#162 – A Rose Plucked From Among The Thorns

Paul Tillich said, “The first duty of love is to listen”

This Week’s Highlights
*Central Park Provides Many Prayer Opportunities – see Ron & Donna
*Hospital Visit Nets Divine Appointments – see Linda
*Street Invaders Partner With KH2O – see picture and info below
*Legs Healed – Walker No Longer Needed – see picture and story below

      Twenty-two Kingdom Crusaders came out this week and went to St. Boniface Hospital, Central Park, and Portage Place.  We were further joined by 10 members of the Street Invaders – see picture and info below.
I began the evening at Portage Place with Brett and Kelly.  We had a few prayer encounters, on one a teen’s pain in her broken leg dropped from 6 to 0.
My highlight took place later at Central Park.  Iris and Gaylene asked me to join them as they prayed for Chico. Team member John, and one of the Street Invaders also joined us.  See picture below, and info on this amazing encounter.

Ron & Donna’s Report:
We began in Central Park by handing out energy bars left over from last week. This led us to Abdul, a Muslim who allowed us to pray for him. After prayer he was quite happy and wished us well.  We then approached a number of benches on which sat about 9 men. As we offered them each a bar we asked how we could pray. All of these men declined.As we went about doing this Holy Spirit instructed us to give $5 to the last 2 men because we had no more bars to give out. The last 2 men were believers who were overjoyed at receiving the cash. Next we prayed for Brenda who asked for prayer as she was disabled and had been off work for a long time. She didn’t have any pain so there was no way in telling the outcome but every time we saw her which was several over the course of the evening she was very friendly. We also prayed  for Petros who was out of work and then we prayed for Charmaine who asked for prayer for her family. After prayer she began talking about her trauma and addiction but when we offered to pray again to set her free she became upset and left. The rest of our time was spent interacting with the Street Invaders.

Linda’s Report:
Lorraine, Diana and I went to St Boniface Hospital tonight, because of a call to Zion for a pastoral visit.  The word of knowledge I had, prior to that visit about a dark cloud over someone’s mind, made it clear that J was a priority for the Lord and confirmation of a pressing prayer need.  With prayer, Diana received a song for J, “Sounded (Fight my Battles)” which we all joined in to sing for her, which was edification, worship and warfare. It was wonderful to pray all Joanne’s pressing needs through and to see her find relief, with tears, and also witness that as we were about to leave, hear her say that she feels she could eat, which was significant for her in that moment, even as we remain stand in faith for all that was prayed.  For pastor Lorraine, meeting the aboriginal chief/elder from up north, who was visiting J and there while we prayed, was a pretty cool divine appointment.
A highlight for us too, was meeting two Arab Moslem women from Jordan on our way out, a daughter expecting her first child, R, and her mother, excited anticipating her first grandchild.  They were open to prayer, so we prayed over the birth and that prayer led to praying over dreams.  Just then, their friend arrived and shared a dream for which the Lord gave Pastor Lorraine the interpretation almost immediately after the words left her friend’s mouth.  We also prayed for that security guard E, as we left, who let us pray and prophesy over him!

      Pictured above, is Pastor Greg Koobs (in green) and the Street Invaders who joined Kingdom H2O in Central Park.
Street Invaders is a missions programs that equips teens to share their faith, pray for the sick, and go deeper in knowing God and then sends them out on life-changing outreaches. This year marks the first Winnipeg-based program in their 30-year history. To find out more or see how you can support them visit their website at http://streetinvaders.ca or email their MB Program Director at bryan@streetinvaders.ca.
      Pictured above is Chico, a Christian, standing next to his no longer needed walker.
Iris and Gaylene had initially encountered Chico, and were praying for his legs.  He then told the girls that he was addicted to alcohol, had been dry for a year, but started drinking again.  That’s when they called me over, and Team Member, John, and one of the Street Invaders also joined us.  Gaylene introduced me, and I gave a brief talk about how I had been healed of alcoholism by Jesus.  I emphasized I was not a recovered alcoholic, but healed.  Alcoholic was no longer a term that described me – no thirst, no interest, no temptation, totally free.
He had already said he wanted to be free, but I asked him again if that is what he also wanted, and with tears he said yes.  I then layed hands on him and prayed a release from the spirit of addiction.  While we were praying, he suddenly backed-up, pushed his walker away, and said through tears, “I no longer need this walker my legs are healed.”  He then began to walk around to demonstrate his healing, and we had him do a few leg exercises, just to confirm.  We were all caught by surprise as just then we weren’t praying about his legs.
After a brief celebration and hugs, we prayed protection from the evil one over him, and invited him to come and see us next week.  We are expecting he is also healed of his alcoholism, as the Street Invader had a vision of him as a rose that Jesus had plucked out of a circle of thorns.
Chuck Maher (Azusa Winnipeg), and his team from Bethel Church in San Antonio Texas will be joining us at Zion Church for Kingdom H2O on Saturday, July 27th
This is a joint service with Provencher Community Church.
All are invited to a Potluck BBQ (H2O will supply the meat) at 5:30 p.m. followed by our regular service in the Main Sanctuary at 7 p.m. that evening.
Free will offering will be taken.
Please call the Zion Church office at 204-589-6341 to let us know what items you will be bringing for the BBQ that evening!
We will need a variety of salads, veggies & dip, chips, and desserts.
We prepare toiletry kits for people on the streets and would welcome donations of tooth paste (not family size) and tooth brush protectors.NEW BELIEVER’S CLASSES
Wednesday nights, Zion Church 7 – 9 p.m. with Gerald Rempel
Are you a new believer in Jesus?
Have you wanted to grow deeper in your walk with the Lord?
Learn more about what the Bible teaches?

This is your chance to join us every Wednesday.
Call the church office for more information @ 204-589-6341.

Coming to ‘My Church’ in Winnipeg, September 24th
A seminar with Shawn Bolz on how to hear God’s voice and incorporate the prophetic in your sphere of influence.
Book early – this will sell out
for more info and to register go to: bolzministries.simpletix.com

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