#136 – Healings and Salvation Amidst the Chaos at Portage Place

Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” Nicky Gumble

This Week’s Highlights
*Team Presses-On Amidst All the Drama – see Pastor Lorraine
*Action Filled Night & Lives Changed – see Pastor Thomas
*Fresh Out of Jail Addict Receives Prayer – see Gaylene
*God’s Favour on Hospital Team Continues – see Warren

        There was a total of 19 Kingdom Builder’s out this week.  They went to Health Sciences, Quest Inn, and Portage Place.  Unfortunately I had a head cold and stayed home, but according to the reports it looks like I missed a very active and fruitful night.
When we first started going to Portage Place over 2 years ago, there was a lot of opposition.  Some people would curse us, others mock us, a shaman would follow us around and try to disrupt our prayer encounters.  It wasn’t unusual to have fights breaking out in the mall.   Then we went through a long period where the mall was very peaceful, but in the past 2 weeks it appears the enemy has stepped-up it’s activity.  It is a nuisance, but most of the team members are not intimidated by the negative activity.  We will keep pressing on doing Kingdom work.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
Wow!  Lots’ was going on tonight while our teams were out.  Three of our Boot Camp students came out with me.  Another group was already at the mall engaging people.  As soon as we walked into the Portage Place Mall things started to happen.  We almost immediately engaged an older woman (Trudy) who was at a table in the Food Court and it was as if she was waiting for us or for someone to come along that evening.  Trudy was a soft spoken, slender woman who told us that the doctors had diagnosed her with a liver disease and only about 30% of her liver was functioning well.  She had pain in her right side where the liver is located.  We prayed and within a few minutes the pain left.
Next, we encountered a woman sitting at the same table (Irene) who again looked like she was waiting for us or for something to happen as she sat there with her crutches.  She had a broken right leg from a fall on the ice.  We were told that a piece of bone was missing and her leg seemed to be in some kind of cast with the foot covered by a plastic bag.  She had a bit of pain, although she said it seemed to increase more at night.  We prayed for her leg and at first very little seemed to be happening.  And then at one point Irene mentioned that her leg was getting very warm.  She was very surprised by this.  So we continued to pray and her leg got even warmer until she said it was very hot!  So we asked her to stand up and see if she could move around without her crutches.  She did!  She put her full weight on her right leg and felt no pain whatsoever, and then she took a few steps around!  She was astounded.  Praise the Lord!  Later, we prayed for Irene’s husband who had joined us.  He was discouraged and seemed to have a lot of emotional pain in his life so one of our team ministered to him and he began to cry.  After these events we met a few others almost immediately who almost seemed to wait for us to pray for them.  One person we prayed for had level 6 pain in their body because of a hernia.  After we prayed the pain went down to a 4.
Then a fight broke out behind us and created a distraction with many security guards, paramedics and others coming to the Food Court area.  One of the team members from another group decided to go over to see what the problem was and while I was trying to stop them from getting in the middle of the altercation, she pointed her finger at one of the men who was very angry and rebuked him in Jesus name!  At that point I made a decision to get out of the way as there was a security guard in the middle of the situation.  Earlier in the night there was a couple of other disturbances with a door alarm going off for about 5 minutes or so, and just outside the Food Court another altercation broke out with swearing and yelling.  And as we had come into the mall a lady wanted to sell me some drugs! LOL  So in the back drop of God healing and encountering people, our enemy was continuing to cause a big disturbance and trying to derail us.  We kept on praying for people and ignored it after a time!
In the latter part of the evening we prayed for a few more people for healing and led a young woman named Melissa to the Lord and asked God to fill her with His joy.”

