We should say, right off the top, that our little ministry loves everyone. Period.

It doesn’t matter to us if you’re a religious person or not. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what language you speak, or where you were born. We don’t care whether you’re straight or gay, rich or poor, or whatever.

No matter who you are, we think that you deserve respect and kindness.

We don’t see Jesus placing judgment on anything except the evil teachings and practices of False Teachers, so why should we?  Relationship with Jesus is the meaning of life! The important thing is that neither religion, nor any kind of wisdom or rules for life is what it’s about, but a personal relationship with the creator of this earth.

You don’t like being lectured-at and neither do we. People try to lecture or preach-at-you when they think that they can try and change you by force or by some kind of coercion. We think that sucks.

By His power, God has already done everything to provide a relationship with him. He has removed every barrier and separation through Jesus. Your part is simply to choose a relationship with him.

Pray out loud, Jesus, I accept your Union with me, I accept your Abundant Life, Your Forgiveness and The Power of Holy Spirit.  Teach me to Dream Big with You!  Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!

Get some good basic understanding of the Bible.  It’s a pretty tricky book because it was written in a very different culture and time.  Context from thousands of years earlier is required in order to see what God is actually teaching us from these ancient scriptures.