#121 – Salvations, Healing, Blessings Result From Encounters

“If you know how to worry, you know how to meditate! All you need to do is change what you think about and you will be practising Christian meditation.” Nicky Gumble

This Week’s Highlights:
*Salvation in the Mall – see Pastor Thomas
*Seven Oaks Hospital Visit Report – see Pastor Lorraine
*Spirit of Death Pursues Girls – see Gaylene
*Prayer for Wounded Syrian’s Trauma – see Iris
*Portage Place Mall Right Place To Be – see Ron & Donna
*Scarf Giveaways Lead to Prayer Encounters – see Linda

Twenty-One Street Soldiers came out to build the Kingdom this Thursday evening.  Teams went to Main Street, Hospitals, and Portage Place Mall.  I spent time with a couple of homeless regulars and bought them some food.  I found it encouraging that when I was buying a drink for another one of the homeless, the vendor gave me back my change.  I took it as his way of approving of our ministry.  I also spent some time with Henry, a First Nations man, and a former addict who is now a full-time street evangelist.  I wanted to pray a blessing over him, but we kept getting interrupted by people who wanted to talk to one of us.  We agreed to meet next week.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight I went with Les and Diana and we ended up going to Portage Place.  We met a woman named Leanna from Island Lake who shared that her boyfriend had just passed away at the age of 27 and they flew in for the funeral.  She was very open to letting us pray for her so Diana ministered over her and you could see tears form in her eyes. The Lord gave me a picture of a crooked path that eventually straightened out and how this was what God wanted to do with her life.  She said she had given her life to the Lord and was baptized at a Bible camp six years ago.  Then Les shared a Word of Knowledge he had received earlier about pain in the left leg. She was surprised as she had just had surgery on her left leg. After prayer, she received her healing.  Praise God!
We then went to the Food Court where we met David and Tara, two homeless people in their 30’s who were both very broken.  Each had been divorced and had lost their kids.  They let us pray for them and David opened up about his struggle with addictions and shared his need for help. He then asked Jesus to come into his life.  We bought them a meal and talked with them for the rest of the evening and spoke truth into their lives.  Dave’s eyesight was poor so he let us pray for him and his vision improved by 50 %.  He said that’s freaky but knew it was Jesus.

Pastor Lorraine’s Report:
Michelle and I were at the Seven Oaks Hospital where we spent most of the night praying for people.
At the beginning our time there we went to Bruce R.’s room to pray as he has a disease, pneumonia in one of his lungs, and mobility issues.  He also could not raise his left arm and suffered from much burning pain on the surface of his skin on the left side of his body.  His pain on the left shoulder area was about a 10+.    We prayed for these various afflictions/infirmities on his body and the 10+ pain went down to an 8 and then we continued to pray and it was noticeably less to about a 5.  He could breathe better with less discomfort in his lungs.  While we were praying Michele had a picture of a bottle of oil being poured on him.  She said it had a name like gladness or joy, and I saw two angels behind Bruce, one with a white garment.  We prayed for peace, encouragement and gladness instead of sadness, discouragement and despair for him.  While we were praying suddenly Bruce said there was a very sharp stabbing pain on his left shoulder.  As he said this my sense was that this was a demonic attack and we broke that off.  The pain left.  We spent about 20 minutes or so with him, praying for all parts of his body and commanding healing and releasing the Lord’s love for him.  He was so grateful and thankful for our visit.
After we left Bruce’s room we met an elderly couple sitting in chairs in the hallway.  We stopped and asked if they had any pain, and they both did.  The woman was a patient and her pain was about a 10.  The man (Terry) was visiting with her and he also had pain in his lower back.  We prayed for both of them and the pain subsided.  Terry’s pain went from a 10 to about a 9, but we did not see a significant shift.  We prayed for a bit longer and blessed them.  As we walked away we overheard the woman say that all her pain had left!  So we came back to confirm that we had heard correctly.  She confirmed she had no more pain!

