#137 – Cold Night – Warm Hearts – Kingdom Built

Joyce Meyer writes, “Every word we speak can either be a brick to build or a bulldozer to destroy.”

This Week’s Highlights
*Multiple People Healed in Belize – see Kevin
*Verses From Torn Bible Impact Riley – see Gaylene
*Quest Inn Visit Bears Fruit – see Pastor Thomas
*Student Draws People by Playing Piano – see Robin
*Broken Jaw Prayed For – see Michelle

Twenty-eight brave Salvation Soldiers came out to minister last night.  It was the coldest night so far this year.  Eleven of them were Martyr’s Life students from the Eston Bible College which is in Eston, Saskatchewan.   Teams went to Quest Inn, Portage Place, and the streets and parking lots in between.  Teams were equipped with bags of scarves, hats, and mitts to hand-out.

        NOTE:   The Quest Inn is located on Ellice Ave a short walk from Portage Place.  The hotel provides accommodations for short term and long term medical stays.  People coming from Northern Manitoba for medical reasons usually stay at the Quest, so there are always people in the lobby area to pray for, and the management doesn’t object to teams praying for people.

Kevin’s Report from Belize:
Al’s Note – Kevin Penner, one of the leaders of Kingdom H2O is presently in Belize where he is preaching the Gospel and ministering healing.  Below is a brief report of his recent activities.
Heaven kissed earth today.  So many healings inside and outside the church.
2 blind people healed, severe back issue for 6 years healed, broken wrist healed, chest, feet… Healed.
People were lining up on the streets and in the church because the healed were uncontainable and spreading the word.

Gaylene’s Report:
One of the things I most love about Thursday nights is the consistency. We tell people there will be someone from Kingdom H20 at Portage Place every Thursday and we are and it matters to them and it matters to our Father.
I was teamed with Iris, Mel and Torian from Eston Bible College. The first person we ran into was John, who Ryan and I had led to the Lord a few months ago. I hadn’t seen John for about a month and I’d been holding him in my heart. Turns out he’s been attending a young adults group on Thursday nights at The Wave and he’s doing pretty good.
We walked to the YMCA and on our way back we ran into Riley, who we met three weeks ago and have spent a lot of time with. He was markedly different than the past two weeks…in quite an agitated state because he’d been in a fight and had stitches in his hand. He said he did meth the day before and he was one his way to smoke a cigarette and weed too. We sat him down and listened to his jumbled state of affairs and Mel said he saw a leadership call on him (Iris reminded me I’d said the same thing three weeks previously). Riley is a believer, but he’s in a obvious battle with darkness and light. He was going to get rid of his Bible, but he ripped out two pages from Proverbs that he was carrying in his pocket. He’d highlighted Proverbs 6:9-12 and read it to us because he found it very profound. We prayed for him a bit and he calmed down and then very quickly jumped up and bolted.

Proverbs 6:9-12
How long will you lie there, you sluggard?
When will you get up from your sleep?
A little sleep, a little slumber,
a little folding of the hands to rest—
and poverty will come on you like a thief
and scarcity like an armed man.
A troublemaker and a villain,
who goes about with a corrupt mouth.

