asked if anyone would like some prayer.  I woman asked us to go and pray for a woman named Darcy who had suffered five strokes and was paralyzed. She was on her breathing machine and the doctors have given up hope of recovery. We released hope and life over the next 15 minutes and broke the spirit of death and destruction. As we prayed for life in destiny over her, from time to time she would lift her arm as if to say “I can hear you and I want to live”. She was a believer and had a prayer shawl covering her.

The last person we prayed for was Dion who had a major infection in his knee and leg as a result of a previous accident he had a fever and welcomed our prayer which brought tremendous hope. He felt better after prayer and said that his head was strangely feeling cool.

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