Gaylene’s Report:
I initially set out with Iris and Ryan and the first man we met was Charles, a refugee claimant from Cameroon. He was living in Michigan but, fearing deportation, he bussed to North Dakota and walked into Canada just over a week ago. He explained the political situation in Cameroon in depth and we welcomed him to Winnipeg and prayed for him about his tenure in Canada. I also suggested he connect with the French-speaking refugee agency (he’s fully bilingual) and told him where the library was
In the food court, Ryan wanted to spend some time with Edna (one of the regulars), so Iris and I headed upstairs (although I felt a threesome of young ladies I noticed were being highlighted to me).  Our first encounter was with Nicolette, a young lady of Jamaican heritage who attends Calvary Temple. She was really intrigued by what we do but wasn’t interested in prayer.  We headed towards the fountain and ran into Majeed from Syria (see Iris’ report below).
Upon returning to the food court, I noticed the trio was still there so we approached them. Cynthia, also from Cameroon, had lost several close friends to death and was struggling with grief and suicidal thoughts. Iris and I prayed for her and gave her prophetic words. She was completely awed. That morning a street evangelist gave her some prophetic words and they completely lined up with what Iris said. We prayed with her about the demonic activity – in particular, the spirit of death – in her life.  Iris suggested she close doors that were allowing the enemy legal access to her life. Cynthia was totally convicted because her prayer warrior mom had been talking to her about this as well.
Her friend Courtney was also struggling greatly after her father and brother both passed away fairly recently. She had attempted suicide several times and said she was intermittently obsessed with dying to end her pain. We prayed with her and commanded the spirit of death to leave and then she admitted she had been partying to cope with her pain including drinking and doing drugs. Iris and I reiterated the importance of closing doors.
Unfortunately, it was closing time and security asked us to leave but we encouraged the girls to come and get more prayer next Thursday, which they seemed open to.

Iris’ Report:
The young man wearing exercise gear was sitting on a massage chair, and Gaylene and I walked over to him and asked him if he was open to receiving prayer.  Majeed said yes, pray for Syria and for the war to end. Of course, my ears perked up as I had lived in Syria for three years! Majeed was from Daraa,  which is where the war started when young boys, just like he would have been, drew graffiti on the wall of public buildings and were then thrown in jail without notifying their parents. When the parents protested, the government came in with tanks. And people started marching and protesting without weapons in those early days. He was one of those who had marched and protested and had gotten shot three times himself marching in one of those demonstrations.  I have often prayed for that generation of young boys, who wanted change and then targeted to be drafted into the military and were considered dangerous when often they just wanted a life they could look forward to. So it was so special to meet him right there in Portage Place and again felt like it was a God set-up to show His love to Majeed and draw Him to himself.  Majeed came to Canada after that with his mom, his dad having been killed and the rest of his family scattered. He shared about his dream of becoming a police officer, and his pain overseeing Syria torn apart, saying that he was still experiencing trauma. We prayed for God to comfort him and bring healing to his trauma, and for his future. As we got ready to leave, I felt to ask him if he wanted to receive a Bible. He said yes, and because I did not have one with me last night, we made arrangements to meet again and have that given to him.

Ron & Donna’s Report:
   Outside of Portage Place Mall we met Rosie who was waiting for her bus. She requested prayer for better health but specifically for lower blood pressure. During prayer we got a word that diabetes was also an issue and so we spoke proper blood pressure and deliverance from diabetes.  We then visited with Bob who said he did not require prayer but asked if we were part of those who come here to pray.  Then we spoke with Art, Al’s friend and got to know him better. We also spoke healing for him as he had a bad cold.  When we left Portage Place Mall Holy Spirit impressed upon us that He had wanted us at the Mall this evening!