We also chatted with Torian, who’s originally from Kelowna and has quite a lot of wisdom about meth and addiction. It was clear Riley was wrestling with some intense demonic strongholds. Iris prayed, “Lord bring Riley back to us tonight.”
Lani joined us and when we got downstairs, there was our team sitting with Riley. We sat with him listening and praying for quite a while and he was going in and out of different states from calm and rational to angry and delusional. He said he wanted to be free from the demons that were harassing him but Iris was very clear with him about the reality…if he wasn’t willing to keep his temple clean, things would only get worse. Quite a few people were milling around us and Lorraine stepped in, laid hands on Riley and prayed love and peace over Riley. He appeared to receive, but several of his friends were watching and made themselves known and Riley bolted again.
I don’t think that is the last we will see of Riley.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight I went out with three of the Martyr’s Life team from Eston College, Aaron, Chantal, & Annie. Dance and Linda also joined us making us a very big group and so when we got the Quest Inn we had to split up.
Aaron’s sister from Oxford House came to see her brother and meet our team.  She had back pain and asked for healing.  It was a 5 out of 10 but after praying twice she felt a lightness and the pain had completely disappeared.  We also prayed for Jack a man with level 8 back pain and he was also healed.  We prayed for John who had sciatica pain in his  left leg which disappeared and left him shocked and very happy.  Chantal and Annie spent time ministering to Sandy, a man from Cross Lake who need healing in a lot of areas of his life and was grateful for the love and attention.
We then walked  over to Portage Place and on the way we met Rachel who had crutches for her broken leg.  She had 6 out of 10 pain in her leg and all of us surrounded her and kept praying until she was pain free and began walking on it without crutches.  She was so happy and wanted to hug us all.  She also asked for prayer to get her two boys back from CFS as she is trying to get her life stable again.
In the Mall we prayed for a lot of people including a man named Bruce who Annie ministered to for over 20 minutes while Chantal was sharing with another man.  While this was happening  Aaron ran into a woman from Cross Lake named Vanessa who he knew so we went to share the love of Jesus with her.  She was open for prayer and wanted Jesus to help her but was reluctant to accept Him because she had been drinking and felt ashamed.  After we prayed for her, her boyfriend Charlie from Red Sucker Lake challenged us saying we were only doing ministry only for the money.  Vanessa explained that he is angry because his father was a pastor but was shot and killed at the age of 41  and that since then Charlie’s life had come to a standstill.  We asked him if we could pray for him but he just got more and more angry and started demanding money.  We had to leave as he could easily have become violent.
Overall it was a good night but also a calmer night with less people around inside Portage Place probably because of the cold weather.

Robin’s Report:
“Here come the big guns” is what I heard in my spirit when the group of Eston Bible College students walked into the room as we were finishing up our prayer time before breaking out in groups! Yeah, that was the coolest thing. I was given the honor of having two young fella’s join me on our journey with our outing.
We started off meeting up at The Quest Inn where I reached out to a young lady in the lobby who was not interested in prayer or conversation so we made our way over to a corner where there were two elderly ladies, one in a wheelchair and the other sitting beside a baby in a car seat. They were watching the baby while the parents were trying to make arrangements for a ride to another place to stay as they apparently were being kicked out of the hotel. I am taken aback by the parents as they both were beaten up in the face pretty bad. I began to pray for the lady in the wheelchair who is diabetic and is on dialysis.  She was grateful and appreciative telling me that she believes in Jesus! Yeah, God!  The second lady had just had a colonoscopy and is waiting for test results. She gratefully accepted and appreciated the prayer.  I went over to the mother of the baby and prayed for her as well.  We then moved over to Portage Place where one of the bible student struck up a conversation with a Muslim from Jordan. We listened to the Muslim share his thoughts about Jesus and then the student shared his. There was a bit of a language barrier however we managed.  We asked if we could pray for him and this was shocking to him. “What? Do you want to pray for me?” was his question and then he replied, “No, if I need prayer I go to God myself and if I need a doctor, I go to the hospital.”  We left it at that. The other young Bible student who is musical went over to the public piano by the big clock and we began to sing worship music. A few of the other students joined in with a few spectators that we were able to hand out hats and mitts to.

Michelle’s Report:
Audrey and I were with Deedee and Lorraine  for most of the evening at Portage Place.
We met Roxanne who had her jaw broken last year in a fight at the mall.  Her jaw had a level 8 pain .  We prayed for her and we ministered to her.  Audrey and I gave her some money for a bus ticket and food.  We spoke to her about going to Calvary Temple Church which is located downtown.  Roxanne was deeply moved by our love for her.
We prayed for Leila.  Her ankle was sprained and she had a protective boot on.  After we prayed she felt a tingly feeling on her ankle.  Then, suddenly she had to leave right away. We are believing her ankle is healed.
Suzy was the last person we prayed for this evening.  She had fallen and had sprained her wrist and had sore leg muscles . Audrey and I prayed twice and Jesus healed her completely.

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