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight I went out with Michelle, Linda and Dance. We went in separate vehicles to the Quest Inn downtown. While I was waiting for Dance to arrive, Michelle and Linda stepped out on their own and began praying for people. In the meantime we prayed for George from Cross Lake who is functioning on one kidney.  Dance and I prayed for him and he felt the peace of God come over him.  We prayed for a brand new kidney for George who  is an older man who only became a Christian a month ago.  When we joined back with Michelle and Linda they were so excited to share all the healing miracles God did through them:
Doreen – diabetes & in a wheel chair, having pain in her left leg related to that, prayed 2x, pain gone.
Ida – her friend had some low back pain, prayed, pain gone (was 3, then 0).
Steven – surgery done on nose, prayer for pain, bleeding to stop, & healing, pain gone with prayer.
Chelsea – had stomach pain, prayed & pain gone, she was tearfully thankful, received prayer for wisdom as a mom as she has 5 children.
Donna – her friend just wanted general prayer, prayed, seemed happier for having prayer
Kingsley – young man with bandaged hand, on meds so no pain, received prayer anyway & he felt a distinct warmth in that hand
We ended up walking to Portage Place and met an 18 year old girl, Shereen from Island Lake but now moved to Winnipeg. I offered her a red scarf for the cold which she gladly received.  We asked her what we could pray for her for and she said “everything”. After prayer we shared the Gospel and the love of Jesus and she opened up her heart to accept Him as her Lord and Saviour. She was cold so we bought her inside to Timmies for a coffee.  She was very grateful for the love. We invited her to come to Kingdom H2O on Saturday night, and she agreed to come.
Finally we met Joseph from Cross lake who received prayer for diabetes and also missing a kidney so we prayed again for a new kidney.  He had pain on his right side that was about a 5 but was gone after we prayed.  It was an action filled night with lots of healings and lives changed.  Praise God!

Gaylene’s Report:
I initially teamed up with Ryan.  We took a walk through the food court and I noticed a young man who was what we call FOJ (fresh outta jail). Cale was in jail sweats and had a big plastic bag full of court papers, his belt and a few cards for the addictions help line. It wasn’t hard to figure out that he was in need of prayer. He’d been released from Milner Ridge after six months and was waiting for his mom to pick him up. Cale, who’s only 20, was very open to prayer and shared some of the details of his addiction…he had previously been addicted to meth but his drug of choice was cocaine. Ryan and I spoke to him for some time. Cale had attended church in jail and he was aware that walking with God was a wise choice. I prayed for him in a very declarative manner about his future and told him his mistakes don’t define him, while Ryan prayed and encouraged him to find a church and community that would walk with him. He lives in Fort Garry, so I recommended Anchor Point to him and he said it was right around the corner from his mom’s home.
While we were sitting with Cale, Lani showed up with Riley, who we’d  met last week. After getting coffee, Riley wanted to chat with Cale until his mom showed up.
We spent the rest of the evening with Riley in a freewheeling conversation about his faith, his church (House of the Risen Son) and his frustrations with the business model of church and also his issues with anger. He’d grown up with parents who were drug dealers and he’d been neglected, which he admitted was at the core of a lot of his pain.
The clock was ticking towards 9 so we moved into a more private part of the mall and prayed for Riley. While there he shared that I’d prayed for the grace for sobriety last Thursday and he’d tried to get high earlier but he bought fake meth. He blamed me and I laughed 🙂
Lani, Ryan and I prayed and prophesied over him and I got a word for him about the saying ‘The life of Riley’. He’d heard it before, but I looked up the actual definition it was pretty cool: a luxurious and carefree existence.  Riley was pretty stoked and expressed interest in joining the Thursday night outreach. We also encouraged him to find a spirit-led church near where he lives in St. James.

Warren’s Report:
Tonight for a second week Georges & I, with the companionship of Pastor Brian went to HSC.  Brian had called ahead to friends and HSC to check if a fellow Pastor and other people were there from his community of Red Sucker Lake.  His friend, Pastor Samuel said he knew a stranger would be coming to visit him last night.  Brian lead us to several floors.  We prayed for people with cancer, infected legs, people on dialysis and those who had just had surgery that day.  We also prayed for their families as well as their loved ones. We prayed for our friend Tim (the guy Seamus and I met three weeks ago when were taken by the Holy Spirit to the third floor).  Tim told us a friend, Louie, who had come from Thompson, just last week where his life giving equipment was turned off due to no improvements that the doctors could see. Tim mentioned his gratitude to our Father for that not happening to him, when he had gone into a coma, a cpl of times. We also found the two gentlemen that Linda & I had prayed for last week. They both had improved. CJ (Braun) who Linda had prayed for was moved away from the nurses station as someone needed that proximity to treatment more. He is amazing from being T boned in his driver’s door enroute to work in December. Don is now in the step down unit. Both were appreciative of our concern and prayer for them.
We learned something too, that many wards let us remain or even come in after hours.  to pray and that’s when we finished on one ward and went into another.  We have several call backs for next Thursday.  As well we are always asking new people on the main floor whether they or their family members could use prayer.
We are planning to go to St Boniface Hospital in three weeks. If you know of anyone who will need prayer there, just let us know.

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