Linda’s Report:
We were handing out scarves on Main Street as a way to make connections with people on the street.  One scarf was given to a woman who was with a man who needed healing in his back.   Trevor felt it was the man’s lower back that was the issue and after prayer he felt relief from pain and acknowledged it to his female friend and she said it’s a miracle and shook Trevor’s hand.   Trevor felt like the healing began even before he said anything.   Another scarf went to a lady who asked for safety and protection over her children and herself.   She seemed relieved and was grateful for prayer as well as the scarf.   Inside the pizzeria, I had asked if a lady there wanted prayer. She said no, but welcomed at least one scarf saying her friend could use one.  They seemed touched for the blessing of scarves and put them around their necks with joy.    Another lady came to speak with her at the same time and, in the process, her spirit encountered the Holy Spirit through me without my saying anything.  She said I reminded her of her mom, who was a very good woman who didn’t do a lot of things except maybe a little bit of pot.   It really seemed to give her pause.  The remainder of what was good shifted something in her state of mind in that moment.   She did not want to speak further about it but wanted to speak with her friend in private about something.
Next we went to the Health Sciences Center to find a friend of Trevor’s.  I dropped Trevor and Patrick off at HSC to get info as to this patient’s present location while I found parking.  On my way in I prayed with Erica who was outside with her IV pole.  She wanted prayer for healing in her lungs.  I prayed, feeling lots of warmth around that particular area in response.  She received it all gladly and gratefully and admitted feeling better.   She later came out again that evening, feeling much more joyful than when I first encountered her and seemed to have a spring in her step.   On the 3rd floor, we found the man Trevor was looking for and, as he was sleeping and could not be roused, we all prayed for him and prophesied over him.   Trevor sensed healing and I felt an acknowledgment of prayers in the wiggling of his toes at one point.  Next to his bed was another aboriginal man named John.   Trevor inquired about pain and asked if we could pray.   Trevor and I both sensed some mental issues involved and prayed for both his body and mind.  Patrick connected with him, as a fellow aboriginal, encouraging him with his testimony of the goodness of the Lord in his life.  Outside, we came upon a man in a wheelchair who had pain in his right foot.  Trevor prayed and the man experienced some relief.   Patrick prayed and then the man said that when he did that he felt some tingling in the affected foot.  I prayed against a spirit of oppression at the same time and sensed it left him.   He later remarked that there is a dark spirit that sometimes follows him.  Patrick continued speaking with this man, sharing his experiences in the spirit.  He really connected with this man and was amazed to learn that they came from the same clan.  As we left him, he seemed much more at peace.  A woman passed us with an IV pole.   Trevor and I both felt the HS highlight her to us.   She welcomed prayer for her lungs because of an infection.   I prayed and her countenance changed and became brighter.   Seems we had the perfect number of scarves for what was needed.
REFLECTION – In praying about things shared in the course of the evening, I felt encouraged to read the version of the bible produced through Lifelight Ministries which is an aboriginal version.    It uses terms such as Creator in place of God.   I was reminded of the scripture “my people suffer for lack of knowledge”.   There is a certain amount of misinformation among aboriginals about the truth and many things come to fill the vacuum which can lead folks astray and keep them from knowing the freedom and abundant life Jesus came to bring.    Many aboriginals seem to readily accept spiritual things but also need to develop an appreciation for scripture and its part in affirming what is True.

Reminders for H2O teams:
We will NOT be having a Saturday evening H2O Service on October 13 at Zion due to the Azusa Winnipeg Conference. Instead we will be at Canad Inns Club Regent for the 7 p.m.service (free for the evening sessions).
Also, on that Saturday afternoon about 1:30 p.m. H2O will be sending teams out across the city of Winnipeg (after lunch).  If you’d like to join one of our teams at that time please come to the main meeting room upstairs so we can put together our teams with leaders at 1:30 p.m. and be ready to leave before 2 p.m.  We will be out until approximately 4:30 p.m. or so, depending upon each team’s own itinerary that afternoon.
Come and join us for our evening session at 7 p.m. at the hotel and visit us at our Kingdom H2O table in the main foyer upstairs to enter a draw and find out more about our upcoming Boot Camp for 2019!

Saturday Night Teaching

Every Saturday night we provide worship, teaching, testimonies, and individual healing prayer.
Come and join us as we usher in the powerful presence of God.

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