#177 – Meth Addict Asks For Prayer


Pictured above is Jerrold Wollman who is a member of Gateway Church and has been with Kingdom H2O for 3 months.  He is a construction worker.
“About a year ago the Lord put on my heart to go out and pray for people, and to walk in signs, wonders and miracles, I love coming to KH20 because we’re all like minded people, and I love seeing the Holy Spirit move through us, as we yield to him.thank you Jesus.”

“They have freely scattered their gifts to the poor;
their righteousness endures forever.”
 2 Cor. 9:9

This Week’s Highlights:
*Security Low a Key This Week – see below
*Meth Addict Accepts Jesus – see Pastor Thomas
*Blurry Eyes Healed – see Kevin

Fifteen Street Servants came out this week and went to Siloam Missions, Health Sciences, and Portage Place.
Last week the head of security was clearing out anyone who wasn’t shopping or eating, and he talked strongly about our group not praying for people inside the Mall.  This week there were 12 Team Members divided into 5 teams active in Portage Place, and a strong security presence but security didn’t stop any Team Members from visiting and praying with patrons.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight I went with Erdman and Adina to the Health Sciences Centre to pray for a young 17 year old who had a broken vertebrae from a car accident. He was friends with Erdman’s son Jaydon.  We prayed and shared the love of Jesus with him for which he was thankful. From there we went to the SICU to pray for Lawerence who was on life support and surrounded by family as a result of a brain injury. We also prayed for an aboriginal Evangelist named Lloyd Chartrand who was called and invited by the reserve in Labrador called Sheshatsiu who have  been in the news for the spike in suicides.  As we were leaving we met Brittany outside the hospital who asked for prayer regarding a meth addiction  We shared the love of Jesus and she accepted Christ into her life. She was in tears as we prayed over her the love of God and for restoration in her life.

Kevin’s Report:  (written by Al)
When Kevin and Trevor first arrived at Portage Place, they encountered MJ, a young woman, who has had blurred vision all her life.  There was a prominent sign 20 feet away that she couldn’t read, nor could she read the restaurant menu that was right in front of her.  After prayer she could read the sign, and was amazed that all the people in the mall no longer appeared blurry, everything was suddenly clear to her.  That’s when Kevin called Jeremiah and I over to meet her, but she was so overwhelmed she couldn’t talk to us.  She was shocked at what had just happened, and when she could finally talk, she wanted to know more about healing, the Healer, and God’s plan for her life.  Kevin talked with her for quite awhile and exchanged contact information with her.  Such a blessing to witness her healing and her response.

One of KH2O’s recognized needs is to provide some kind of follow-up for the many people we evangelize.  So, starting in January KH2O is planning on offering a 10-12 week free ALPHA* course somewhere near Central Park (more details follow).  We are hoping to deepen the faith and get those we encounter to better understand the role of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  Gaylene is going to head it up.    
    We will be looking for help in the following ways:
>Team members to encourage their contacts to come out.
>Sponsors to provide snacks or cover costs of snacks and drinks for each session ($50 – $100).
>Table leaders and table helpers to sit with and guide discussions with participants.
>Set-up and take-down help.
>Prayer partners to ensure success of this venture
You can reply to this e-Mail with offers to help or questions

     Alpha is a video series of 30 minute sessions that explore the Christian faith.  The course evangelizes and disciples.  Each session looks at a different question of faith and is designed to create conversation.  It answers the questions, “What You Ever Wanted To Know About Christianity” (but didn’t think to ask).

Wednesday nights, Zion Church 7 – 9 p.m. with Gerald Rempel
Are you a new believer in Jesus?
Have you wanted to grow deeper in your walk with the Lord?
Learn more about what the Bible teaches?

This is your chance to join us every Wednesday.
Call the church office for more information @ 204-589-6341.

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