#2 The Man With the Broken Foot Dances in the Mall

  The lame are healed.  I witnessed it happening on my second Releasing the Kingdom visit to Portage Place.
    Thirty-two people showed-up at the Zion Apostolic Church to participate in a street/mall ministry. Six leaders were chosen and people divided into teams.  I was with Pastor Chris who was from Portage La Prairie.
     Once at the mall Chris approached a party of three people seated in the food court.  His intro was to ask them if they wanted to see a card trick.  In the course of showing his trick, he engages them in conversation and finds out the man, John has an arm he cannot straighten.  He is in pain (a 7 he says), and his arm is mostly numb.  With His agreement, Chris prays for him.  He simply says I speak healing to your arm.  He then asks John how it feels.  He says the pain isn’t as great – maybe a 5, and he is able to straighten it a little.  Chris then with John’s permission asks one of our team members, Shirley, to pray for him.  Shirley also prays a short prayer commanding healing, and his arm straightens some more, and the pain drops to 4.  Chris, with permission, then asks me to pray.  I simply say I speak healing to this arm in Jesus’ name.  John then straightens his arm completely and says the numbness and the pain is gone.  He, his wife, and his sister are very excited, as are we.  We visit with them for a while, and then move on.
    Our next encounters I would call just loving on people.  We spoke for a long time to a man who attended the Meeting Place Church, and he told us all about his involvement in the church.  He was so very thankful that we were willing to talk to him.  We offered to pray for him, but he said he didn’t have any need that he knew of for prayer.  We found this interesting because his back and shoulders were deformed such that he walked bent forward and at an angle.  But he said he was unaware of any prayer need – he just enjoyed the visit.  Down the mall Chris engaged 2 young women in conversation, and he dazzled them with card tricks.  Neither of them had any prayer needs, but we all had a lot of fun with loads of laughter.
    The businesses in the mall close at 9 and people begin to clear-out.  Kevin Penner’s team met-up with ours in the middle of the mall and we began to debrief.  While Kevin was speaking, a lady with a walker came by.  She was very out-going and spoke loudly as she pointed to Kevin and told us; “I saw this man heal a deaf person last week.”  “He did, I saw it happen.”  “The person was deaf and now he can hear.”  Kevin walked over to her and asked what her name was (she answered Ruby).  He then asked why she needed a walker.  She tells us she has osteoarthritis, and that she can’t walk without it and she can’t bend or turn her body left or right.  Kevin says the same power that healed the deaf man last week will heal her osteoarthritis tonight, and then asked if he could pray for her.  She agreed. He prayed a short prayer, and then said move your body.  She rotated her body left and then right and then leaned backward.  Kevin cautioned her to not lean any further if she experienced any pain.  Her response was she had no pain, and she could go back even further, all the while laughing and telling us she hadn’t been able to do this for years.  Kevin then asked her to bend forward, and she bent a full 90 degrees. She made big turning movements, all the while laughing in amazement.  When she left she was walking beside her walker instead of behind it.  A short while later she came past us again strutting in grand style and her companion was pushing the walker.  She said; “Look at this!”, and she bent over and touched the floor with her hands.  We all applauded.
     About this time a man limped by with a big heavy plastic ‘walking boot’ on his left foot.  While Kevin continued his debrief Pastor Chris engaged the man in conversation.  We weren’t really paying attention to them.   Suddenly the man (James) starts shouting; “Look at me, look at me.”  “I’m healed, I’m healed”, he kept repeating. And as we looked, James, is dancing all over the mall without his ‘walking boot’.  He has a huge grin on his face as he points to his boot-less foot and to the ‘walking boot’ which is laying on the mall floor.  “I don’t need it anymore;” he says.  He then humorously tries to trade me his un-needed boot for one of my running shoes.  As we interview him about his healing, he tells us that his foot and ankle were badly broken, to the point of having bones sticking out.  Then he stands on only his former broken foot to demonstrate how healed it is.
     Other team members also had healing stories – backs healed, legs healed, and knees healed.  One healed lady told Lorraine, one of our team members, that she had just been praying to God the night before for relief from her pain.  The Kingdom was released in Portage Place again this week.
     I plan to go again next Thursday and increase my level of participation.  My 14-year-old grandson has asked if he could come with me, as, in his words, he has been very impacted by the healing stories.

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