#138 – Toiletry Kit Handouts Result in Prayer Opportunities

Faith is like a muscle, it grows by stretching”. Nicky Gumble

This Week’s Highlights
*Team Members Buy Needy Person Winter Boots – see below
*Update From Belize – see Kevin Penner
*Multiple Prayer Opportunities at Hospital – see Pastor Thomas
*Fruitful Night Praying & Handing Out Kits – see Gaylene
*Hospital Prayers Bearing Fruit – see Warren
Twenty-one Gospel Guardians came out this week and teams went to Siloam Mission, Children’s Hospital, Health Sciences, City Place, and Portage Place.  My wife had prepared 12 toiletry kits from items donated by our local thrift store, some socks donated by a friend, and some gloves she had bought.  The idea is to offer to pray for people as they received a kit.  Gaylene led a couple of teams and had this to say, “The toiletry kits we had were all given out and pretty sure all resulted in prayer” (also see Gaylene’s Report).
My highlight of the night was getting Edna, one of the Portage Place regulars, winter boots.  Last week we discovered all she had to wear was runners – not too warm in our winters.  I had been given a gift of some money to be used to help someone in need, and I asked Team Members to each consider a $5 donation.  I received a total of $60.  I took Edna to the shoe store and she found a pair that were $69 plus tax.   When I went to pay for them, the clerk told me they had just gone on sale for $59 and the total came to $67.  Edna was very pleased and very thankful for her new boots.  When I got back to the Food Court another Team Member handed me another $5.  It seemed to me that the Lord had his hand on Edna and this little project, as it turned out so well.
My granddaughter knitted a blanket, and rounded up 6 more, plus 5 toques that she donated and I delivered to the Bear Clan, an organization that patrols Winnipeg streets providing aid to the homeless.

Update From Kevin Penner in Belize:
Last night we went to a small village in Belize the people were all Spanish.  Our focus was preaching miracles, but we changed up their theology by telling them it was not the man of God that was going to pray to heal them but it was going to be the people in the church laying hands on the other people of the church and they would see the miracles.  We took 4 people and put them in the front. Three of them had blindness and one man had extreme pain in his back.  He said his back was at a 9 of 10 pain.  He had no pain after the people from the church laid hands on him.  One blind person and the man with the bad back were immediately healed.  One blind man said if 0 was being blind and 10 was being perfect vision, he now had a 15.  We continued to pray and preach and saw many miracles.  It felt like H2O in Belize.

Pastor Thomas’ Report:
Tonight I was teamed up with McKenzie and Faith from the Martyr’s Life Ministry Team visiting from Eston College in Saskatchewan.  We went to the Children’s Hospital to pray for Dance’s grand nephew who was bitten in the face by a dog in a freak accident resulting in a serious infection in his body.  Dance met up with us and we prayed for the little baby who looked like he was well on his way to a full recovery and was very responsive and normal.  The swelling had come down.  We also prayed for the family including Chris the baby’s father who said he had knee pain and had blown out his knees.  I had picture of him on a motor bike. When I asked him if the picture meant anything to him  he said that he was riding a motorbike when he had an accident that caused the knees to blow out.  After prayer the pain disappeared in his left knee and went down considerably in his right.  McKenzie then had a word of knowledge for his girlfriend, Elisha for a headache.  She was surprised and said she had a headache and that lately she had been experiencing mysterious head pain.  After McKenzie prayed, she too was healed.  Both Chris and Elisha were believers and had never received healing prayer before.  We also ministered to Dance’s sister Amy who welcomed prayer for the stress she has been experiencing in her life as her partner’s daughter was pronounced brain dead last Saturday giving birth to her baby boy.   Unfortunately the doctors did pull the plug and she passed away.
We then walked into the Health Sciences Centre and went to SICU to pray for people and met Beatrice and her two daughters who asked us to pray for their other sister, Melody who had been stabbed by her younger brother in a rage and she almost died from the puncture wounds to the lungs.  We ministered peace and prayed for healing for her as she was unconscious.  McKenzie had a word of knowledge for knee pain, which was for Beatrice.  We prayed for her and she was completely healed.  We also ministered to her sister, Jamie who had a hip problem. She said she felt different after the prayer.  We also ran into Oscar Boloko who Faith had met with Gaylene the previous Monday when they had prayed for his wife Annie.  I also knew him from his chaplaincy at Stony Mountain Penitentiary.  He was so happy to see us and that the prayers were working.   We had lots of opportunities for prayer and saw the power of Jesus touch people.

Gaylene’s Report:
I teamed up with Torian, Micheal and Aaron from Eston Bible College’s Martyr’s Life program. ML has been at Zion and SHOP all week and I’ve got to know them quite well.  Al gave us 12 men’s and lady’s toiletry kits to hand out.
We first headed to the food court where we saw Walter, who appeared to be napping at his table. He said he was so tired because he had shoulder pain that kept him up at night. We prayed for him and he said the pain definitely decreased. A Christian, Walter attended Calvary Temple and he was grateful we prayed for him.
We next met Angela, a hairstylist hailing from Cameroon, who was very open to prayer. A Christian, she is raising two children while separated from her husband and finds herself struggling with finances and loneliness. We prayed for her and then Michael got a word of knowledge about her mom’s ill health which was true so we also prayed for her mom. She felt meeting us was a divine connection – she doesn’t usually linger in the mall and she was so thrilled.
Right afterwards, we ran into Riley, who for the second week in a row was not in a good place. He was extremely agitated and cussed us all out and then took off. We met him later and he yelled that he’d smoked meth and weed and didn’t care what God thought. We prayed for Riley in absentia because it’s clear He’s being pursued by the One who loves him the most.
We headed towards MTS Centre and into City Place, where we met Berhane, who very recently moved here from Eritrea. He was on break from working in the parking garage. A lovely young man, we chatted with him for a while and he was very open to us praying for him.
Next we met Olivia, whose boyfriend (and father of her two young children) died in September. She admitted she’d been drinking to cope with the loss, so we prayed for the Comforter to draw near to her and provide healing to her grief. She told us she grew up Christian, but she’d lost her way. Her mom Sheri was with her and called her a backslider, but then admitted she wasn’t doing good either so we also prayed for her.
We handed out toiletry kits to a group of indigenous folks, who were thrilled to receive them. It turns out among them was Rachel, who Aaron had met in an elevator at HSC on Monday. Aaron’s leader Braden got a word of knowledge about stomach pain and they’d prayed for her. She was delighted to report that she was totally healed!
On our way back, we met Scott from God’s Lake Narrows, who’d broke his ankle and was sitting in a wheelchair. A home care worker, he was a bit distraught he was unable to work in his condition. We all prayed for him and his pain got “much better”. He even tested it out standing in front of his wheelchair and walking a bit.
At the end of the night Aaron ran into his uncle Scott, whose vision was impaired. He and Torian prayed for him and he said his vision most definitely improved.
Such a fruitful night!

Warren’s Report:
Many highlites from Health Sciences tonight. Everyone we have prayed for in the past few weeks has improved in their health or gone home. The really good news was that Tim’s cousin who was taken off life support two weeks ago and apparently passed on, did not! It was a different person but with the same name. Tim, very much alive, asked us if we would pray for his cousin. So Georges and I went on a search from 4th to, 3rd, to 2nd floor Then back to 5th floor to find him.
Georges’ was very determined to find Tim’s cousin Louie.  This all came about from Georges’ initial interest in bringing Tim something as simple as a tooth brush & tooth paste.

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