#97 – Street Ministers Buy Edna a New Walker

“Never give up praying and pray hardest when it is hardest to pray.” Nicky Gumble

This Week’s Highlights:

*Prayer Team Members chip in and buy Edna a new walker – see Jeremiah & photo.

*Too many to count – several people ask team for prayer – see Michelle.

*Prayers and Songs bring healing in hospital – see Pastor Thomas.

*Wayne confirms blind eye healed – see Pastor Lorraine.

Twenty – five folks came out to minister last night.  Two teams went to Main Street, one to Health Sciences, another to Siloam  Missions, the rest of us were at Portage Place.  I had a line-up of people asking to speak to me or pray for them, thankfully other team members stepped into help.  Rita a First Nations lady in a wheelchair wanted to talk about how to break her cycle of poverty.  We prayed a blessing of prosperity over her.  Josie wanted us to pray for her daughter, Jasmine.  She was on drugs but went out West to get clean, and she has stayed clean, but now is coming back and Josie and her are afraid she will fall back into her old lifestyle.  We prayed a blessing of protection and inner peace over both of them.  I asked Josie to bring Jasmine to meet us when she gets back.

The highlight was giving Edna a new walker – see report below.

Jeremiah’s Report:

Jeremiah’s dog had to be put down today, and so he wasn’t able to send in his report, but I know that his highlight would be about Edna.  Jeremiah had heard last week that Edna’s ‘walker’ was broken and not functioning properly – it was cockeyed, falling apart and the brakes didn’t work.  {Now Edna’s legs and hips were healed by a prayer team last year so she doesn’t need it to help her walk.  She is homeless, stays at the Salvation Army, and carries all her possessions with her, thus she needs something like a ‘walker’ to cart her stuff wherever she goes.  A shopping cart would also work, but they are not allowed in buildings.}

So Jeremiah searched Kijiji and found a like new used ‘walker’ for $100 (they are about $400 new).  Several of us chipped in and we raised the money.  Thursday night we presented it to Edna, and she was very surprised and very happy.  What fun it was to give her that gift.  When she left the mall with her new ‘walker’ all loaded-up, at 9 she was all smiles.

I also saw Jeremiah and his team moving from table to table praying with several other individuals.  It was a fun, but busy night.

Michelle’s Report:

Ed, Andy and I went to Siloam Misson first.  Ed brought hot chocolate and Andy supplied coffee crispy chocolate bars.  I met Don and Jocelyn, a couple that Ed, Audrey and Jeremiah ministered to a few weeks ago. I was told that many prayers were answered for this couple from the previous prayer time. Like Jocelyn getting a raise from work and Don being healed in the area of mental health issues.  I was able to pray for favour for this couple as they are going to the Philippines, so Don can minister alongside his pastor friend to pray for people with mental health issues there.  Don is also hoping to have favour with his employer to get the time of in December. Others had requests for a healing of relationships, one wanted healing from the effects of a stroke, another from arthritis, a bad back, and a hurt foot.  Kaylee asked if we could pray for her male friend who she believed had a demonic presence in him.  The number of people wanting prayer was overwhelming.  We also went to pray for the people at the food trailer where the ministry Love Lives Here is situated next door behind Union Gospel Mission.  We each prayed for someone but found it a little more difficult to mingle.  Next time we hope to bring hot chocolate or something we can share or give out to bless the folks in line while they wait to get food in the trailer.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:

Tonight I went with Diana and Michael to the Health Sciences Centre where we spent our entire time.  As we went through the front doors we met a middle-aged man in a wheelchair named Isaiah who was open to receive prayer. He was a believer from Poplar River who had suffered burns to his body after his girlfriend set the house on fire while he was sleeping in an attempt to kill him.

He was very grateful for the prayer and said he was soon to be going back home.

We then met Mabel who was walking with crutches and had fallen a year ago and damaged her knee which was painful and felt tight.  She felt the pain decrease dramatically after prayer.  We then went up onto the 5th-floor family room and asked if anyone needed prayer. There was a man named Lyle who had a tumor partially removed from the back of his neck and he had level 9 pain. After prayer it dropped to a 7 and he said he could feel peace. His friend Tyler then asked for prayer for an autoimmune issue that attacks his spine causing his neck to twist, destroying the disc. He let us minister healing over him and he reported feeling much better. He really opened up and tears started forming in his eyes as we encouraged him and loved on him. We ended the evening praying with Darlene who we had seen over two months ago.  She’s from Berens River. She was still in her wheelchair but looked so much better since we had last saw her. She was much more aware and receptive. Michael played some worship music and led us in Amazing Grace which she requested. We then prayed for the blurriness in her eyes to go and she said it improved by about 15 percent. She was so blessed we took the time with her.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:

Last night I went out onto Main Street with Les and Daniel’s team.  When we came there were a few people outside the hotel and pizza place, but eventually, they had left.  So I decided we needed to do something to gather a crowd.  I went inside and bought some pizza and suddenly people began to come! LOL  [Next time we’ll have to try something else!]  Anyway, as we gave out pizza we engaged a number of people in conversations and they began to share their lives/hearts with us over food.  I prayed for a woman named Karen who was an addict and had been living with a boyfriend who had cheated on her with prostitutes and she caught him.  She was a very wounded woman and initially didn’t want prayer, but as Taylor (a new young woman who joined us), and I spoke with her she agreed to some prayer.  As we prayed her heart became softened and she mentioned how she felt quite moved by our prayers and love for her.

One of the highlights of the evening was meeting up with a man named Wayne whom Kevin had ministered to and prayed for a year before!  He was still completely healed from blindness in his eye (we have a video on our website with Wayne being healed).  Wayne had a glass piece in his eye and the most amazing thing was that this wasn’t a barrier to God’s ability to heal him.  God healed his eye even with the glass piece in the socket!!  I asked Wayne if he was still able to see well and how he was doing and he said he was still great—both his eyes worked perfectly!  I then asked him about Jesus and he joyfully told us that he believed in Jesus and was a Christian.  Amazing what love can do!  Still healed and even though he lives on the street, Wayne is doing fine!  Later, we went to Portage Place where Taylor and I gave out Timbits to people and offered to pray for them in the mall.  Spoke with many people to either bless them or pray for their needs.  It was a pretty busy evening and many other teams had been quite busy engaging others to share the love of God with them!  Thank You Jesus for Your goodness!!

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